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Could Mitt Drop Out if he Loses Michigan?

I am so ready for one of these dopes to drop out.

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Michigan is just a click away

Guys stop fretting about Mitt and help Ron out in Michigan. Here is a link to major media outlets in Michigan:


Think about this: in here we are just patting ourselves on the back how we all love Ron Paul. But how many Michigan residents read DP? Not many. Why don't we spend some of our online time in the next few days there.

As an example, I set up an account with Detroit FreePress (takes about a minute) which will now allow me to comment on Detroit Free Press Articles and spread the message to its readers. Please follow me there or choose your own outlet for MI campaign. You can do it from your home. Let's not waste this opportunity. With Obama out of the picture, we can capture many Independents for Dr. Paul.

To become a registered user of Detroit FP, click here:


and then click on any article that has comments, click on Post Comment and then look for "set up your profile". Here is their election forum:


Come on, there are hundreds of readers in MI who need to learn about the true Ron Paul.

Romney has unlimited money

He bankrolls his entire campaign. He won't drop out until after super Tuesday. Rudy could lose Florida. Romney will probably lose Michigan to McCain. Fred might do well in South Carolina, but that state could go to McCain as well. I don't see SC or FL going for Romney.


and realized he's running for President at the Fox debate in SC, too little, too late, though I did enjoy watching him mess with Huckaboo!
I just don't see ANY Julieannie support here in FL; NO meetups that I know of (RP has TONS!) and I heard that last month Julie rented the Tampa Convention Center (BIG PLACE) and only about 50 people showed up; our Meetup groups were all out in force waving signs on every street corner and people were waving and honking and people throwing their business cards to them as them passed by!
Florida also has a large Evangical Christian base, so we MUST preach to the choir here! I wish RP would come down here, it is a Big state with a LOT of delegates and I haven't seen ANY RP television advertising here. Our CLOSED primary is on Jan. 29th.
I have seen TONS of RP signs all over the place though, and no others, but I'm about 30 miles north of Tampa Bay and Clearwater.

"If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security."
-Samuel Adams-

I don't see him dropping out

I don't see him dropping out until after Super Tuesday. He's got the loot and he's received the most votes (in total).

JulieAnnie and Law&Order could drop since they are broke.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
Thomas Jefferson

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
Thomas Jefferson


Mitt has some cash, mostly his own.......Rudy may be forced to drop out

would be nice...

but he does have the bucks to keep going. However, losing Michigan would look really bad and with all that high-powered executive finance type CEO background, at some point, you have to stop throwing good money after bad. If he's not getting enough results, that is delegates, then it stops making sense to continue.

I don't think he'll forget that delegates are the name of the game.

I think it's much more likely Guliani will drop out soon.

I don't hear anything about Duncan Hunter. Is he still in?

Absolutely. He's already

Absolutely. He's already telegraphing that is likely to happen. He's pulling his money and funds from South Carolina and Florida, and making his last Stand in Michigan.

I predict that If he looses Michigan even second place (unless it's within a percentage point) He will drop out.

He's down South Carolina, He's down in Florida and not really sure about the super tuesday states.

Thompson has to come in top two in South Carolina in order to stick around so he will be gone.

Theoretically by Florida it could be Between McCain, Huckabee, Guliani, and Paul.

I beleive that if Huckabee looses both South Carolina and Florida he will be gone by Super Tuesday.

leaving a moneyless Giuliani, a poor McCain, and a "wealthy Paul to compete in Super Tuesday.

Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice.

NO, I doubt he would drop out. He is not that far behind.

and he has lots of money.