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Ron Paul: The last Republican challenger

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 4, 2012 — The Republican National Convention has officially come to a close, and Mitt Romney stands as the Republican nominee. Along the way, many bore witness to party efforts designed to ensure that there was no protest or dissent at the convention, with shenanigans specifically aimed at the Ron Paul delegates.

Throughout the convention, unsavory tactics were employed against the Paulian delegates, and new rules implemented. Love or hate the Paul ideology, the new rules imposed by the GOP have terrible implications not just for Ron Paul supporters, but for all future anti-establishment candidates that seek to modify, enhance, or “cast a wider net” for the Republican Party.


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Did you say Challenger?

My Car addicted mind immediately thoght of Kowalski...
A 'fringe' libertarian?

Interrupting Carter w/ Lenny and Squiggy...

Why merely say 'bump'?

It's like the elite

keep doing more and more brazen things wondering if there is ANYTHING they can do that will outrage the brain dead public. I mean seriously, with the passage of the NDAA, and the blatent rigging of the RNC and the elections in general...the elites must be thinking to themselves WTF?

Surely the mindless masses KNOW Washington and London are the main players in the international drug trade.

Surely the mindless masses KNOW TPTB are LITTERALLY printing themselves trillions of dollars of cash that they are using to support their lavish lifestyles and to buy up all the worlds resources.

Surely the mindless masses KNOW that our rulers can murder, steal, lie, cheat, and do ANYTHING they want without being held accountable.

Surely the mindless masses KNOW that TPTB run a global pedophile ring.

Apparently in 2001 the global elite became SO CONVINCED that there was litterally NOTHING they could not get away with....that they decided to get really bold and crash planes into buildings in broad daylight...blew up buildings, claim that all 4 planes vaporized, etc.

Currently they just keep stealing money from the unborn and using our tax dollars to surround "we the people" with a paramilitary police state...and nobody notices...nobody cares.

For those of us who have finally woken up, It's STUNNING to see just how propagandized the minds of the masses have become.

Its just one bold faced lie after another and it appears that most of the sheeple in this country won't wake up until they are being loaded on the cattle cars headed for a FEMA camp. I can just see it now. All the people I have been trying to wake up will be looking at me as we are riding off handcuffed to our seats in the box cars...and saying "you know, this just doesn't seem right? I wonder why we are being rounded up like common criminals? Oh well, I'm sure it's for our own good...to keep us safe.

Normally when we get to say "I told you so" it's gives us a good feeling of vindication...but for some reason I don't think the "I told you so" is going to be worth a damn as we are all being lined up and shoved into ovens...in a manner of speaking. I don't really think we are going to be exterminated at concentration camps...but for me to even be able to use that as a conceptual metaphor is beyond bizarre if you aske me.

the mindless masses

know nothing more than the tv tells them.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

This is a great article about Dr. Paul.

Well worth reading.


Bump worthy

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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