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Vote Barack Obama;your very survival might depend on it!

First, I want to say this... I am not a troll.

I voted for Paul as far back as 88. I've been with this forum since 2007. I was even an RP delegate in 2008. Some of you might know me as a Liberal. I do not consider myself a libertarian.I am a socialist. I like Dr. Paul but I also like Lyndon LaRouche, Webster Tarpley and Bernie Sanders. I was one of the first to join the tea party and then I left it when I saw it was being hijacked by the Republican Party now I consider myself part of the Occupy Movement.

Some of you might wonder why I was even a part of this movement being a liberal and all but there are a lot of ideas that liberals and Democrats found very attractive about being a part of this movement. For instance,ending the drug wars, foreign intervention and ending the Fed these are all changes that I and others like myself have been able to get behind and support. I have even campaigned for Dr. Paul within the Occupy movement, so please don't hate.

These last few years have been very tough for me as I'm sure have been very tough for some of you.I have seen my business go under lost my home and ended a marriage. Of course I realize that failure is just as much a part of capitalism as is success and I hold no one responsible except myself. What bothered me is to see the crooked bansters and the 1% get bailed out time and time again while I have dropped out of the middle class and into the underclass{I have spent many nights living in my car}. This is why I have supported Dr. Paul because I know he would've put an end to this type of crony capitalism.

Well I am also a realist and realize that Dr. Paul is not going to be elected so I figure "if you can't beat them ,then why not join them".Meaning, being a veteran I have enrolled in a socialist program sponsored by the federal government that will pay me to go back to school. It will pay for my school and pay me 1400 a month in my pocket. I never made this kind of scratch busting my hump in the Navy working on aircraft carriers and driving supply trucks to Iraq.But I figure if Mitt Romney and the Cokehead brothers can hide their money in offshore accounts then why shouldn't I be able to get a government handout. Even Dr. Paul collects his Social Security check. Okay, so I might be a socialist but I am certainly not a hypocrite and I believe if I am able to get help from the federal government then I also believe others that have found themselves in an unfortunate situation should be able to get help from the government also. This is why I am voting for Barack Obama, and now I am going to explain to you why YOU are going to vote for Barack Obama.

If mittens and wrong Paul were to be elected in 2012 all these programs would end. But that is not the first thing that the RNC are going to go after. Once the RNC gets back into power the first thing that they are going to go after is going to be YOU and I mean you being the Ron Paul movement. These fascist are capable of anything and they will be OUT FOR BLOOD. They are going to put all of you on terrorist watch lists and tax audits,they know who you are and they know where you live. You have burned your bridges in Tampa and don't think they are not capable of doing this, just ask the unfortunate veteran who recently wound up in the mental ward.

Do not take my advice lightly, this election is going to be very very close and the fascist are going to spend billions to get back into power. You cannot afford to throw away your vote on Gary Johnson.Your very own survival might depend on Barack Obama being elected.

Thanks and I love you all, Lance

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Voting is an illusion

Obama and Rommey are actors in a play called good cop, bad cop. Save gas don't vote, prepare.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

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coming to the same conclusion QS.

Jesse Ventura described it best when he compared it to professional wrestling. (WWF) When they are out in front of the audience they pretend to be foes. When they're backstage they are best of friends.

Until we expose and replace this electronic voting sham they have forced on us, we will essentially be wasting our time.

Wayne Paul's advice was to brace for impact and learn to be as self sufficient as you can, because things are about to get a lot worse before they get better.

BTW, have you gotten to shoot your 22 lately? I remember when you got that as a gift.

Hi! Jefferson

Good to see we are on the same wave length about voting.

I am learning how to make pickles, I made 10 pints today. Woohoo!

I don't live anywhere that I could try my 22 out. It is so cute I didn't want to get it dirty and then have to try and clean it. I also have a bad neck, worried it might mess me up and I will need surgery, which I am trying to avoid.

I have an idea that I could barter with someone who knows how to shoot.

They could use my gun and share what they get. To be honest I figure the bad guys will do me in long before I can do any bartering or my heart will give out first.

I take it one day at a time, preparing and learning helps me feel I am doing something positive.

Good luck

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

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10 pints!

I wish we were neighbors. I would gladly stand watch for some pickles and fresh eggs..

I miss the chicken, gardening, and "quillow giveaway" threads. Politics has left a bad taste in my mouth lately. Hopefully the DP will survive and be a resource during the coming hardships that seem almost certain at this point.

I have watched you learn and grow over these last few years, and have even learned a bit from you. Good to see you are still hanging in there, and I hope your neck gets better. Have you considered physical therapy? I had a herniated disk in my neck and it helped quite a bit. This is what helped the most though.
I don't know what your particular situation so be careful of what you try. Maybe it would offer some relief though.

Good luck to you as well.

PS. Don't worry about "the bad guys." I have a feeling you will be protected.

People voting Obama in the

People voting Obama in the first place was like ripping up the Constitution and shoving it in the toilet. While in office he took a big dump on it, and now you're asking me to flush? Are you crazy?

Blessings )o(

Lance has Lost it All.

He's not crazy Maeve, he's in survival mode...and staveing off the inevitable...for a little while. Do the math a dollar collapse is inevitable. IMHO nothing now can stop it. Lance's approach is what TPTB are depending upon to destroy our ability to take care of ourselves or fight back so we have no choice but to turn to govm'nt for help and so further enslave us. Unfortunatly, when the collar collapses, the gov'mt won't be able to help either.

And THAT is what we all must prepare for.

All of us must see the Tsunami before it hits and prepare. The dollar collapse will make the The Great Depression look like child's play. And this is why, In the 20 and 30s American economy was still based 40% agrarian, so there were more farms and generally the people were much more self-reliant. WE were not a welfare state, families were stronger and closer knit, so we had the knowledge, farms and families rally to survive. Compare that to America today with a 2% Agrarian population, and a virturally helpless, additected to pop-culture, clueless population who think a homemade meal is popping a pre-prepared meal in the microwave.

All of us must take heed of this and prepare for NO GOVERNMENT help after the dollar fails. Consider if you woke up tomorrow to learn that the dollar has collapsed? What would you do and what can you do today to protect your family. Are you ready?

Sorry Maevve, this is not really directed at you! It is a general message, but your response to Lance's desperate, misguided, but well intentioned post inspired it.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Yes, I understand, and you're

Yes, I understand, and you're right. Its coming anyway no matter what we do we will all be in survival mode. I meant no insult to him. It was a knee jerk reaction, with a rhetorical question at the end, to being asked to vote for everything we have been fighting against. Unfortunately, I think we will end up with Obama anyway. The elections are rigged and any chance of Romney winning were it a fair election went out the window when they cheated us at the RNC. Not a snowballs chance in hades that Ron Paul would vote for Romney now anyway, so he doesn't stand a chance. I think the best we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Blessings )o(

wrong Paul

It seems you have either, randomly copy and pasted from the comment section of a Brent Bukowsky article or you are too stoned to form a complete and coherent thought.

Vote for who ever you want but don't use fear and rhetoric in an attempt to scare us into voting obama. Nor try to lure others in with the promise of magic beans and blue sky.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

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you lost me when you accused him of being stoned...

who the flip are you dictating what i can put into my body

quit making light of this travesty of american "law"

otherwise, i deem you irrelevent!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

dictating ?

Never happened.

Classic intentional avoidance and distraction maneuver. These trolling tactics are getting old.

Now if only I was relevant again.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

whats with the wrong paul comment

If you had listened to the Dr. you would know that he would not immediately end all social programs. He understands that people have grown dependent on them. His philosophy is that they should gradually be replaced with a voluntary system.

I think "Wrong Paul" meant

I think "Wrong Paul" meant the wrong Paul, as in Paul Ryan.....

Ron Paul

Wrong Paul (Ryan)


Correct I was referring to Ryan

as in the "wrong"Paul

Wow, have you really learned

Wow, have you really learned nothing about economics, liberty, process, or government since 2007? Did you actually try reading some posts or did you just look at pictures?

Really stupid. Really.

These posts make me want to puke.

A vote for Obama OR Romney disrespects the rEVOLution. Dr. Paul, and THOUSANDS of others who worked their collective asses off to make a little bit of headway. And you think we should vote for Obama!!!!

I will vote for Johnson knowing that it is NOT a throwaway vote. It accomplishes a lot, all of which you can read about in many many posts on DP.


This "throwing your vote

This "throwing your vote away" nonsense is one of the greatest frauds perpetrated by the two party system. This way they don't need to pick a decent candidate or spend their money talking about their philosophy. They can instead spend it demonizing the "opposing" side. This is the process by which we get worse presidential candidates every election. The keystone of this very process is grassroots people repeating the completely false and idiotic statement that "you are throwing your vote away" if you won't vote for one of the two fascist parties. If you want to do something helpful to break this pattern, stop repeating that bull sh*t.

If Paul supporters defeat

If Paul supporters defeat Romney, then they have both accomplished some practical good for liberty by throwing a monkey wrench into the neoconservative agenda and prove that they need to be treated with respect in 2016.

If they abstain or throw away their vote, they will prove that the GOP establishment was right to not take them seriously.

If Romney wins, then the Ron Paul revolution will have altogether failed; and in 2020 it may be too late to try again.

i think its better to have 4

more years of tyranny, than the possiblity of 8 more with romney, in the hopes that maybe in 4 years enough people will wake up to the crap, and we could win the next election. i wont vote for obamma but if obamma wins because we voted 3rd party or wrote in RP, at least this could give us a shot at getting a liberty candidate to win in 2016. romney wins, we got nothing till 2020 by then it will be too late.the country will be ruined if it isnt by 2016 already. i hate both of them, but i think its better Obamma win than Romney.you dont have to vote for Obamma, just dont vote for Romney.Our day will come sooner.

If you prefer Obama to

If you prefer Obama to Romney, then you should have the courage of your convictions. If you do nothing by throwing away your vote and allow Romney to win, then don't complain about your fate.

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its already too late...

Ron Paul is our only hope.


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

So you'd rather have Romney

So you'd rather have Romney than soil your hands?

You're not really principled - you're just too squeamish to do what's right.

I can certainly understand your point of view.

Right now Barrack O is not a very popular president and needs all the help he can get .I just hope that your decision does not turn around to bite you in the Ass. This year a 3rd party vote could be half a vote for Romney.

Socialists shouldn't vote for Obama!

I don't get your reasoning; if you're a socialist, then why aren't you supporting Romney?

The GOP really believes Romney can win. If they take the senate, a Mitt win will be an unMittigated disaster as he will push forward hard with the Bush-Obama neoconservative agenda unopposed.

Obama will have to cooperate with the GOP; and his second term will have much in common with Clinton's 2nd term. He will either BETRAY HIS SOCIALIST BASE or become a do-nothing failure. Vote for gridlock - vote for Obama; it's the only way to stop Romney - equally as evil, but far more dangerous to liberty.

Also: An Obama win means there's a chance for Rand to become the 2016 nominee. If we don't defeat Romney by voting for Obama, then we can probably look forward to a Mitt versus Hillary race instead.

Our votes can count in a way that makes an actual difference; don't waste them on a protest that will be ignored anyway. To defeat the neoconservatives' worldwide reign of terror is too important; and it will require more than mere abstention or protest voting if we want to tie them up in political gridlock and have another chance in 2016 - the race is closer than you think.

In a round about way I think you get my point.

Your really preaching to the choir.

Maybe true for most here, but

Maybe true for most here, but in your case - seriously, if you're a socialist, then why don't you support Romney?

Very contradictory statements here.

Some of you might know me as a Liberal.

I am a socialist.

I was one of the first to join the tea party.

I was even a part of this movement being a liberal.

You sure you're not a troll?

Well as I remember the beginning

of the T party it was never about liberal or conservative. It was alway about revolutionary change on how the goverment worked . I joined because I thought It was about getting rid of lobbyist and keeping money out of political influence. This is far from where the T party is now . The whole movement is now controlled by money.

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Lance, exactly, man !

"I joined because I thought It was about getting rid of lobbyist and keeping money out of political influence. This is far from where the T party is now . The whole movement is now controlled by money."

Lance, exactly, man !

So, I URGE YOU to read this, at once, NOW ! Please, do it for me, for yourself :


For Liberty.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Obama represents more welfare than Romney

Romney represents more warfare than Obama. take your choice, I think four years of more welfare is better than possibly 8 years of more warfare. However, both parties seem to be controlled by the same people, it's called the false left/right paradigm, so who gets elected is an indication of what they are planning to do next, not so much what the people voted for, the whole thing is probably rigged but you should probably vote just in case it's not, for me I will do what I can to improve the chances that Romney loses. that means trying to persuade people not to vote for that creep and ultimately deciding if I can bring myself to vote for Obombya or settle for 3rd party.

by the way, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think both Walter Block and Lew Rockwell prefer Obama to Romney for these and probably other reasons. Those are two heavy weight Libertarians so you might want to consider their opinions.

Keep in mind that they're predicting a repube majority

in congress also... We're best to keep them unbalanced as much as possible.. They're less likely to work together because they need to seem like they're still running on their "beliefs" to the rest of the nation for now.

I could never ever vote for either of them. I'd find it hard to say I have principles for Liberty if I did.

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