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The Kosher Tax most Americans dont know they're paying!


Just an FYI... some of you won't care, others will add it to their growing list of products to avoid for one reason or another. If you have the time, please read!

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Your name says it all

You poor ignorant child you.

Just FYI

I have been using this nickname before that singer was even born, and I do not intend to stop using it just because of that. Why are you such a hateful person?

Oh so you are a hate monger

And anyone who doesn't agree with your fantasy view of life is filled with hate. Like I said "You poor ignorant child you."

It is true...

...that some Kosher slaughterhouses have not been up to great standards. Technically some will argue they are not Kosher. The entire point of the throat slitting is to maximize the amount of blood which leaves the brain so the animal is knocked out and feels minimal pain. Much of Kosher law has to do with minimizing animal cruelty.

Additionally, this is not a tax.

I personally like to cite the Kosher system in the US as an example of how the free market can provide for high food safety standards.

Oh, but

Wikipedia informs me that the "kosher tax" is just an antisemitic canard. Right, and I guess the Orthodox Union has no involvement in American foreign policy either >:-(

how misleading is human language--

these Orthodox Jews are heroes--


Put Orthodox in front of something and *you* will not get the same result--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


somebody better get to work on that wiki about it being an 'antisemitic canard'.

"Antisemitic, white supremacist and other extremist organizations spread the canard or urban legend that the kosher certification of (typically food) products is an extra tax collected from unwitting consumers"

Well I'm not a 'white supremacist' and I don't belong to an extremist organization unless that's what they're calling the Republican party now-a-days, BUT it is a fee that I have been paying for and was an unwitting consumer!