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"the Vote Partnering Plan'

There is no way I will reward my beating by the RNC with a vote for Romney. However, I refuse to do anything that will tip the scales to Obama. I particularly don't like his executive order war on Libya and his recent penchant to legislate with executive orders. We can only imagine what nominating up to four Ginsbergs to the Supreme Court will do to the balance of powers and Constitutional interpretations by 2016 if Obama is reelected. It might not matter who we elect then. Meanwhile, Romney is talking crazy about Iran. Either way, we're screwed but we will get one or the other. What to do?


Anyone who considers Romney the lesser of two evils but does not want to vote for him partners with an acquaintance on the left who is similarly disgusted with Obama because of the wars, the expanding police state, corporatist policies of Obama, etc..

The partners agree to each vote for their respective choice of third party candidates.

A photo of a marked paper ballot or machine receipt of a partner's presidential ballot is sent to the other partner after voting as receipt of agreement to remove any doubts that each voted for a third party candidate. Mailing in absentee ballots together would work too. This would build trust between the partners to hopefully move forward in other cooperative agreements in and out of politics.

Vote partnering would not change the result of the vote spread between Obama and Romney. It would however result in one less vote for each and reduce the winner's mandate. It would also enhance the number of votes for third party candidates. With any luck, it would take enough votes away from the winner so they enter office with less then 50% support. It suffices as a "neither of the above" vote while supporting third party voices.

Maybe someone, or group, could improve the outline of this plan and make it go national. For every disgruntled Paul or grass roots Republican supporter, there is a Democrat with no Nader or Kucinich to vote for. We all have to stop giving our assent to change the system.

It's also still important that we re-channel all of our presidential contest energy toward electing liberty candidates.

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Why vote? It only encourages them.

It doesn't send a message. If it did no one cares.

Free includes debt-free!

That would send the same message...

that the majority of the country not voting already sends - laziness and/or lack of interest in the politics of Our nation.

Or abject ignorance of the fact that voting matters not at all

At least in the last 100 years as our debtors call the shots. We affirm their agenda by voting for their people.

Free includes debt-free!

Adopt a Democrat...