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WOW: Transcript of missing FOX debate video here

Dr Paul's passionate statement on electability is here. Its power comes through even without video. Excerpt is followed by link to entire transcript. Thank you State of South Carolina! (UPDATE: I spent several hours reviewing the transcript while watching my DVR recording of the FIRST Fox News debate rebroadcast, right after the live debate, from Midnight-1:30 a.m. Jan 11 eastern (or til 2 if "analysis" is included). Results confirm the segment below is not on that rebroadcast, along with statements by other candidates. See "I think I figured out what happened" post below.

CAMERON: Congressman Paul, yet another question about electability.

Do you have any, sir? There's always the question as to whether or not...


... you are, in fact, viable. Your differences with the Republicans on the -- with the rest of the Republicans on this stage has raised questions about whether or not you can actually win the Republican nomination, sir.

PAUL: Well, we've only had two little primaries so far. So it's pretty premature to decide which one is going to be the candidate. But, you know, when you think about it, if you measured everything I've ever said, every vote I've ever taken against the Constitution, you know, I'm a strict constitutionalist.

Are you suggesting the Republicans should write me off because I'm a strict constitutionalist? I'm the most conservative member here. I have voted, you know, against more spending and waste in government than anybody else.


So you're suggesting that I'm not electable and the Republicans don't want me because I'm a strict fiscal conservative, because I believe in civil liberties? Why should we not be defending civil liberties and why should we not be talking about foreign policy that used to be the part of the Republican Party?

PAUL: Mr. Republican Robert Taft didn't even want us to be in NATO and you're saying now that we have to continue to borrow money from China to finance this empire that we can't afford?

Let me see if I get this right. We need to borrow $10 billion from China, and then we give it to Musharraf, who is a military dictator, who overthrew an elected government. And then we go to war, we lose all these lives promoting democracy in Iraq. I mean, what's going on here?


And you're saying that this isn't appealing to Republicans? Where did this come about? I think this is the Republican message. I defend the platform. It used to say we'd (inaudible) the Department of Education. It doesn't say that now.

We, as Republicans, went and doubled the size of the Department of Education, so where have we gone? I think we've lost our way. And then the insinuation that I am less Republican because of that?

HUME: Congressman, thank you very much.

We have to take one more break. We'll be right back, with one of the most contentious issues of the day. Stay tuned.
PS - Entire text above is on Page 19, for me at least

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sorry. I misposted

"Freedom is popular"
-Ron Paul

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

"Freedom is popular"
-Ron Paul

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

Ron Paul vs O'Reilly on YouTube - Comments won't post

I'm not sure where to post this exactly but I just spent about 45 minutes on You Tube watching various Ron Paul videos.

This one - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7JPvbVsDdY - where O'Reilly continually cuts off the good doctor irritated me so I posted a comment. I refreshed. It didn't show up. I reposted my comment, refreshed, again, nothing.

I then went to other videos and had no problem posting comments.

Has this ever happened to you?

RP's debate comments replayed in their entirity

Out here on the west coast Fox is replaying the debate and actually included the Dr.'s response to Chris Wallace's electability question. Looked to be the entire response. This just happened at 8:20 pm Pacific 1/13/08.

"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." --Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (2 Cranch) 137 (1803)

"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." --Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (2 Cranch) 137 (1803)

The reply was not

The question was wasnt asked by chris wallace it was asked by the other guy, carl camerron. Check again.

Ron Paul 2012

Not edited out...

I have it on Tivo and I remember him saying all of that.

Hmmm. My DVR shows different than your tivo. Have you looked?

I did -- went through my DVR recording of the entire rebroadcast that night and, with help from the transcript, found an obvious error. An erroneous repeating of Romney from near the start led to the deletion of Dr Paul's electability statement as well as longer comments by other candidates, at least on my recording:


If the electability statement is on your tivo, maybe your tivo is of the original live broadcast, not the rebroadcast that followed. Otherwise I can't explain the discrepency ... unless maybe time zones could make a difference. I'm eastern; how about you?

Prove it was missing in the first place

I don't believe it. This appears to be a hoax.

I have it on my DVR

If I could post it here I would. Any suggestions?

If you're worried about who I am, maybe try asking a Michigan supporter. I'm a retired broadcast journalist (17 years, California) who has been walking streets, parking lots and festivals in my native Detroit area for Ron Paul since July. I maxed out on my contribution to the campaign, so I just spent a small fortune on Michigan radio spots as posted elsewhere here (with a link to the on line broadcast if you want to confirm for yourself; some hours have two spots, some none live on line at www.wwj.com through Monday midnight). Joined 90+ others at Mackinac Island Conference to give Dr Paul an early publicity splash in Sep. I was blessed to have one-on-one time with him during a Detroit River tugboat cruise.

Last night I spent hours reviewing my DVR recording with the newly available transcript from the State of South Carolina. I know what's on my recording, and Dr Paul's electability statement is not -- along with several minutes of comments from other candidates. It is in the state's transcript but not my DVR recording of the Fox News debate rerun that ran immediately after the live debate.

I'm eastern time zone by the way. Don't know if that makes a difference but I'm just trying to make sense of this too.

I concur

I read a post on here that someone watched the re-airing and the clip was shown. So which is it? Did Fox cut it or not?

Best I have been able to figure out is...

the first reshowing had the end all screwed up and about the last 17 minutes or something were not shown. But as far as I've heard all the subsequent showings were correctly shown.

Alex Jones is going to have

Alex Jones is going to have a hay day with this one.

Let's Create Another News Organization to rivel Fox News

Dear Fox News,

I have written a letter yesterday expressing my concerns in regards to Fox New’s pressure towards www.Youtube.com in using copyrite infringements to delete Ron Paul’s response towards electibility as posed during the January 10th South Carolina Republican debates. I’ve discovered many sources which has expressed a question posed towards Dr. Paul’s electibility followed by snickers again to marginalize his voice and the nature by which this question is asked deplores the true character of your panel of interviewers. Let alone have we discovered that Fox News has deleted this segment from it’s replay of the debate and has moved to squash any information in the internet to hide from it’s incredulous actions that truly shows that Fox News and News Corporation is a destructive propaganda tool in our mass media culture.

Let it be known that we are all aware of your actions and in this email, I will reach nearly 20,000 people on my lists in sharing these deceptive practices and expose your network as a fraud. I encourage each and every person who works for Fox News to resign and save your reputations as I know that some of you are of good moral character and aware quite aware of these practices. We cannot afford to continue living by these charades as Dr. Paul is correct in his understanding of our looming economic crisis and has risked his own livelihood to express that we must unite and work together to fix our problems or face an even greater crisis that could paralyze our nation.

For those of you who are brave enough to stand up upon virtue, I know that we can utilize the ever-growing network of Ron Paul supporters to create another news organization that will compete quite well with News Corporation’s propaganda tool in Fox News. We are in times of great change and with Ron Paul’s organization growing by nearly thirty percent per month, his stock is rising compared to News Corporation’s recent 52-week low.


Wayne Kirk
WeDeclare.us News

redeye@foxnews.com; americasnewsroom@foxnews.com; Andrew.Napolitano@FOXNEWS.COM; Atlarge@foxnews.com; beltway@foxnews.com; Bigstory-weekend@foxnews.com; brian.knoblock@foxnews.com; Brit.Hume@foxnews.com; bullsandbears@foxnews.com; cash@foxnews.com; Cavuto@foxnews.com; colonelscorner@foxnews.com; david.asman@foxnews.com; Drmanny@foxnews.com; Fatherjonathan@foxnews.com; Feedback@foxnews.com; Fncimag@foxnews.com; Fncspecials@foxnews.com; FNS@foxnews.com; Forbes@foxnews.com; foxnewsonline@foxnews.com; Foxreport@foxnews.com; friends@foxnews.com; gretchen.carlson@foxnews.com; Hannity@foxnews.com; Hannityandcolmes@foxnews.com; Heartland@foxnews.com; Hemmer@foxnews.com; ian.rae@foxnews.com; Jamie@foxnews.com; jane.skinner@foxnews.com; JER@foxnews.com; john.moody@foxnews.com; kathy.ardleigh@foxnews.com; kilmeade@foxnews.com; Lineup@foxnews.com; Lisonlaw@foxnews.com; Martha@foxnews.com; Myword@foxnews.com; Newswatch@foxnews.com; Ontherecord@foxnews.com; Oreilly@foxnews.com; redeye@foxnews.com; shepard.smith@foxnews.com; Special@foxnews.com; steve.doocy@foxnews.com; Studiob@foxnews.com; thom.bird@foxnews.com; todd.ciganek@foxnews.com; viewerservices@foxnews.com; yourcomments@foxnews.com; yourwordlive@foxnews.com

Mr Cameron, AKA: Slimy Douchebag

This guy needs to be slapped, and slapped repeatedly. He has no respect for anyone, including himself. He takes his Gestapo marching orders from Murdoch, regardless of how ridiculous they are, and this one takes the cake for being one of the most ridiculous questions ever asked to a presidential candidate.

Faux News should be ashamed of itself, but that will never happen because they have no shame.

If they have their way, we will soon be living in Hitler Germany, Part Deux.


I watched the debate, and this WAS in the debate I watched. What are you saying it was cut from???

Lucky you for seeing it live!

On the night of the debate, if you saw it live, you saw everything as far as I know. Following the live "analysis" after the live debate, Fox News began to re-broadcast the debate, starting from the debate's beginning, at 11 p.m. eastern. The first hour of that first rebroadcast went fine, then the second hour got screwed up when an earlier debate segment was repeated in error. Dr Paul's passionate electability statement was left out -- along with even more video of the other candidates.

I posted on this at length earlier but it's already a little buried below. It's long, too, but it took several hours to figure out what I did & I wanted to be thorough in my writeup:


glenn beck

email the info to glenn beck

he seems to be cracking or at least he might seek some equity for us


It was cut from all subsequent re-broadcasts.... You'll never see it on Fox again, I'm sure.

Only a Fox Insider

...could make a statement like the above. Seriously, Freedom Train, I'd love to know just how you can be so certain.

I also (like the poster below) saw it in a rebroadcast. Seems to me that when the RP folks smell injustice and go after it with a barrage of emails etc, it is always important that they are right in believing they have been slighted. On the other hand, if it can easily be proven, in this case by Fox, that they over-reacted...WE, who are, RP are made to look very foolish.

So, Mr. Train (who has been with us over 6 weeks and only posted today) please help us understand how you know we will *never* see it again.


not true, i saw it in the repeat last night

Ron Paul 2008

Ron Paul 2008

Yes, I saw it Saturday night too

The clip was there.
I had a group with me, and I specifically turned it up louder for that clip.

It dropped a few jaws!
These were older women. Most had never heard of Paul. The others had minimal name recognition. They remember him now though.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

powerful = fearful = weak,

powerful = fearful = weak, what perfect illustration!

Transcript of just the deleted segment

This is easier to read through with link to video:

or digg it:

I updated it with this transcript link too, thanks.

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

Mr.Cameron, yet another

Mr.Cameron, yet another question about intelligence. Do you have any, sir?

Touche' ... YES, absolutely!

GREAT LINE...thanks iwontbackdown (neither will I)...

thousands of this emailed to Fauxnews would be kharmic ...

NC Unaffiliated Voter and bitter EX democrackkk

Debate statements are PUBLIC, not Private intellectual Rights

Most of the candidates have used debate clips in their commercials. Even though FOX hosted the debate, they did not write the candidates' responses. The responses belong to the candidates, not FOX.
That is why, after a debate on one cable network has aired, all the other networks may then air and analyze the debates. The exception was the ABC debate, which could not be re-aired until the next day, and that was only because ABC is a NETWORK broadcaster, and all the affiliates in all time-zones had to air the debate first, with the commercials that support said affiliate, before any clips became public domain.

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!


Hmmm I'm not so sure about that... Remember a few months ago when McCain aired a commercial containing his response during a debate, saying something about how he wasn't at woodstock because he was tied up at the time? His campaign got in trouble and had to pull the ad because of copyright infringement, if I remember correctly.

I think I figured out what happened

I recorded the Fox debate FIRST REbroadcast that started at Midnight on Jan 11 and continued until about 1:30 a.m. on the 11th, followed by a rebroadcast of Fox "analysis" til 2 a.m. (times just corrected by one hour/ed.) So I played it back, followed the transcript I printed, and hopefully figured out what happened that night. Presumably they got it right in the more recent rebroadcast but I didn't see it. The following corresponds to the 22 page State of SC transcript linked in the original post.

HOUR ONE went fine. On my DVR it went from script page 1 to 14, ending at the bottom of 14 with Ron Paul, following applause, saying "And I just don't see any purpose in not treating Israel in an adult fashion."

HOUR TWO picks up Dr Paul, still on page 14 discussing Israel; then Giuliani, Thompson and Brit Hume to commercial (spot) in the middle of page 15.

The problem begins after the commercial. Suddenly we are back looking at Mitt Romney saying "Absolutely not. Recessions hurt working families...." -- from the bottom of page 1! Just after the debate began! So the first hour repeats, until near the bottom of page 5, where McCain is cut off mid-sentence: "... what I'm saying when I say the bridge to nowhere" -- END, go to spot. After the spot we're suddenly on the second half of page 19, joining the post-commercial conclusion without ever hearing the pre-commercial comments on that page from Dr Paul -- the passionate and persuasive statement that started this thread.

But Dr. Paul's comments were not alone in their absence. Nothing from the middle of page 15 to the commercial break on 19 was carried in that first rebroadcast. Dr Paul's electability answer starts at the top of 19. In other words, it's about half a page. But for 3.5 pages before that, the sequence of speakers is Romney,McCain, Huckabee, Thompson, Huckabee, Giuliani, McCain, Huckabee.

Personally, as a retired broadcaster, I think someone at Fox pushed the wrong button after the first commercial in the second hour. I worked in radio, not TV, but hey, a button is a button! Over 17 years I pushed a couple of wrong ones, so I know it can and does happen. And wrong programs get aired as a result, whether buttons were pushed for automation or to launch a segment in real time. They all require buttons.

Whether the person who pushed the wrong button realized it right away, I don't know, but once discovered I assume panic ensued. The live show was over. Volunteers to announce the error and "make things right" might be a little hard to find. So I think they did what they did to make the time allowed work, and four pages of a 22 page script were left out.

The screw-up also may have led to the more recent rebroadcast, which I assume got it right.

Just my $.02

PS - (added Sunday p.m.) I see no evidence of conspiracy here. Repeat: Here (above stuff). I know such accidents happen, and to me, so much footage from other candidates also "disappeared" that if the conspiracy was targeting Dr Paul, they took out a lot of his competition too -- and much more of their time than his.

Then again I have yet to see the video, and I can't really judge the power of something I haven't seen. And the segment's disappearance from YouTube raises suspicion, of course; still not sure I understand that. But were the other segmets taken off YouTube, too (page 15 thru 18)? I don't know, haven't looked, but if someone else has, post away.

So -- even if I'm right about the wrong button being pushed, for now I'm leaving it to others to determine if that act was accidental or otherwise.

Legality of using this clip

How much of this video could be used in a Campaign commercial?

Obviously the clip belongs to Fox.
But what kind of legal hoops would HQ have to go through to use this video?
Copyright laws, etc..

I think this could be worked into a great campaign commercial.
I mentioned earlier that I showed the debate to some people today.
When this portion played again on Fox, you should have seen the reaction!!

I swear, I saw something click in one womans eyes. Like a light bulb went off! She said she knows who she's voting for now.

Can anyone help with my questions?

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

It is Ron Pauls Image

Ron Pauls image in a public forum e.g. national debate, so I would think he would be allowed to use the footage, otherwise I reckon it wouldn't be on youtube.

I agree, it would make a good ad, I can hear it now....HEAR RON PAULS RESPONSE THAT FOX EDITED OUT OF THE DEBATE WHEN IT WAS RE-AIRED.



Rudy's laugh is so rude and

Rudy's laugh is so rude and annoying. Ahh
Video btw:

are you in tune with the world around you