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Romney RNC Rule Changes; Here's Why:

Think about this; why did the Romney people push for those rule changes? It really did not help them this election cycle. So what could the reasoning be? I believe it's quite simple. Romeny is hoping to become the next president (obviously) but he must be planning on doing something so vile that he is afraid of being primaried in 2016 by the grassroots. The change to the RNC rules effectively eliminated any hope of a Romney being challenged/primaried or embarassed in 2016 (assuming he wins in November). The Palin people, the Paul people, and any other grassroots group are basically excluded from having delegates and having any chance of challenging Romney or raising a voice of dissent.

So what is Romney planning that is so bad he is afraid of being primaried in 2016? Not repealing Obamacare? Going to war with Iran? Abusing Executive Power even more than Obama? Who knows. One things for sure, Romney doesn't want to be bothered by the grassroots people anytime soon.

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The GOP was NEVER about the little guy.

They were never conservative.

They were ALWAYS the establishment.

They learned to give lip service to conservative and libertarian principles to get elected, but they never governed that way.

Two notable exceptions, and then not 100%, are Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan.

The establishment didn't like them either.

They've now managed to seal that door shut.

There is some research (though not verified that I know of) that the early GOP in the 1840s was heavily funded and promoted by what would eventually become the communists of Europe. It was the GOP that was "progressive" in the 1800s, not the Democrats, they succumbed later.

The Whigs weren't a great party, but they were the last conservative party on the stage that really governed that way. Sadly, they held onto slavery instead of realizing it was on the way out already and so they went right out the door along with it.

As I have indicated in other posts...

I believe that Romney is the perfect operative to fulfil the oligarchy's plans to collapse the world economy, destroy the dollar to prepare the way for a new world reserve currency, turn the Middle East, especially israel into a glass parking lot and set religious groups and atheists at one another's throats in a global bloodbath.

This has all been described in Albert Pike's letter that was revealed in 1897. So far everything he detailed in that letter has come to pass.

Personally I believe they will be cut short. Only part of their final plan will prevail. The rest will fail.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

The rules were changed to

The rules were changed to keep the riff raff out. The elites don't want us in the GOP except as supporters of whichever candidates they put forth as acceptable. They certainly don't want the grass roots deciding who is acceptable.

Because they control the media, and they have the money and influence, they can define the boundaries of acceptability and essentially herd us into one or another acceptable candidate.

RP, obviously, is unacceptable to the elite.

The elite have always done this, with the web it's just easier to now see. Keeping the web open is critical to our eventual success.

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Romney knew all along that the election process would be rigged

in his favor. Remember just before the Iowa caucuses when everyone was predicting a Ron Paul win, but Romney stated "Ron Paul won't win" with that confident, arrogant smirk on his face? Well, they stole the vote right out in the open with impunity. The delegate process has been a bit more tricky for them, and a bit embarassing...how can Romney win the vote, but RP win all the delegates in some cases??? It exposes their fraud. The last minute rule change in effect has rigged that part of the process too. Of course Romney wants to win and get a second term as well, but this isn't really just for him. It's to be utilized as a tool to prevent any non-establishment candidate from ever again having any chance of winning.


Rmoney, like all the puppets, has little to do with the management of the campaign or, for that matter, anything else.

See, these types of folks arn't really capable of that much, that's why they are hollow inside. Their hollow so when the big guy comes over he can cram his hand up and move their mouths.

Sure look real huh? I saw this one show once where there were two of these puppets and they each had sticks and kept bonking each other on the head. It went on for hours and hours and everyone laughed and laughed the whole day long. It was great fun.

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What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

The bigger picture

is that there is a Koch brother, et al, agenda in progress here...

'The new rules will lead to a situation in which professional campaign consultants — and not grassroots activists — dominate the delegate selection process. Candidates aren’t going to be picking the delegates in 2016. It is going to be consultants or some staffers in each of these states. If you don’t know the right consultant or the right guy, you’re not going to be a delegate. If you’re not a major donor, you’re not going to be [or choose] a delegate. Who’s going to win and lose in that process?

“I think what we have here is a group of Beltway insiders and consultants who got off their leash, and now the campaign is going to have to mop up,” says Drew McKissick, a South Carolina delegate and member of the party rules committee who supported Romney in 2008 and again this year.'


What this says to me is that major donors, such as the Koch brothers, et al, may be picking our delegates - and ultimately our representatives - in the future. Who needs (the soon to be defunct) ALEC (the organization made up of unelected major money players who have been writing much of our recent legislation), when our future elected representatives can write legislation to the tune of these SAME unelected major money players' whims?


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Is it possible for you to make a post without mentioning

the Koch brothers?

That is completely obvious.

Except to the delegates in Tampa who supported romney.

What goes around, comes around. But they won't like it when it hits them in the a$$. In 2016, those same delegates who may change their mind about who they supported will be wondering what the he|| happened.

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Exactly, the rule changes are for 2016

Rarely is A president more popular than when he is first running for election. It seems most people voted for Romney because they were told he could beat Obama, so Romney does not have any real deep support. Looking to 2016 he must know he will have even less support, so he is just eliminating any grassroots competition he would have from the liberty movement.

sound reasoning--


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