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Vote Barack Obama;your very survival might depend on it!

First, I want to say this... I am not a troll.

I voted for Paul as far back as 88. I've been with this forum since 2007. I was even an RP delegate in 2008. Some of you might know me as a Liberal. I do not consider myself a libertarian.I am a socialist. I like Dr. Paul but I also like Lyndon LaRouche, Webster Tarpley and Bernie Sanders. I was one of the first to join the tea party and then I left it when I saw it was being hijacked by the Republican Party now I consider myself part of the Occupy Movement.

Some of you might wonder why I was even a part of this movement being a liberal and all but there are a lot of ideas that liberals and Democrats found very attractive about being a part of this movement. For instance,ending the drug wars, foreign intervention and ending the Fed these are all changes that I and others like myself have been able to get behind and support. I have even campaigned for Dr. Paul within the Occupy movement, so please don't hate.

These last few years have been very tough for me as I'm sure have been very tough for some of you.I have seen my business go under lost my home and ended a marriage. Of course I realize that failure is just as much a part of capitalism as is success and I hold no one responsible except myself. What bothered me is to see the crooked bansters and the 1% get bailed out time and time again while I have dropped out of the middle class and into the underclass{I have spent many nights living in my car}. This is why I have supported Dr. Paul because I know he would've put an end to this type of crony capitalism.

Well I am also a realist and realize that Dr. Paul is not going to be elected so I figure "if you can't beat them ,then why not join them".Meaning, being a veteran I have enrolled in a socialist program sponsored by the federal government that will pay me to go back to school. It will pay for my school and pay me 1400 a month in my pocket. I never made this kind of scratch busting my hump in the Navy working on aircraft carriers and driving supply trucks to Iraq.But I figure if Mitt Romney and the Cokehead brothers can hide their money in offshore accounts then why shouldn't I be able to get a government handout. Even Dr. Paul collects his Social Security check. Okay, so I might be a socialist but I am certainly not a hypocrite and I believe if I am able to get help from the federal government then I also believe others that have found themselves in an unfortunate situation should be able to get help from the government also. This is why I am voting for Barack Obama, and now I am going to explain to you why YOU are going to vote for Barack Obama.

If mittens and wrong Paul were to be elected in 2012 all these programs would end. But that is not the first thing that the RNC are going to go after. Once the RNC gets back into power the first thing that they are going to go after is going to be YOU and I mean you being the Ron Paul movement. These fascist are capable of anything and they will be OUT FOR BLOOD. They are going to put all of you on terrorist watch lists and tax audits,they know who you are and they know where you live. You have burned your bridges in Tampa and don't think they are not capable of doing this, just ask the unfortunate veteran who recently wound up in the mental ward.

Do not take my advice lightly, this election is going to be very very close and the fascist are going to spend billions to get back into power. You cannot afford to throw away your vote on Gary Johnson.Your very own survival might depend on Barack Obama being elected.

Thanks and I love you all, Lance

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Ah … the sound of our “Attaack Waatch” $$$ at work.

Tell Obama to show us mindless peons the damned hard-copy birth certificate, release his college transcripts, stop murdering US citizens, and get one of Michelle's servants to take a can of Dust-Off to that old copy of the Constitution that's wadded-up in the broom closet upstairs, and then to read the damn thing.

Also, please tell him to stand in line at an airport and just try and maintain that bullshit grin of his while he watches his daughters get molested by blue-shirted TSA pedophiles, like how every other mindless fucking idiot American for some reason does.

Thanks Lance, Go F$&k Yourself! Love Ya!


Congress has the power to overthrow a tyrant if comprised of...

...the appropriate elected officials. That's where my focus is at the moment. To add, the Senate has veto power over who the president nominates in the Judicial branch where an impeachment would take place,etc.

Obama is the worst president of all-time

9 trillion in debt when he started, 16 trillion when he finished.
Promised end to wars. Still going...
Close Guantanamo. Still open.
Tax break for 95% of Americans. Nope.
Signed NDAA, removing habius corpus.
Declared war without congressional approval.
Believes he and a group of central planners can control the banks, auto, healthcare, and the rest of our lives.

No exaggeration, he could possibly be the worst president of all time.

Trying to coerce people with

Trying to coerce people with your own fears is pretty despicable. There's no real difference between socialists and fascists. They both advocate forms of monopoly (or oligopoly) capitalism. Neither system tolerates liberty. No liberty minded person can vote for Obama or Romney without betraying themselves.



No to Socialists

No to liberalism

No to this thread


Don't worry Lance...

Rmoney (1) will lose, and (2) won't go after the social programs. He is no more nor less fascist than BO.

Now he (or the Irish guy O'bama) may come after us, but that would be a good thing. We will put them in the wrong and keep them there. No more Fort Sumters and no more Wacos. But thanks for the consideration. Just remember this: A free man dies once. A slave dies every moment.


Good work on signing up for the government benefits and helping bring the system down, even if you don't understand that this is what you're doing. The system is evil and must be brought down.

And it helps educate all the fools who allow their labor to be taken to perpetuate the evil.

Hear, Hear!


Where is "Bonhomme Richard"

when you need him. I remember you Lance from way back.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

I don't trust you

and here's why.

You rationalize having your hand in the treasure chest by citing Paul's accepting his social security check. This is flawed logic. Ron Paul had money taken from him by force and now the robbers are letting him have some of it back. You, on the other hand, are content to take from the treasure chest. That isn't the government's money you are taking, it is the taxpayer's. So when you claim to be part of the tea party and then justify the above actions, I will label you a hypocrite eight days a week. When the tea party shouts "STOP SPENDING" you should follow that mantra with "except those programs that benefit me!"

That is the issue with too many Americans these days. You keep voting for the guy that promises the greatest access to the treasure chest. You are pushing for us to vote for the guy that will help you get into that chest, that makes you a selfish person.

Obama is going to win anyway, but it won't be me that casts the winning vote for him.


You must be t party

I said that I was one of the earliest members of the T party. And when I joined I thought it was about getting lobbyst out of the goverment. That was what my impression of it was . until the republican party got involved then it turned into a cheerleading group for the RNC. And thats what the T party is all about now getting republicans in office. Now the t party is all about money and sending in lobbyist to pay off our politicians.Ever heard of Grover Norquest or Coke?

That was only one of many things it stood for.

That may be what YOU joined it for but...

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I doubt that the incumbent has improve my safety,

I doubt that the incumbent will improve my safety in any significant way.

Both candidates want to use big government to create a government big enough the fix government. All financed by the Federal Reserve and we pick up the tab.

Three candidates promise more of the same. So all promise that the economy will continue to falter except for Federal Reserve members.

Free includes debt-free!

Isn't it too late?

Let's say I do end up voting for Obama; how will they know that I voted for him?

Aren't I and everyone here already marked for death according to your ideas?

I dont know about being marked for death.

But we sure would make the RNC 's enemy list . And they could try to label us as terrorist.

This already happened

I see what you're saying...the RNC will come after us. I thought you meant Obama would come after us.

In 2009, the state of Missouri already labeled Ron Paul supporters, Libertarian Party members, and libertarians in general as terrorists! This was leaked to public radio stations that blew the whistle. The leaked secret report is known as the MIAC Report.

This already happened.

Well think about it this.way.

Who has the names and numbers of all the Ron Paul donors: Thats right Jesse Benten.

You only prove my point.

Right, so isn't it too late?

We're already marked for death according to you. How will voting for Obama help me? I'm already on the list.

I never said we were being marked for death.

But we could very easily be put on a watch list for possible domestic terorism.

They got us already targetted from back in 2008

True...we would be targeted. Only Breitbart got whacked. But this happened back in 2008 and the MIAC report being released in 2009 is the proof.

Yes so why would anyone here do anything

other then vote against Romney and the RNC who have more of an ax to grind with us then do Obama and the DNC.

The MIAC report came from the

The MIAC report came from the govt not the GOP, not Romney, and not McCain. FYI, At that time Bush left office and Obama was in office.

Ron Paul also takes more votes away from Obama than he does Romney in the limited polling that was completed.

What a nut job !

"Wrong Paul" "Not a troll" This was a joke right???
I am not an advocate of psychotropic drugs, but this person is either on them or needs them. Sounds like Sybel.

I'm pretty sure he was referring to Paul Ryan

when he wrote "wrong Paul".


I should have that more clear.

"RP delegate", "liberal", "tea party member",

"socialist", "occupy member"

Are you sure you're not a carnivorous vegetarian too? Or a violent pacifist? A tech-savvy Luddite?

How can one human being subscribe to so many mutually-exclusive ideologies? I can almost even see the occupy thing. At least that is what's 'hip' right now and can almost be excused. But socialist? Really?? How many rocks does a person have to live under to openly proclaim himself to be a "socialist"?

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Cyril's picture

Amen !

"How many rocks does a person have to live under to openly proclaim himself to be a 'socialist' ?"

Amen !

Okay, Henry, ready for the horror ... ?



Yes, I know... crazy, huh ? Now imagine how can I feel here, in the US, thinking about the same down slope before us, some STILL don't know WHAT IT IS (I do.)

No worries... I'll be okay, thanks.

For Liberty.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

hahaha thanks for that

The French get a free pass because they also gave us Frederic Bastiat.

The failures of socialism are so complete, so overwhelming, so simple to understand, I almost have a hard time when pressed to argue against it. If someone tells you a square has three sides, how do you argue against that? The mere fact that they would make that assertion shows that observation/logic/reason wont be of any use in a counterargument.

LIke the failures of Socialism, the failures of Keynsianism are so boldly evident (and yet vigorously ignored by many people) that I have to steal a line from Robert Murphy: "What would the world have to look like for you to admit you're wrong?"

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Ive always tried to build alliences

Isnt that what politics is all about.