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If the establishment runs us over in broad daylight when they need our votes just wait

until the GOP rises to power again. If Romney wins that will provide 12 more years of absolute control for the establishment. I say we vote together for the candidate least likely to reserve a spot for us at a FEMA camp.
I saw the way things were handled in Iowa and many tried to sound the alarm that the fix was in...especially on this site, but there was too much blind confidence in Ron Paul's campaign management.
Now people are beginning to come to realize what many have known.... when you play by RNC rules, even when you win.....you lose.
The establishment GOP should have been hammered hard and hammered often for every misconduct as it happened this nomination process. Instead Paul's campaign was obsessed with their electability image, they were publicly silent while free minded people took up their own crusades to right the wrongs of this nominatin process.
Many of us were wondering this whole time who was more important to Paul's campaign ...the people who wandered city streets trying to stick Ron Paul signs in the frozen ground in sub zero weather or all the power brokers in the RNC that are laughing their pork bellies off at us right now.
Nice strategy...use us supporters to get into the lobby then as soon as the campaign gets noticed they are too busy kissing rings to pay us any attention to us...except to remind us to play nice before we are seated or they may not let us in. BRILLIANT!
A campaign based on individual liberty... but they did not defend those of us who donated hard earned money and precious time when they saw us covered in blood and tire tracks from the establishment.
All you Jesse Benton lovers who encouraged us to to play along, you are probably falling all over yourselves to jump on Mitt Romney's bandwagon. Your conversations are on this website, archived for all of us to see.
I want to send a message that voter fraud will not be tolerated to Mitt Romney and if I have to vote for Obama to give liberty a chance in four years I will do it unless anyone else has a better idea...I have never made a protest vote ....but "there must be some kind of way out of here".