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Creating Legislation Writings from the revolution

I had an Idea why not have the revolution start creating legislation for the people we get running for state and federal offices. This could be a way to create fired up grassroots platforms that our revolution can run alongside of the message for freedom and liberty.

American Freedom from Foreign oil Act

1.Oil imports

Reduce the amount imported in this country by 1 percent a month starting at 100 percent

If serious finance concerns arise a “Stop Loss” type order can be given by the house commerce committee in order to increase imports by 5 percent for a full business quarter

Only five of these such “Stop Loss” orders can be issues and no more can be created.

After the business quarter ends the Import reduction will start again at were the “Stop Loss” order was placed including the five percent added to the total percentage of imports.

2. Increase Production

For each year the annual decline of the imports of oil would equal 12%

Research, analysis and reports should be created in order to move forward plans of: Increasing domestic production

Identify non-food based biofuel's to reduce inflation of the food market and create sustainable American made fuels

American Made Fuel is not taxable!

3. Decreasing Tax breaks for oil Companies

Reducing tax breaks for oil company's by tying the breaks to the price of gas

If the gas prices go up the Taxes on the oil company's goes up.

However if the prices go down then tax credits go up for the companies.

Teal Me what you think and please help revise this so we can make a bill for Ron Paul to submit or for other representatives to submit or run on.

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great intent but Dr. Paul would not support this.....

Why try to come up with all the complex systems when it can be handled fine by the free market? In fact, statist intervention inherently causes distortions that lead to malinvestment. The second bad part about statist intervention is they have to claim certain powers to intervene in the first place, powers which are not in the Constitution.

back to the free markets and our prosperity will once again dwarf all other nations with oppressive statist intervention.....

but legislation about certain things might be healthy to put into the Constitution such as outlawing the public school system after a transition period.....

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul


If you start to mandate limits on oil how am I going to run my business?
I suggest removing all taxes on the oil companies.
This does not seem to be government's role.

Yeah, I guess your right...

I forget sometime that the market should decide....lol...Also I was bored and this was something that was in my head...thansk for the reply.