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Please donate to and vote for Roscoe Bartlett, US House of Representatives 6th District Maryland! He needs help!

Roscoe Bartlett is a good friend of Dr. Paul and has been in Ron Paul's liberty caucus. He is libertarian-leaning and a consistent fiscal conservative, who has voted against military spending. He has also voted against the PATRIOT act. He isn't perfect, but a good ally and one well worth keeping. Unfortunately, he is expected by some to lose his seat in the House of Representatives this year if he does not get more support. This is due to redistricting, which has made his congressional district much more liberal, which has lead to him polling below his Democratic rival.

Please donate to and promote Roscoe Bartlett so he keeps his seat!

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You can donate to Roscoe here:

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I had high hopes for ol' Roscoe

when he was first elected because of his avid opposition to NAFTA at the time. Didn't take him long to sell out. What a disappointment.

Not a dime:

I have known Roscoe for many years and while he has been pretty good in his voting record, he's still just another typical politician. He said he got in it for only two terms and has been there for something like ten. He voted for NDAA. He has made a fortune off of the backs of us "regular people" and should have retired years ago. His campaign managed to keep good younger people out that wouldn't have turned traitor and now the dems are trying to re-district him out. The whole rest of this lousy state has fallen to the socialists and I can't imagine the work it will take to bring it back to it's former glory. It will never happen sitting here next to the district of criminals. I say let them have it and let it burn.
I served him with a redress of grievances and was laughed at.
He will not ever get another dime from me to further his senile a$$ in stealing from me and everyone else in his district.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government