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Obama is better than Romney On...

Well...he didn't close Gitmo, he's still in Afghanistan, he signed NDAA and has generally failed to rein in the march to a police state and domestic "militarization."

But, at least he has not permitted Israel to force all of us into WWIII by attacking Iran. In my view, this is an enormous achievement on its own, and worth crediting to the "positive" Obama side of the ledger.

Read this one: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4276276,00.html

So it appears that Obama is at least managing to hold back that ill-advised insanity. Stopping war accomplishes two things that we Paulians want: no more war (duh) and the SPENDING associated with war.

On the other side, we have Romney -- who will most certainly roll over to Israel (recent trip anyone?) and permit the neo-con military industrial complex to pursue the next aggression that could end all aggression by virtue of almost certain global destruction.

Read this one: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/08/27/army-answerable-for-...

If they really force me to pick between Obama and Romney, I might have to go with Obama on this tenuous difference alone.

I've heard that Johnson is more pro-Iranian intervention than Obama appears to be. I have not looked closely at Johnson on this ... who can tell me what his position is and how you would evaluate him compared to Obama?

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From what I've seen he

From what I've seen he doesn't bend the truth as much as Romney either.

Romney and Ryan were meant for each other with all their fact-twisting tactics

we need to stay out of Iran

Obama is just doing what lefties do.
After all, us libertarians are now wearing the blood and tire tracks caused by the GOP. The established right really needs to be put in check.