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Calling All Journalists! Write for a Startup News Site!

Hey all,

Recently, I started a news site with a couple of my friends. I am in school right now for journalism and will be graduating in the next couple years. The news site is just a free wordpress right now, but I hope to take it places and eventually form a news outlet.

The site is called Brief Wire News and we focus on writing short, concise articles about the news of the week. Due to time constraints of those involved, we only release stories on Saturdays, covering the biggest stories we saw that week.

If you take a look at the site, you'll notice that I have been covering a lot of the stories the MSM skips over. That is another one of my goals with the site: provide a great news site that covers stories that are important to those in the liberty movement and cover those stories objectively and fairly.

You'll also notice that we like pictures and comedy in our articles. We want our writing to be fairly professional and objective, but at the same time I realize that most people find news articles quite boring. Adding comedy and visuals to an article can help spice it up in order to attract people to reading it.

Right now, we are just a wordpress, but eventually I want to move into video and monetize the venture. If you would be interested in helping with this venture in any way, shape or form, please contact me using the email address below. If the site every takes off, those that sign on now would be in a good position to get a paid position. Right now though, it would just be volunteer writing.

Please include an introduction for yourself, applicable past experience, what you would want to do and, if possible, a writing sample. Thank you.

Contact: wampflerjm@gmail.com
(Topic should read: "Brief Wire Position")

Link to the site: http://briefwire.wordpress.com/

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