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Peter Schiff: "Romney is the lesser of two evils."

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Just imagine that in 2008

Just imagine that in 2008 Hope beat the Evil and we all know how that worked out for America and the world, now the best case scenario is for Lesser Evil to win. If Hope fu**** up the country and the rest of the world so bad, imagine what lesser Evil will be like, I mean this guy doesn't even bother to make promises anymore, he's not showing his tax returns and he was on the both sides of every issue, I'm mean Romney is not even pretending he will improve things, he simply don't give a f***, imagine this guy being the President.
Is amazing how this imbecile can become President simply because people are hating the Evil #1, what a f***** up situation!

I am sorry, but I agree with

I am sorry, but I agree with Peter Schiff. There is no fundamental difference between the two. They both are obsessed with war and government power. Where Obama speaks of peace then murders American citizens with drones then signs legislation to send any American citizen he doesn't like to Guantanamo indefinitely with no lawyer, no trial, no judge and no jury. You'd never hear Romney say something so bold as "You didn't build that". I work in a family business owned for 3 generations and I took so much offense to that. The crash is coming, if Romney is in office, he would at least listen more openly to our side of the argument, where Obama would have no one to the right of Paul Krugman giving him advice.

I am voting for Gary Johnson.

Go ahead and down vote me.

Romney is worse!

1) Obama is slightly better on foreign policy, though not by much.

2) Romney talks "free market" but does not act "free market." This causes people to associate Republican destructive policies and corporate welfare with free market principles. At least Obama is honest about his intentions.

3) Romney is interested in making the government more efficient. Since everything the government does is harmful, Romney wants the government to become more efficient at causing people harm. He wants the government to be more efficient at taking our money, at spying on us, at locking us up without a trial, at killing innocent foreigners, etc.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson

The mantra of no chance of winning is getting old.

For me it's not about voting for someone who can win, but about voting for a principled candidate who believes in my liberty.

If my vote for Ron Paul has no chance whatsoever to be counted (as a write-in) then to make a protest vote against the 2 major parties, a Libertarian vote is probably my choice.

But I have to find out whether in Washington State if a Ron Paul Write-In is definitely not counted.

Once I find that our I will proceed accordingly.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

When encouraged to vote GOP, I promised to vote my conscience

This whole, "lesser of two evils", kind of endorsement is so hard to sell, much less fully justify. It tries to pull on our heart-strings, while making our head hurt!

I know why Peter and Rand went there, but I just can't value my vote quite the same as they say they do. I am in no way supporting the greater evil by default, (as some accuse), by simply failing to support the fictitious, (formerly presumptive), nominee. My vote is an intrinsically valuable expression of my personal beliefs; as it should also be when serving jury duty.

The case for, "lesser evil", is weak at best. While tyrannical elitists within the GOP have openly, and unlawfully, thwarted many hard-won delegate seats from being filled by their dually-elected state constituents at this convention; why should we think that our opposition party's nominee represent the greater evil?

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Rombama or Obamney?

In some years, the "lesser of two evils" logic makes sense. This year, there's so little difference between Obama and Romney, that it doesn't. It's not a choice between "a bad guy and a REALLY bad guy", it's a choice between "do you want to be stabbed? Or do you want to be shot?"

With that in mind, I'll be voting for Gary Johnson. Yes, I know he has no realistic chance of winning - but the Republicans and the Democrats have coalesced into the Republicrap party, and frankly, I want another choice.

Besides, every vote for the Libertarians THIS election helps in the NEXT election. Currently, the Libertarians spend heaps of money and thousands of hours getting signatures just to get on the ballot. If enough people vote Libertarian, they can skip over that step (as the Demoplicans do) and put their candidate directly on the ballot without collecting signatures.

I encourage everyone who supports liberty to do likewise. Johnson may not be the perfect candidate, but he's far superior to the clowns running for the Dems and the Reps.

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Schiff is no fan of Romney

As someone who follows Peter Schiff extremely closely, I can say for sure he is no fan of Romney. And while I respect his opinion, I'm not sure I agree that Romney is the lesser of 2 evils because I think both might be equally awful because they're bought and paid for and manipulated by special interests.

Peter is of the belief that neither Obama nor Romney have both the understanding of economics as well as the stones to tell the public the truth and thus, a dollar crisis is inevitable if either of them becomes president. He does, however, think Romney is the candidate more likely to switch to free market principles *after* the crash. The fact that Rand might have his ear probably plays into that as well. I don't necessarily agree but that's what his thinking is.

Peter and Rand's public personae are tempered...

Peter Schiff and Rand Paul's public personae are tempered by cold first-hand accounts.

On the one hand, Peter Schiff's father Irwin remains in federal prison because he dared to use the US Constitution as his defense against the Income Tax pseudo-law. Not surprising, Peter is trying a different tack by not seeking a showdown with the FEDs but by being an expositor of the Austrian economic school through his gloomy forecasts of the economy and availing himself to Congressional testimony as an expert witness. In that way he hopes to make more progress in the public discourse than his father who seems a martyr for his spat of civil disobedience.

Then there's Rand Paul. We know the story of Ron Paul who would have to trailblaze alone for nearly 30 years before time proved his prophesies true. Now for those who have awoken to the possibility of American statesmen of old in the guise of Ron Paul, it is a natural let down to see Rand try the partisan tact in his overt hollow endorsement of Romney. But how are we to judge the best path for Rand? Indeed Ron became very cynical of the political process after his first stint in Congress culminating in his disavowing the duplicity of the Republican party before running for president as a Libertarian. But he came back to Congress in spite of his cynicism for the American political duopoly and did what he felt was the most pragmatic as one against 534 votes; be the consistent figurehead for liberty and true to his oath of public office. Rand of course has options. Indeed if Rand's is a mission of pragmatism, accomplishing what is possible according to the principles his father instilled, then perhaps it is too soon to disown the son.

Keep an open mind. Speak your mind but don't slander. Let's see how these two men ultimately measure in time.


NO ONE HAS BLED LIKE SCHIFF HAS!!! His Father, a man he loves, is in prison... for what!!? Not wanting to fund an Evil Empire, that is what. Rand Paul and Peter Schiff have known their fathers far longer than most of us, but yet others cast stones at them. When Lew came on to rebuke Tarpley, Lew admitted Rand respects his father! Rand Paul and Peter Schiff have seen their fathers eaten by the political system. Look into their eyes once and a while.

Obama is going to illegalize all business except for his buds next term. Mark my words, the war on the entrepreneur is on. Obama's 'you did not build that' statement will be in full effect as Obama confiscates wealth.

At least with business we can build an alternative to the system. Schiff is banking on that ray of hope. The window is closing hard. I do not support Romney or ever will. For the most part, we are doomed, no matter what.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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Voting for the lesser of the

Voting for the lesser of the two evils still means that you're voting for an evil...


Peter Schiff is not Always Right

Peter Schiff's program is one of my main sources of information. Schiff, however, troubled me a little during the Republican presidential primary. He was on the wrong side of a bitter argument with Bob Wenzel over the economic incidence of consumption taxation, was vaguely supportive of Romney - the presumptive nominee at the time - as the "lesser evil," and now is apparently endorsing Romney again.

Schiff should be smarter than this. Schiff knows that the U.S.' problems are deeply rooted in the Federal Reserve System, and that Romney is an ardent defender of central banking. In addition, Schiff also knows that a present value of $200+ trillion off-budget unfunded liabilities of federal entitlements are looming over the next 75 years, and that Romney/Ryan have done nothing but propose ways to "save" and even "expand" entitlements.

Romney/Ryan may lower taxes a bit, but will certainly not reduce spending (Romney says that would "cause a depression" and Ryan believes slowing the growth rate of spending amounts to "cutting" spending), which would mean a greater future tax increase anyway. They may have a better attitude on business than Barack Obama ("you didn't build that"), but that will be irrelevant when they lead the U.S. into another crash and free markets take the blame again.

On foreign policy, they are all the same. If anything, Romney/Ryan may be worse, because they believe that the warmongering, murderous, and totalitarian policies of Obama in the "War on Terror" are not enough.

"Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors, but today we kneel only to truth." - Kahlil Gibran

Why cast a vote for evil, unless you like evil

I will cast a vote for Good. I will cast a vote for Ronald Ernest Paul.


Voting for Ron Paul truly IS throwing your vote away.

In all likelihood, the vote will not even be counted.

Why not vote Libertarian and help eliminate their ballot access problems? Votes in this election count towards getting their candidates on the ballot in the next election.

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Voting for the best person for the job is throwing it away?

You are kooky!!! That statement is illogical! This is my last vote, so don't worry - you'll get all the state-endorsed abortion you can stomach by supporting your candidates!

It's the "SAME of two evils"

not the lesser.

I agree with Luke.

Romney & Obama will both continue the occupations & wars.

Romney & Obama will both support NDAA, the Patriot Act, sanctions against Iran.

Romney & Obama will both support Bernanke or another approved Federal Reserve Chairman equally as bad. The bubbles will continue. The banksters will continue getting away with it all.

Romney talks "change". Obama talked "change". No change will occur.

I'm voting for Ron Paul regardless. So is my husband!

Schiff for the fail

...because a WW3 under Romney is better than Obama bankrupting America? Gary Johnson is the lesser of these evils, and if Obama or Romney is going to be elected anyway, why vote for either of them?


"The world has never known more oppressive governments or bigger governments than those which profess the cult of liberty." - Donald Sanborn

c'mon now....give the man a break.

Someone else already posted these earlier but I believe they deserver a repost to the top of the comments again.

Look guys, Peter endorses Gary Johnson. As the other DPer said, he only set up a hypothetical situation. He's entitled to his opinions. He differs from us on 1 thing. We should cut him a little slack. He's done more then most for the Liberty movement. C'mon now, we are libertarians.



can we not differ and still be cool with each other. Don't take RNC anger out on our own.

Give him slack, but...

He seemed to endorse Romney in that video! Why not staunchly say, "I'm voting Gary Johnson!"


"The world has never known more oppressive governments or bigger governments than those which profess the cult of liberty." - Donald Sanborn

How can you possibly come to

How can you possibly come to that conclusion? He said he endorses Gary Johnson in a speech given at the Liberty Fest in Tampa. The question was "who is the lesser of two evils, Obama or Romney?" He answered the question. He said he doesn't support Romney, he just thinks Romney will do less damage than Obama but he would still do damage. You can't fault a man for answering the question asked and not framing his answer around his own talking points, we have Romney and Obama for that.

I am afraid America will find

I am afraid America will find out too late just how similar these two men are when it comes to Romney and Obama. I never thought any president could replace jimmy crater as a terrible president but Obama with his many failed policies makes Jimmy Carter look good. That takes so doing.

Bob Marshall

Not twice as bad

Obama is worse but not twice as bad. 4 years bo is less evil than 8 years romoney

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Schiff's views on economy

Having listen to Schiff Radio a lot...Peter has mentioned often that either Obama or Romney will tank the economy. He feels, Romney may be the better person to pick it up when it breaks. Well I think Obama will shoot the horse (economy) dead, putting it out of it's misery, question is who will pick up the pieces...

Not a pretty picture, but you know 30 million voters, all voted for Romney or Obama in the primaries, so many them will live to see the results of that decision.

Perhaps then people will see an alternative to the 2 party system, at least we will get new leaders....

study up on Russia circa 1992, makes for good planning now.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

My understanding of Schiff's

My understanding of Schiff's logic is that Romney is more likely to listen to our side of the argument when the economy tanks than Obama. I don't even see how that is debatable. Just look at Obama's cabinet selections.

Personally i would like to see status quo:

Democrat President, Republican house. Less likely to be able to pass stuff. 99% of stuff they pass is crap.

If it is Romney Republican with Republican house, they can write blank cheques with tax payer money like they did in early Bush years.

The writers all bitch about it, but I love it when "Congress is paralyzed". That means they aren't spending our money.

True. Its a liberal media reporting...

I too laugh at the lame duck situation...but I am working a decent business (which I plan to move off-shore). I suspect the economic rubber band will break around '15 pretty good....lots of TIP's become due, with inflation adjusted interest...by then many more US companies will have moved off-shore...and the local pain will become agony.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Peter schiff has appeared in

Peter schiff has appeared in hundreds of TV shows and video blogs. 99% of us would approve of the 99% what he ever said in those shows. Yet one or two disagreements can cause this type of uproar is amazing! So what he says Romney is a lesser evil? doesn't he have the right to say so? Why to be intolerant to difference of opinion especially when the person is one of your own?

This has been a century's long debate: To vote or not to vote

Those with political apathy do not vote.

Those who said Ron Paul cured their apathy will vote for Ron Paul.

But what if he is no longer an option?

You can:
A) Vote and fill in a protest vote (i.e. Paul, Johnson, Vermin Supreme).
B) Be politically apathetic and not vote.
C) Cast a lottery vote for the rigged choices and hope for the best.
D) Inhale the partisan smoke and cast a zombie vote.

Clearly, many grassroots Ron Paul supporters will go with choice A. With what happened during the RNC, some will go with B. There will yet others who want to have a semblance of a hand in their own fate and go with C.

Then there are the Deets. Those peeps are sadly still the majority. In the interview you can clearly see Schiff qualifying himself as a C'r. The subject heading of this post was unfairly prejudicial in my humble opinion. He hasn't endorsed Romney but only indicate how his private vote might be cast. Schiff's calling out of Jonathan Lebed and the National Inflation Association for trying to scam Ron Paul supporters has done much more service to the cause of liberty than many of us have yet to do.

Us in the Daily Paul community should show more charity before disparaging those that have been pro-liberty and ardent Ron Paul supporters.

AGREE 100%

AGREE 100%

Give me liberty or give me death!

Try it this way

Would you rather see Obozo for 4 more years or RMoney for 8 more years?

Evil is Evil

There is no such thing as less of it. They are using the same playbook. Gary Johnson with Ron Paul in his corner supporting him and moving into another room in the white house like Col House did with Woodrow Wilson would possibly get Gary Johnson over the top but we would have to smash all the DiBold Electronic Voting Machines that are already programmed. Even if Ron Paul was too late to run for VP. His influence like being included in Gary Johnsons Cabinet announced next wee would be enough to win. Ron could not make a 3rd party attempt on his own as there is not enough monitary support but Gary Johnson has money already set up.