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Full Video of Delegate Walk-Out from RNC

Courtesy of my friends at Traces of Reality.

If the link doesn't work search YouTube for tracesofreality.

The walk-out was planned the night before at Whiskey Joe's although every state delegation had different ideas of what to do. I believe it was just supposed to be silent, but people started chanting, "As Maine Goes, So Goes The Nation," and it took off from there. It included a lot more people but some who didn't want to be disruptive tailed off once the chanting started. I'd estimate at its peak, it was about 200-250 people including delegates, alternates, and guests. We walked all the way out of security and had no clue where to go so we just kept walking and chanting picking up and losing people along the way. I navigated us towards a small dive bar called Four Green Fields. It had become the hang out for Texas and other states to meet, drink, and strategize...that and Whiskey Joe's.

I'm in the blue shirt, gold tie, and cowboy hat near Ashley Ryan from Maine, and then later near my friend Jeremy Blosser from Texas. Google and keep an eye out for those two. They are assets to Liberty!

The next day we did a silent walk-in. We told people, "This is not a protest. This is an invest. We are the future.". Then we held the press conference.

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Proud of Y'all

Proud of all my fellow skeddadlers that stood up for what they believe in! :) It was music to my ears at the otherwise boring convention! Never give up! The Grassroots Ostracizing Party (GOP) needs us more than we need them!

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. - Matthew 10:16