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How the GOP Stole the Nomination

By: Jeffrey Phelps

A crescendo of establishment tyranny and epic last minute rules manipulation unfolded at the RNC, leaving hundreds of legally elected delegates and other Republicans, representing millions of others, disenfranchised and ready for a mass exodus from the Republican party.

After an entire election season of rules breaking in almost every state by so-called GOP “officials” and mainstream media manipulation of the process, many expected GOP establishment shenanigans at the RNC. But to watch them play out the way they did during Tuesday thru Thursday's proceedings fully cemented the reality that the establishment, regardless of whether Democrat or Republican, despite the people's wishes, will literally do anything they wish to insure the current "bankster" establishment structure stronghold, even to the detriment of the people.

The Republican Party has lost all hope, and the disrespect Paul supporters received ant the 2012 RNC will likely eventually be replied with a giant "I told you so."

State by state, since even prior to January's Iowa Caucus, the GOP establishment, in conjunction with the establishment's “mainstream” media, did everything in their power to fool the electorate into believing falsehoods during the entire process. Finish reading>>

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