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Peter Schiff: "Romney is the lesser of two evils."

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yet another obnoxious wearechange interview

Why do they have to be so obnoxious to people who are nice enough to give them interviews, especially when these people are on our side?

Peter Schiff is always so nice to and supportive of the liberty movement, and people treat him disrespectfully, like in this interview and of course especially the P.A.U.L. Fest video with Jesse Benton's text message.

Ron Paul talked about taking a soft approach and not bashing the people who are not yet part of our movement over the head. Well, people can take or leave that advice, but can we at least not bash OUR OWN people over the head??

Being obnoxious in your interviews is fine when the interview subject is running away from you and they're an evil politician. Don't do it to the good guys, they don't deserve that kind of treatment.

He isn't voting for Romney.

He isn't voting for Romney. He setup a hypothetical where if the only two choices were Romney and Obama, he would vote for Romney. He officially endorsed Gary Johnson earlier in the week, and he has said repeatedly on his radio show that he is going to vote for Gary Johnson.






Not sure I believe him if he back peddles on his radio show... it's pretty clear in this video that he falls into the lesser of 2 evils trap!!!!!! That is exactly what is killing this country, the lesser of 2 evils oligarchy rule!!!!

Ron Paul or NO ONE !!!!!!!!!!


CALM down everyone, he is voting for Gary Johnson. It's scary how easily some of you attack your own without asking questions.

I agree

I think sometimes people jump the gun a little too quickly. Saying that Romney is the lesser of the two evils and saying that he's "endorsing" Romney are two different things. I'm not sure I agree with Peter that Romney is the lesser of the two evils; I think Romney and Obama are the same. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, I don't always agree with every single comment Peter makes, but he's doing more than his fair share of promoting the message of liberty. I support him 100%!

Personally, I'll be writing in Ron Paul this November. This way I'll know that my vote isn't wasted.

nice to know

That not everyone is pistol happy. lol But I must disagree with you on writing in a candidate. There are several reasons not to write in a candidate:
1. Most states don't allow it, or must approve of write in candidates
2. The only people who will know that you wrote in a candidate are you and the person (or machine) counting the vote, and will most likely be ignored by the person counting the votes.
3. Even if they do allow write in candidates, the establishment will only ignore it, thus going back to point number 2.

If you really want to make your voice heard, vote for a third party candidate, and brake the 2 party dictatorship, and I don't necessarily mean Gary Johnson, all though he would be the only one on all 50 states. Just my opinion. :)

I thought about writing in...

Ron Paul simply for my own satisfaction. John Q Adams once said, "Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never wasted." I agree with him 100%! But in terms of actually having any impact, you're right. Too bad Ron wouldn't run third party. I guess it's not out of the question, but I think it's highly unlikely. Maybe I'll consider another option. I still have a little time to think about it. But I really like Jesse Ventura's idea of abolishing parties altogether. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen over night.


You make some excellent points. I guess, in these days, I try to think in terms of what will make an impact in my life and/or my children's future. Ron Paul wants to eliminate the 16th admenment, but at the moment, he votes for any tax cuts, and this sticks in my head the same way. Ron Paul is who I want, but I'll vote for any candidate who's goals as president will take us in the opposite direction that we have been going.

Mr. Schiff clarified his

Mr. Schiff clarified his comments on his radio show the other day regarding this video. He said he was going to vote for Gary Johnson. The point he was trying to make in this video was that he would have to choose between the lesser of two evils "if his vote was the determining vote" between a President Obama and a President Romney.

Thumbs up. I knew he wouldn't

Thumbs up. I knew he wouldn't vote Romney

Well I guess its time to say

Fk you Peter Schiff you POS sellout. Obviously you're thinking its more important to stay relevant and on TV than stick with your principles.

Peter has done more for the

Peter has done more for the liberty movement than all of us here has combined. Plus, he's not voting for Romney. You should know better.

The fact is

he's letting other believe that voting for the lesser of two evils is still a better choice when in FACT its not.

Voting in this system itself

Voting in this system itself is already immoral.


Jeffery Dahmer, or John Wayne

Jeffery Dahmer, or John Wayne Gacy... vote

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

Peter Schiff never was a Patriot

(And still isn't)

His whole business revovles around getting people to pull out of USA investments and put them in fiat foreign currencies.

oh please

just say - he is rich like me .... i like him.

Vote Third Party.

(lesser of two evils is BS ... I am sick of hearing that too)

you are a disappointment to Ron Paul's idea that you vote for principle and vote your conscience. I am voting for Johnson because he lines up with liberty and peace. Very typical Mr. Schiff.

Oh Please..

Oh please don't start with that "lesser of two evils" B.S. I've heard for the last 40+ years. The sheeple might actually start believeing this stuff if you keep posting, quoting, etc.
The Democrats and Republicans both serve the same evil masters, and they both will be on a path to take away your freedoms and increase the national debt.
Obama supports the patriot act, Romney said he supports it too.
Both say they will increase military spending...more threats you know.
Obama signed NDAA, Romney said he would too.
Romney said (during the debates) that he would strengthen the Patriot Act...So, what do you think that means? I will give you a hint, checkpoints on highways, trains, bus, maybe schools and hospitals too.
I will not be voting for Romulan or Obama...I will write in Ron Paul or possibly go with GJ...I am hoping Dr. Paul will join forces with Gary Johnson, because I think this is the only real hope.
Many, like myself with write in Ron Paul which will take votes away from GJ...If Dr. Paul endorses GJ, then I will vote for him.

I stopped listening to Schiff

I stopped listening to Schiff (on politics) when he went neo-con over the Middle East. Said he needed to do so to get the votes.

So he's either a neo-con, or one who would say something counter to his beliefs for votes.

Just more of the same . . I could care less what he says about Romnoid - I'll never vote for (or support for office) either of them.

I do appreciate his comments on the economy and the housing bubble, however.


Drown in 50 feet or water or 100 feet of water ... go on choose one ...

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

henry9's picture

The evil of two lessers!


If only RP could get on all the ballots and go for the gold.

I prefer 4 more years of

I prefer 4 more years of Obama than 8 more years of Obamney.

Either way Ron Paul is my choice.

yup AND...

another 4yrs of the current crap and maybe the gop will pull their heads out of their backsides and back the Liberty Movement's candidate be it Judge Nap, GJ, or even Rand (IF he was to take on more of his fathers ideals).

Its a circus . . . as in

Its a circus . . . as in 'bread & circuses'.

Its designed to give the illusion of choice. Its designed to give the stamp of legitimacy. The owners of the country will never let you put a true patriot in the highest office.

Did you watch the interview with the RP campaign insider ? They were threatened with being bombarded with a multi-million dollar media campaign designed to destroy RP's reputation forever. Even if things are said which are untrue and unproven - - in a world with owned & controlled media - - how do you fight that ? Especially with opponents who can just print money ?

Don't fight wars on the battlegrounds chosen by you opponents.

I won't be wasting any time with 'voting'. Liberty won't we won there.

War is the Health of the Gold Market

Before we invaded Iraq, gold was around $300/oz. Romney has all but pledged to invade Iran. I'm not saying that Schiff is for an invasion, but it's quite clear which candidate would have a more positive impact on his portfolio. No doubt Obama is bad, and I would never vote for him, but when Romney is promising mass murder, you have to at least maintain your dignity and withhold your vote (or cast it for Johnson).

At some point we have to

At some point we have to start standing behind our ideas and principles, even if we are in the minority. Giving in to this lesser of two evils crap is falling for the trap that was set long ago. Peter probably knows better than this, but has some personal interest in supporting Romney. Still makes me sick though. Peter is one of the most rational minded people I've ever heard, but he also has no humility. I think that is his biggest weakness and could lead to me not trusting him in the future.

No way has Peter endorersed

No way has Peter endorersed Romney. Should we trust him less because he thinks one is slightly less evil than the other? NO. I'm sure if there's something we and Peter can both agree on, they're both Evil.

Did I say he endorsed him? I

Did I say he endorsed him? I said he is supporting him, and I gathered that from the video in this thread. The point im trying to make is we should be slamming Romney and Obama any chance we get. Peter is not doing that, he is giving in to lesser evil crap.

I'm done votin' for evil

I'm done votin' for evil Peter.. but I'd prob vote for you even if you *do* feel this way.

This also illustrates why we need to help GJ and change peoples minds.