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Unity: Ron Paul Edition

The common theme from the GOP this year has been "Unity". Well, clearly their definition of unity differs from ours. Their definition is, join us or be muffled and marginalized.

How are the Ron Paul supporters going to vote?

My opinion, we need to make a statement. We need to come up with a plan for all RP supporters to unite with one action. To show our size, to make an impact on this years outcome. To show we will not be steamrolled by the GOP.

I feel the only choice we can make... Is voting for Gary Johnson. Writing in RP or not voting will lead to nothing. No statement. No protest. No impact to the results. No punishment for muffling our voices.

What other options are left? It would be great to focus our energies from now until November promoting a protest vote. Uniting RP supporters behind one grand gesture. Steamroll me? Try again... See where it gets you.


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Nuclear Kid

I think it would be fantastic if you could create one of your high production value videos promoting a protest vote. Splice in videos of the shenanigans that occurred in the state and national convention, RP crowd sizes, and a giant middle finger to the GOP for steamrolling us and muffling our voices.