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The Way Forward.

With all Respect for those pushing Ron Paul to Run for V.P. of the Libertarian pary or INDY I salute all of you....BUT...the idea of Ron Paul now running for V.P. is a BIG let down.

And to Run INDY we would need at least $150 MILLION Bucks and we still wouldnt have enough TIME to get online in EVERY State.

So...after giving a listen to Mr. Alaskas call and thinking about The Way forward I would like to suggest we get behind Ron Paul running for the Senate. (...and of course refuse to support either of the BANKSTER Puppets Running in Demo-publican party.

Why run for Senate? Good question.

1) It would allow Ron Paul to stay in the Game. (Look in his eyes and see that fire...He wants to STAY IN THE GAME!)
2) It allows us to keep our most important VOICE OF LIBERTY and keep the movement Going and GROWING !
3) It would allow us to GROW without ticking off YOUR GRANDPARENTS who have been in the GOP their entire lives and who NEVER get on the NET because their TV "news" tells them its "bad".(unlike a Run for VP that they would see as "Treason" and talked about over and over again on FOXNEWS)
4) Its something that could actually Pull off-----it only takes $7 Million to run a State Senate run----WE COULD ACTUALLY FUND THAT---with like 2 or 3 little Money Bombs !
5) It would be a spring board for Dr. Paul IF he would be willing to run again in 2016 (....and NO Hes NOT "to old"...How old was McCain last time???)

.....Anyway IMHO this is the Way Forward.

We toss 1000% behind a Ron Paul becoming SENATOR RON PAUL and on the D.L. Support Gary Johnson (or any other LIBERTY Minded choice) in 2012---that will be PAYBACK for acting like mafia thugs at the RNC and the last 2 election cycles!)

As the end of the day we probably end up with Obama Again ( eeeeek!) but in reality not any different than Romney-----and a New Senator in Iowa/NH/Minnesota/NV/CO or where ever named Dr. Ron Paul (the FRONT RUNNER for the GOP in 2016) working with his SON in the US Senate.

And rather than pushing the Man to run as VP and probably lose----we could call the good Doctor and say "Sir we will get behind you...FUND YOU VERY WELL...and you may well actually WIN".

that would get Dr. Paul fired up....FIRED UP !!

Lets DO IT----Ron Paul for Senate (.Hey RNC "we're Baaaaack !(LOL!)

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Not a terrible idea but your

Not a terrible idea but your #1 point is better achieved a different way.

News show producers need ratings or they get fired, I know some personally. Notice what Peter Schiff said in the recent Tom Mullen interview; after he declared his Senate candidacy there was a media blackout as far as news show invitations. That's because they must treat candidates different than pundits or celebrities. Schiff gets ratings, news producers are quite aware his "Schiff was right" video went viral, but Ron Paul dwarfs Schiff's draw.

As a non-candidate in the news dearth period that is post-November 2012, Ron could appear hundreds of times over the next 2 years, and not answering stupid or insulting questions about 3rd parties or newsletters but in promoting his ideas, weaving in current news developments into his explanations of why laissez faire economics and a humble foreign policy are the better path for America. These two presidential runs have cemented Ron not only as the adored figure of an activist movement, but as news-show gold and dare I say, the latter is better at converting sheeple.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.


Just wanted to BUMP this up and see what your good people think.