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Tom Mullen: The real story behind those Ron Paul delegates from Maine

TAMPA, September 2, 2012 – By the time of Marco Rubio’s speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC), rhetoric overload and sore feet had overcome any desire I had to listen. I sat down at a table in the corridor of the Tampa Bay Times Forum. A few minutes later, several young people sat in the other chairs.

One of them was wearing a tee shirt that read, “Texas Remembers the Alamo, and the Maine, and the Oklahoma, and the Louisiana, and the Oregon, and the Massachusetts.”

Those are the other five states in which Ron Paul had majorities one week before the RNC. Together with the three states he actually won (Iowa, Minnesota and Nevada) Ron Paul would have carried eight states had many of those delegates not been unseated at the last minute.

The man wearing the tee shirt was Chris Howe, Ron Paul supporter and alternate delegate from Texas. Rob Hinojosa was a guest and the graphic designer of the tee shirts.

One day before, both had marched out of the RNC along with the Maine delegation and an army Ron Paul’s other delegates chanting “As Maine goes, so goes the nation!”

Howe and Hinojosa went to work on their smart phones and in short order produced Ashley Ryan, 21, the youngest national committeewoman in the history of the Republican Party.

Ryan confirmed that Ron Paul did indeed still have 20 of the 24 delegates from Maine as of the day before the RNC. They had been ready for a fight since learning of a challenge to the delegation a month earlier.

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DNC delegate gets coverage for being kicked out on FOX. Where were they when Maine had to leave!

Please check this out Mainers..

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Question please

Why is Ron Paul entitled to the Maine delegates if Romney won the primary?

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"


Heavy Paul CountyPrimaries were cancelled by a Romney backer.

The Romney Backer Cancelled that counties caucus meetings by lying that a heavy snow was coming, so no caucuses. They were to caucus a week later. That nite the Romney GOP Maine chairman said the caucauses to be held a week later WOULD not be counted in. End of story. Paul was only 149 votes behind. So Paul got cheated out of a win in Maine. The vote was very close and so therefore why would not Paul have heavy delegate representatives ? In caucus states, the winner does not get all the delegates unless he was able to also get his people elected at each caucus as delegates for Maine. Romney failed on caucus nite to get enough delegates voted in to represent him at the conventions. Also, delegates are a CHECK to any cheating or fraud. If a candidate gets a zillion votes but only can scare up lets say 2 delegates, something is awry. If you understand mathematics, you will understand what I am trying to tell you. Good question.

is this a real question

In case this is a real question, congratulations on your return from your Mars mission. In the past year a lot of things have "changed" but everything stayed the same.

It's a *republican* primary. As in the electoral process, the primary voting is a straw poll. The real votes that count are from the delegates, selected by voting in the primaries. In some states the delegates are bound to the straw poll, in others, they are to vote for the candidate they think represents the platform and the values of the party for that state.

No one is entitled to anything. The process of voting, showing up, giving speeches and winning over hearts and minds is what gets you delegates.

Nuts to that, just break some fingers, flip some votes, use police force and own the media, you're entitled to it!

yes...the founders knew that

yes...the founders knew that the popular vote could be easily manipulated and the process corrupted. So the delegate selection process created is one of the hallmark differences between a Republic and a Democracy and it eliminates top down control...or rather it USED to. With Rule 12 and 16 now in place the "Republcan" Party is now an oxymoron. With these rules in place no local grassroots candidates will ever again have a voice or be elected President of the Unites States. There will never again be a brokered convention with the excitement of debates and votes and the cream of the crop rising to the top.

If these rules had been in place in 1976 Ronald Reagan would never have gained power in the GOP and never would have won the Presidency in 1980.

Never again will another like Ron Paul have a chance.

THAT is what we lost.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

If Romney won the primary as

If Romney won the primary as you describe, why didn't his supporters win the delegate elections?

Ron Paul is not entitled to the Maine delegates. The delegates who won their corresponding elections have free will to vote for whoever they so choose according to Maine GOP's state rules.

Ron Paul won the primary, Romney stole it

But even if Romney really did win the primary, that has no effect on who gets the delegates. Romney didn't have a big enough following in Maine to fight and win him a majority of delegates. It's easy to steal the vote. It's a bit more difficult to rig delegate counts.

Thank you MIssy!

EXACTLY!!! It is one of the reasons why the founders created a Republic not a Democracy!...but I have already explained this earlier in this thread.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Who controls the ME ballot line and Pres. electors?

Practically, there are only two questions left about Maine:

Who determines weather to put Rmoney or Paul on Maine's ballot line in November?

Will the Maine GOP's presidential electors vote for Rmoney or Paul in the electoral college if elected?

henry9's picture

As you probably know, the two eletors are RP supporters.

They will not have a choice to go RP unless he somehow gets on the ballot as third party. My best guess is either Gary or Mitt.

Sad (strange) days indeed!

I am advocating against the GOP at this point (but will be inside).

Maine has 4 Electoral votes.

According to the U.S. Constitution, these are the actual people who would vote for the President of the United States, the Electoral College. Under federal law, they cannot be coerced to vote for anyone. So if the GOP presidential electors win, regardless if Rmoney is listed as the GOP candidate or not, they are free to vote for Ron Paul in the actual vote for President in DECEMBER!

It gets less confusing if the Maine Republican Party puts Ron Paul on its ballot line instead of Rmoney. That would be better because it would underscore the point that Rmoney would not be a national candidate. Ultimately the Maine GOP will decide if it will recognize the result of the RNC as legitimate. I see nothing in the Maine GOP bylaws which require it to recognize Rmoney as its candidate for president.

A Nice Day To Fight For Liberty!

Lets get them redcoats...

Great article. I learned a

Great article. I learned a lot I didn't know. Thank you to the author and to the patriots from Maine for standing on principle! We are glad you didn't endorse Romney like Rand did.


corruption at its peak! S.O.B. Kiss My A## RNC!

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."