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Call The Libertarian Party And Tell Them You Want Ron Paul!

If you have now contacted Gary Johnson and Ron Paul yet, their contact info is on this thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/252536/its-still-possible-call-ron-...

It occurred to me that for this really to happen - the LP is going to have to be on board as well. So let's call them also and let them know that we want Ron Paul. If you are a republican tell them so, and that the LP will get your vote this year if Ron is at the top of the ticket. Gary has said in the past he would step aside for Ron, however I believe the LP can do it with or without Gary signing on. It would be much better if he is still on board with the idea. Tell them you know it's unusual, but that this is a very special circumstance and a great year for a STRONG candidate. Especially because of how the GOP treated the Ron Paul people. Remind them that Gary mentioned he would step aside for Ron.

Some states give you major party status for getting as low as 5% of the vote. The LP knows this, if there is a way to make this happen they will want to do it. Both the LP site and Gary's site feature videos from Ron Paul as the first thing you see, so let's make it happen!

Call and email the LP. Pass the word along to your friends, family, email lists, and other Liberty boards that you post on. If you know any of the leadership below contact them personally. I know a few and that is what I plan to do. If you have the time, contact them all. Be polite and respectful, but let them know that you want Ron Paul.

Libertarian Contact Info:
Main Office
(202) 333-0008 (PHONE)
(202) 333-0072 (FAX)

Other Contacts:
Carla Howell - Executive Director
202-333-0008 ext. 222

Robert Kraus - Operations Director
202-333-0008 ext. 231

LP Officers:
LNC Chair - Geoffrey Neale

Vice Chair - Lee Wrights

Treasurer - Tim Hagan

Secretary - Ruth Bennett

At Large - Michael Cloud

At Large - Bill Redpath

At Large - Wayne Root

At Large - Starchild

At Large - Arvin Vohra


Regional Rep - Norm Olsen

Alternate - Tony Ryan

Region 2 - FL,GA,TN

Regional Rep - Vicki Kirkland

Alternate - Richard Schrade

Region 3 - IN,KY,OH,MI

Regional Rep - Jillian A Mack

Alternate - Sam Goldstein

Region 4 - AR,CA,NV,NM,NY

Regional Rep - Dan Wiener

Alternate - Scott Lieberman

Regional Rep - Brett Pojunis

Alternate - Audrey Capozzi

Region 5n - CT,MA,ME,NH,NJ,RI,VT

Regional Rep - Rich Tomasso

Alternate - Scott Spencer

Region 6 - IL,IA,MN,MO,NE,ND,SD,WI

Regional Rep - Dianna Visek

Alternate - Michael Knebel

Region 7 - AL,LA,MS,OK,TX

Regional Rep - John Jay Myers

Alternate - Paulie Frankel

Don't forget to Call also. If you don't know ant of the people listed above and feel like you want to email them all, here is a the list you can just cut and paste. You may get a response from an angry Johnson supporter. That's okay. Don't be deterred. Here is the whole list if you want to email them all.

info@lp.org, carla.howell@lp.org, robert.kraus@lp.org, chair@lp.org, vicehair@lp.org, treasurer@lp.org, secretary@lp.org, michael.cloud@lp.org, william.redpath@lp.org, wayne.root@lp.org, starchild@lp.org, arvin.vohra@lp.org, norman.olsen@lp.org, tony.ryan@lp.org, vicki.kirkland@lp.org, richard.schrade@lp.org, jillian.mack@lp.org, sam.goldstein@lp.org, daniel.wiener@lp.org, scott.lieberman@lp.org, brett.pojunis@lp.org, audrey.capozzi@lp.org, rich.tomasso@lp.org, scott.spencer@lp.org, dianna.visek@lp.org, michael.knebel@lp.org, john.jay.myers@lp.org, paulie.frankel@lp.org

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I believe that this would be

I believe that this would be a dishonorable and probably illegal thing to do. If he (Paul) wanted the Libertarian Party nomination he should have asked for it when it was available. I don't know anything about this Gary Johnson fellow, but he and the Libertarian party already have an agreement/contract with one another and it would be dishonorable for either party to break their contract. Paul stayed in the party that treated him horribly…that was his decision to do so and Mr. Johnson should not be the one to have to pay for Dr. Paul's decision.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

Denise B's picture

There is nothing dishonorable

or illegal if BOTH sides mutually agree to void a contract. It can and does happen all the time. It can only happen if both the Libertarian Party/Gary Johnson and Ron Paul agree to do this together. I think all would stand to gain a great deal. The Libertarian party because they would gain the instant recognition and growth and legitimacy they've been striving for for years, Gary Johnson would be seen as a hero and could set himself up for future runs and Ron Paul and his supporters will have a new outlet to put all of their energies and enthusiasm into and continue to grow the liberty movement in leaps and bounds. Not to mention how awesome the debates would be! It is both Romney and Obama's worst nighmare!

I say let's do everything we can to make this happen!! Contact the people listed and respectfully request they do this. It could be the absolute best thing for everybody!

hell id be happy

even if he was vp to johnson. he would give johnson alot of good advise at least.it would be up to johnson to take his advise. but he would be a fool not to.