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Letting Gary Johnson Debate Is A Freedom Of Speech Issue! All RP Supporters Should Help Fight For Free Speech...

I think the single most important thing we can do to break this 2 party system is to call out those who wish to censor candidates like Gary Johnson and Ron Paul before him. I made a short video explaining why this is a FREEDOM OF SPEECH issue, check it out and share on your social networks if you agree! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laUXJg9ViNg Thank you!

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Re funding of presidential debates, look what I just found

Why does this not surprise me? They're funded by corporations. What part of American life do corporations not have their tentacles around? http://www.nvri.org/about/challenge2.shtml

This isn't about free enterprise. I support free enterprise. It's about this country not having its priorities straight. The founders no more wanted those whose rights come from their Creator to be oppressed by corporations than by government. http://brainwash.webguerillas.de/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/...

- Culture Jam, by Kalle Lasn
- Short article on the history of corporations

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It's not a freedom of Speech issue...

Private organizations like CNN and FOX can have whoever they want on their programs to debate. I want Johnson in there debating them for sure, but this is not a freedom of speech issue, let's be honest.

Respectfully Disagree

It is not the private organizations making the decision though, they are just airing the content. The Commission on Presidential Debates was formed by the two parties (its government created, not private company) and actively works to intentionally exclude candidates who have qualified for the necessary ballot access. In my view this is restricting speech, and therefore I DO believe it is a freedom of speech issue.

Our forefathers fought for freedom on the battlefield. Our generation will fight for freedom by educating the electorate. I rant on the web. I am a Virtual Soldier.


a voice representing liberty in the debates.

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The ONLY way that would have happened was if

Ron Paul would have stepped into the Libertarian Party Presidential ticket.

Johnson has zip influence, period.

Johnson in 2010

I remember everyone loved Gary Johnson before about 2010. Republican party faithful would point to him as the best example of what a true conservative could do. What happened since then?

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

Please sign the petition

jeff.j.otoole, consider adding this petition to your post: http://wh.gov/jLhR

Whether a supporter of Gary Johnson or not, I would assume everyone here would at least be supportive of more voices in the presidential debates. While I don't get my hopes up for any petition I sign, it's still at least worth a shot: http://wh.gov/jLhR It's a petition someone put on the White House website to let Gary Johnson and Jill Stein into the debates. Please just take a minute to sign it and share it!



Our forefathers fought for freedom on the battlefield. Our generation will fight for freedom by educating the electorate. I rant on the web. I am a Virtual Soldier.



His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

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Thank you.

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