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Vote Barack Obama;your very survival might depend on it!

First, I want to say this... I am not a troll.

I voted for Paul as far back as 88. I've been with this forum since 2007. I was even an RP delegate in 2008. Some of you might know me as a Liberal. I do not consider myself a libertarian.I am a socialist. I like Dr. Paul but I also like Lyndon LaRouche, Webster Tarpley and Bernie Sanders. I was one of the first to join the tea party and then I left it when I saw it was being hijacked by the Republican Party now I consider myself part of the Occupy Movement.

Some of you might wonder why I was even a part of this movement being a liberal and all but there are a lot of ideas that liberals and Democrats found very attractive about being a part of this movement. For instance,ending the drug wars, foreign intervention and ending the Fed these are all changes that I and others like myself have been able to get behind and support. I have even campaigned for Dr. Paul within the Occupy movement, so please don't hate.

These last few years have been very tough for me as I'm sure have been very tough for some of you.I have seen my business go under lost my home and ended a marriage. Of course I realize that failure is just as much a part of capitalism as is success and I hold no one responsible except myself. What bothered me is to see the crooked bansters and the 1% get bailed out time and time again while I have dropped out of the middle class and into the underclass{I have spent many nights living in my car}. This is why I have supported Dr. Paul because I know he would've put an end to this type of crony capitalism.

Well I am also a realist and realize that Dr. Paul is not going to be elected so I figure "if you can't beat them ,then why not join them".Meaning, being a veteran I have enrolled in a socialist program sponsored by the federal government that will pay me to go back to school. It will pay for my school and pay me 1400 a month in my pocket. I never made this kind of scratch busting my hump in the Navy working on aircraft carriers and driving supply trucks to Iraq.But I figure if Mitt Romney and the Cokehead brothers can hide their money in offshore accounts then why shouldn't I be able to get a government handout. Even Dr. Paul collects his Social Security check. Okay, so I might be a socialist but I am certainly not a hypocrite and I believe if I am able to get help from the federal government then I also believe others that have found themselves in an unfortunate situation should be able to get help from the government also. This is why I am voting for Barack Obama, and now I am going to explain to you why YOU are going to vote for Barack Obama.

If mittens and wrong Paul were to be elected in 2012 all these programs would end. But that is not the first thing that the RNC are going to go after. Once the RNC gets back into power the first thing that they are going to go after is going to be YOU and I mean you being the Ron Paul movement. These fascist are capable of anything and they will be OUT FOR BLOOD. They are going to put all of you on terrorist watch lists and tax audits,they know who you are and they know where you live. You have burned your bridges in Tampa and don't think they are not capable of doing this, just ask the unfortunate veteran who recently wound up in the mental ward.

Do not take my advice lightly, this election is going to be very very close and the fascist are going to spend billions to get back into power. You cannot afford to throw away your vote on Gary Johnson.Your very own survival might depend on Barack Obama being elected.

Thanks and I love you all, Lance

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thank you J

for your common sense and reasoning youve been warned.

kids making crank posts on daily paul?

If you must make a spectacle of yourself, do it on some pro-mitt romney forum.

Obama is a Marxist, fascist, and would-be Dictator.

Romney is bad, but he's not bent on destroying America and all it stands for. Romney will not fix anything, but he is nowhere near as treacherous and evil as Obama.

I don't know who I will vote for yet (I will probably write in Ron Paul), but I will NEVER vote for Obama!

Ann in Florida

Your right about

Obama Ann but your dead wrong about Romney, he has the same goals as Obama he is just whispering sweet lies to get votes from the other side while Obama whispers his sweet lies to get votes from his selected side.

Make no mistake Romney is EVER bit as bad as Obama and even worse, consider this Romney will be trusted as Obama was when he was first elected so he will be allowed to get away with much more than Obama would a second term because everyone already knows Obama is a snake, but there are a lot of useful fools that believe Romney is some kind of anti-Obama when he is a clone.

The Abuse of Greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power. - Shakespeare



wow welcome to the big tent


sorry but the big tent of liberty

includes everyone, not just totally like minded people. That's why you are here. You are sort of out of the mainstream flow of ideas on this site. You are here nonetheless. I feel bad that you catch a lot of hell for it. People shouldn't be so vitriolic about it. That being said, I don't understand your knee jerk reaction to the government being the default problem solver. I work in the electrical field and it has also been very hard these last 4 or 5 years. The company I worked for for 15 years went under last winter. I lost my house in 09 because work was so slow I couldn't pay the mortgage. But, I joined a private organization that a lot of companies belong to, similar to a union. This organization pays for worker training and establishes benefits for the workers. Of course this is all paid for by the member companies. They benefit from the trained workers and they don't have to weed out the lazy or the ones who just aren't cut out for it. We benefit because it establishes a minimum rate of pay for each level of schooling, including a minimum pay rate for graduates,which is very good. Most if not all of the companies pay even higher than the minimum because the market demands it. These companies have learned that they need us.
The government doesn't have to be the only way, voluntary organizations get it done, and usually better. This is accomplished without deferring the cost to the taxpayers, who receive no benefit. The ones who receive the benefits pay for the costs. These companies have outcompeted the competition(including the unions)and now I finally have consistent work ,even in a bad economy. So just don't assume the government has your best interests at heart. It is usually run by bureaucrats who don't have to answer to the boss, which is us. This is a recipe for corruption. They receive funding according to how many cases (people) they sign up, therefore the quality of the person doesn't matter. My wife goes to a community college where half of the students are there on the taxpayers bill, and the only reason they are there is to keep the welfare check coming,because of the govt. requirement that you go to work or school, or they kick you off. These students are disruptive (because they're not there of they're own volition) and hinder my wife's education.
Oh and by the way,from your earlier posts,You are NOT a failure. Just keep trying and outsmart this damn system. Push the bad people out of your life, you can't save people unless they want to be saved. Don't let them drag you down. The real power is in the individual. You can have an individual without a group, but you can't have a group without individuals. Peace, Liberty, Prosperity.

thanks for posting P

that was very inspiring.