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matlarson10: Thoughts From After The Ron Paul 3rd Party TeleConference

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I had no intentions ever voting for Gary Johnson,

but if he can convince Ron Paul as VP I am in for Gary Johnson. The Federal Reserves 100 year reign of power would end if Ron Paul ever gets in the White House. The FED is the problem with all that ails this Country, and I don't care who ends the reign of terror.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Let's do it! Where do I send my donation?


Has anyone here been to GJ website?

he already has a vice president .... Jm Gray ....

I am voting for Gary Johnson ....

Ron Paul will not want to continue on with anymore of this political nonsense .... he will encourage the public to vote third party (most likely tomorrow on Leno) at very least he will remind the public that there are third party candidates - not just the 2.

www.garyjohnson2012.com should some need to see what is actually going on there.

Not necessarily

If we give credence to the idea that Ron Paul does not want to undermine Rand's political maneuverings to influence the direction of the GOP, I do not see Ron Paul outrightly suggesting the American public vote third party. What's possible perhaps is him demanding that third parties be included in the presidential debates. He has the influence and credibility at this point to say that on the matters that he has fought for during his tenure in politics, neither major party has shown a willingness to debate and distinguish themselves. Therefore it is incumbent on third parties to bring these issues into the debates and pressure the major parties to address them.

Matt Larson, you are a credit to the Liberty movement!

I'm behind you and think every true lover of Liberty is too. An LP Johnson/ Paul ticket would be incredibly powerful. It is a huge ask of the good doctor as he has given so much already. But I think all of us are hoping and praying that he will consider it and ultimately go for it. It represents I believe a huge confounding of the expectations of the evil forces of Romney/ Obama et al. One exciting result even of the discussion of it is the rabid and hysterical flood of disinformation threads and comments on this site, saying anything to get us to drop the idea! I've never seen anything like it! I think we are hitting paydirt!

"Evil has no power if the good are unafraid" - Ronald Reagan

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The consistent illogic of dwalters on Mat Larson...


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.



i can stay in the republican party

and still vote for rp/gj or (v/versa)


At this point i'd do anything to have Ron on the ballot.

I don't think everyone here understands that this might very well be our last election chance at just about anything. With an impending total financial collapse, this could very well be our LAST chance. Everyone here needs to wake up and smell the roses and realize exactly how dire the situation is.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

As VP, he would be president of the Senate.

No more obstruction of Audit the Fed. This may be what's tempting him.

The Senate Majority Leader has to allow the vote...

the VP doesn't have a say about that.

In a 50-50 tie, the VP has the tiebreaking vote

Audit the Fed would be the most famous tie break in history.

In fact, Ron Paul could be the very first person to cast votes in both houses of Congress to pass the same bill. He would unquestionably become the best American statesman of all time.

However the reality of the matter would be those bought Senators could filibuster the bill if in fact it was that close.

What an insult

This is as desperate as the GOP.

First most Libertarians didn't want REPUBLICAN GJ. GJ took 21 votes out of 71 LP votes in my county primary.

LP has NO central committee in my county, that means no voice, no choice on the ballot.. just what the Dem Party and GOP give them. Why would you disenfanchise the liberty movemnt?

You post a picture of Ron Paul and ten tell us he'll be GJs VP.

This is more of the misleading that goes on in Ron Paul's name.

Do you think Ron Paul is going to abandon the RepubliCAN delegates and Central Committee seats he convinced to join the GOP? What kind of principle is that, to abandon those who did what you asked, and then leave them for those who did not?

How much you being paid Matt? You working for the 10 fat men now? They want us OUT of the party with POEWER and so do you?

Dude, you need to get out of

Dude, you need to get out of the idea of political parties. Political parties are nothing but mobs. We are trying to change the system that was caused by both parties. Some of the founders like George Washington were against having political parties. It's tradition that keeps people in certain parties because of what their parents were and what not, just like religion. We can work outside of the GOP too, we shouldn't be limited to it!

No one says you have to leave the Republican party

Liberty principles can and should exist across party lines.

I don't agree

What you are suggesting is that instead of becomming a majority in one party that has a lot of power, the message becomes a minority in many parties, so it is easier for the majorities in every party to dilute it and render it worthless.

But the message of liberty IS the Libertarian Party

There's no effort required to change it. With Ron Paul on the ticket it's popularity is guaranteed to grow quickly. What 3rd party candidate has ever been as popular as Ron Paul?

The Republican party has made it clear they're not interested in liberty. It will take years to change. I'm not suggesting we stop trying, but we have a unique chance to continue spreading the message through Ron Paul via the LP.

In Your FACE, adversity!


Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

I don't see this as a choice, WE MUST DO THIS!

"was it over when the germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" -Blutarski

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

Paul/Johnson, that ticket would win

A Paul/Johnson ticket would be a huge game changer, never has there been a time when so many people have been so disappointed in their choice of candidates. Independents, internet savvy young people, disenfranchised Democrats, old school Republicans, evangelicals, and don't forget the protest vote, in a three way split all you need mathematically is 34%. A Paul/Johnson ticket could win and the promotion of the cause of liberty would be huge.

The ticket would have more chances of success if Paul was at the top, he has much more name recognition than Johnson and is the father of the liberty movement. I would think Johnson and the Libertarians would have no problem with that, it gives them a good shot at winning.

How do you think a Paul/Johnson ticket could win

when most states have Sore Loser Laws preventing his name from appearing on the ballot for the presidential slot?

He can run as VP

As far as I know the sore loser law applies to the same position. So RP cant run for President
but can for VP

I have heard about sore loser laws

And I have read it on here also, debated both ways, some say they apply and some say they don't. Gary Johnson was a candidate for the Republican party as was Ron Paul, how is it Gary Johnson can be on the LP ticket but RP can't? Also RP was asked numerous times if he would run third party, why did he not simply say, I can't because of sore loser laws? How many states have these laws? I am not sure a state can make a law that over rides the constitution in a federal election. I just don't know, but would like to.

Johnson didn't run for president in the GOP in this cycle.

That's what matters. Ron was in the primary on every state GOP ballot.

Quit entertaining ideas in which Ron has no interest.

This draft Ron, or force Ron, cult has got to go. Ron wants a reformed GOP. That's all.

As much as I want to see the GOP reformed, the Duopoly...

corruption is so entrenched and DEEP through the decades, change and reform is not an overnight affair...to say the very least. For as long as I intend to stay as GOP and want to see it reformed for as long as I live, I think the country does not have the time to wait to see that happen. Time is of the essence, if this country has to survive it's collapse. Therefore I am and will be voting for Libertarian this time around. The message of Liberty must be enthroned back to the highest level of office. Even if to attain that by Ron Paul as VP for the Libertarian Party, then so be it. Matt Larson is right.


I don't see Ron setting up good people to do his work in the GOP to abandon those who didn't do what he asked all of us to do.

No one will slap you on the

No one will slap you on the back for doing something you wanted to do on your own. Just be satisfied in whatever you've chosen to spend your time on.

There you go again

downing everything in 20 words or less.
Explain yourself with some supporting facts, or take your put-downs somewhere else.

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