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Libertarian Party Chairman: Ron Paul on LP ticket would be "difficult"

As soon as Mitt Romney officially became the Republican presidential nominee last week in Tampa, many of Ron Paul's supporters began to ponder the possibility of him pursuing a third party run for the presidency. With Paul scheduled to make an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday, rumors of a third party announcement have spread across the blogosphere; citing the Libertarian Party's ballot access, many have suggested the idea of Paul running on the ticket alongside presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

However, in an email to members of the Libertarian National Committee, Libertarian Party chairman Geoffrey Neale explains the several obstacles...


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Just Posted this on the Article, Thoughts?

I think a great move by Ron Paul would be to endorse Gary Johnson, and in response have Johnson promise to appoint Dr. Paul as Head Chair of the Federal Reserve. This would be huge, as we all know the person that runs the FED arguably has more Power than the President himself. Being a Ron Paul supporter I would, and I think many others would jump on board a GJ ticket in flash if these conditions were met.


Doesn't spell "Impossible!"

Paul/Johnson 2012!

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Was just going to post the same thing.

Great minds think alike!

voting for principle....

For 30 years is difficult LP. Do it now

They should not alter the ticket if it risks any ballot access

Johnson can always announce that he will appoint Paul to a key cabinet position like Treasury Secretary. If Ron Paul endorses the LP ticket in any way, shape or form, we should all vote LP, no matter what names are on the ticket.

Johnson said he was open to that...

earlier this year.

It was in an interview that I just saw yesterday. I'll try and find it again if needed.

If Gary and Judge Gray step

If Gary and Judge Gray step aside, as they have previously indicated a willingness to do, they would have no choice but to select another candidate. Nobody has ever suggested that the LP just dump their ticket. What has been suggested is that Johnson and Gray resign so that the ticket can be replaced with Paul/Johnson.

The democrats have not even renominated Obama yet. There is still time, though very, very little time.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

OR Maybe

We could start putting our energy into Gary Johnson.

There are just as many Paul

There are just as many Paul supporters who cannot vote for Johnson as there are those who will.

I CANNOT vote for Johnson at the top of any ticket and retain a clear conscience. That's why the swap is so important if we are to have a viable alternate choice this election cycle and if the LP wants to break 1% for the very time.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

What poll are you citing?

All I see is you and a handful of other conspiracy theorists and single-issue abortion voters downvoting "Johnson trolls".

BTW, why does this site allow people to upvote their own comments? It's so petty.

The "difficult"...

..we do immediately. The impossible takes some time.

Protestations of complications are but the bleating of faint hearts.

Again and again and again... it matters not whose name is on the General Election ballot. Electors vote in December.

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Not impossible!!!

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

I have a good feeling

Commission on the presidential debates would receive so much pressure they would have to include GJ/RP into the debates.

First debate Oct. 3rd Denver Colorado.

In a three way race GJ/RP ticket would destroy Obamney.

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What issue will allow the Libertarians to take a significant percentage of the vote? I spoke with GJ and his VP, Judge Gray, last Saturday, and there is an issue on which they can win. No party has yet taken that issue.

Also, Judge Gray said they need polling of 15% to be in the debates.

What is the one issue that will propel any of the parties to a win?

tax reform

I think.

GJ says his plan would create 10 million new jobs = prosperity.

Ross Perot was polling at only 7% when he was allowed into the debates and after the debates in 1992 he was polling as high as 40%.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

No. Four more years of Obama or Romney would be difficult.

Changing some bi-laws or controlling a few political egos would be easy in comparison.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

It all comes down to whether

It all comes down to whether it's 'arbitrary', or a 'ritual' so to speak, or are these rules actually necessary to preserving the visual of "Liberty". I say as long as you don't switch people out after the 'vote', it's not really deceptive or destructive in any manner.

I thought we learned at the

I thought we learned at the RNC that changing bylaws is a bad thing...

We learned their change was

We learned their change was bad..we also learned how quickly it can be done..lol