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Stop pushing Ron Paul for VEEP. He won't do it. But he may run for POTUS. It's still possible. Don't be deterred.

Despite comments from Doug Wead, we now have two sources who have personally spoken to Ron about running as the LP candidate. According to both sources Ron did not completely shoot down the idea.

However, people need to stop pushing Ron as VEEP. He is not going to do that, nor does he have to. The folks pushing this idea are misinformed about sore loser laws. They do not apply here, except in Michigan (where Johnson is already not on the ballot) and less than 4-5 other states. We are voting for electors, not for an actual candidate.

Ron Paul has indicated that he could be drafted if he thought he had enough grassroots and financial support. Gary has indicated, previously, that he would step aside for Ron.

We have stop pushing the dumb idea of Ron for VEEP and call and write Ron, Gary, and the LP and tell them we want RON.

Also, its important to let Ron know you will not be leaving the Republican Party, but would vote for him as the LP nominee. We also have to let Ron know we understand Rand has to do his thing for Romney, and no hard feelings from us. Ron is listening and pondering, let's let him know we are on board.

All the contact info for Ron, Gary, and all the leadership at the LP can be found on this thread.


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In order for him to run as a VEEP there would have to be someone

above his caliber, and there is no one even close.


Johnson and LP should take first steps

Johnson and LP should take first steps to demonstrate approval.

It would seem reasonable that if Johnson was 100% behind this idea that he must make a formal statement offering his spot on the LP ticket should his party support the idea, et cetera, et cetera... A combined LP leadership and Johnson statement would be even better as time is of the essence if this is to be a smooth and effective launch of the new campaign.

I listened to Evan's entire conference call and the consensus seems to be, stay in the GOP and work to get Paul on the LP ticket so Liberty supporters will have a candidate for President to vote for in 2012 as they continue the work of taking over the GOP at all levels over the longer term.

This seems reasonable. Some concerns were raised about newly successful liberty appointees and candidates in the GOP caused some potential blow back from party line supporters that may see this as an affront to their idea of strict party loyalty.

Hopefully this will become an opportunity for our new Liberty reps., to exercise their political acumen and use it as a teachable moment for the liberty movement to effect their colleagues and potential constituents within the GOP rank and file.

I have personally looked at these questions and will support this effort and have added my name to the list of supporters at http://www.ronpaul2012.net/

I have also posted two posts that link to each other here that may help you with a bit of history and a few definitions not always clearly communicated.


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dont let the lp fool you

the want , and need us - the constitution party is as much a contendor sa them, and are both fighting to be on all 50. the LP needs to wak up and realize johnson doesnt win w/ out us, or as president, he cant debate romneybama like dr paul. fact. he doesnt have the namesake. fact. dont be selfish LP. PAUL/JOHNSON and the LP will have a future. otherwise u wont. fact.and for the record. i dont know evan from alaska, but i love him. sick of the haters.


He isn't going to run for POTUS.

There is no time to file for it, get any ballot access, or anything else in the remaining 60 days before the national elections.

We'll see what Dr. Paul says on Jay Leno, but it isn't going to be "I'm running Independent for President" or "Gary Johnson is stepping down, and I'm running for President on the Libertarian ticket."

Veep MIGHT be doable under party bylaws. Although even that is probably too much to hope for at this late date.

Support the Constitution of the United States

They are already asking for donations for Johnson-Paul

This could be a Johnson scam, just like I was thinking. The guy is smarmy. I don't trust him.
I will wait to see what Dr. Paul says. I did sign the petition for him to run third party, and I will call his offices, but I won't encourage nor discourage him about the Johnson/Paul ticket.

You have that backwards

I wouldn't support a Johnson Pres and Ron as VP........... No way. The LP party wouldn't want that either, there go the votes! No one is going to shell out the big bucks for GJ. He has a small following, a lot of Canadians who can't vote or give money. Don't agree with his ideas and flip flops a lot. Having him at the top of the ticket would nullify any importance of RP being on it! Wonder if we would get all his reckless debt if this happens. GJ couldn't carry Ron's shoes much less attempt to wear them. No way will GJ be the top of the ticket! Don't think many would go along with supporting that line up with their cash! The LP party knows better too. A non issue


I will not support a

I will not support a Johnson/Paul ticket. It's pointless.

I don't think Ron would ever take a VEEP spot anyway. However, he did not shoot down the idea of running for POTUS completely.

We have to be united in letting Ron know we support him for POTUS.

Ron has endorsed only 3 people since 1976. Ronald Reagan, Pat Buchanan, and Chuck Baldwin. Johnson is nowhere near any of them. However, I think Ron could run with Johnson as VEEP, since in the LP the nominee does not select his own VP anyway.

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