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You're ALL Right! Keep On Posting!

The current phase of the r3VOLution, the one led by Dr. Ron Paul, is over. It is moving into a new phase, and I'd like to describe what that is. First, though, many of us on DP have posted our views of how we should direct all our talent:

  • Some have said we should all join the Libertarian Party and vote Gary Johnson.
  • Some have said we should all stay Republicans and vote Gary Johnson this time.
  • Some have said we should become Independent, divorce from politics and just work in our families/communities.
  • Some have said we should bring everyone into the GOP and strengthen our grassroots effort, maybe with the Tea Party, to win more influence and eventually take over.
  • Some have said that we are in an abusive relationship with the GOP, and the only way to end it is to walk away.
  • Some have said that the PTB want us to walk away, so they can keep making things worse, and for that reason we shouldn't back down.
  • Some have said that we should try to find one standard-bearer to rally around, and try to elevate the Judge, Rand, Amash, or someone else to the leader position.
  • Some have said we should just support all Liberty messengers and fill spots with Liberty people from the bottom-up so we have lots of Liberty candidates in 4 years.
  • Some of us are all about Johnson, some are all about Molyneux, some are all about Woods, some are all about Kokesh, some are all about Schiff, some are all about Rand.
  • Most of us are all about Ron Paul.

In my opinion: You're all right!

In fact, there's no right or wrong here. There's just liberty. The message of liberty means that none of us is forcing anyone else to do anything. So, as long as we're all educating the people in the cause of liberty...

  • If you want to work outside the system to bring it down, like Gandhi and MLKjr, more power to you!
  • If you want to work inside the system to bring it down, like Mandela and Dr. Paul, more power to you!
  • If you want to use alternative media and the Web to build a 3rd party image, more power to you!
  • If you want to just teach your family and neighbors through non-agression, more power to you!
  • If you want to wait a while and see what happens before making up your mind, more power to you!

Whatever you do:

  • You must realize that your way is not the only way. Our individuality makes us useful in many ways.
  • Don't feel like you can't advocate your position to get more people involved in your effort.
  • Be understanding if it's not your prospect's cup of tea and help direct them to another Liberty effort.

Personally, I want to walk Ron Paul's footsteps for a while, so I'll be active in the GOP as so many are, and do my best to expose the hypocrisy and corruption, while trying to elevate discussions to incorporate reason, rights and responsibility.

Why is it ok for us to have such a "fractured" movement?

Well, here's my wild prediction for the future:

Somewhere between an economic collapse, WWIII and the democratization of knowledge through alternative media, I think that our liberty warriors will take over the GOP sometime in the next 8 years. The disenfranchised neoconservatives will then form a new Republican party. In the ensuing mess, our Liberty GOP will call for a permanent coalition of Libertarian, Constitution, Green and other third parties, along with disaffected Republicans, Democrats and Independents, with a simple one-page platform that is simply pro-liberty, leaving out any differences between the messages of the separate parties while emphasizing simply an end to crony capitalism and government abuse while promoting individual choice and state sovereignty.

My forecasting model (my brain) breaks down at that point because it could either be civil war or utopia. Who knows and who really cares? All that matters is that we all live in the present, be prepared, and that none of us are overly obsessed with getting everyone on our side. If I'm even remotely right, the independence of America and Americans depends on us having liberty people in every party (except the named socialist ones - yuck :P) and outside of the party, just being positive influences every day.

To sum up, as long as you believe in liberty and you make any effort to spread it, you are doing great! Be involved, and if you are already, be more involved! Try to span gaps, become a fusion influence, study philosophy and stay positive!

If you think I'm right, thanks, and comment anyway.

If you think I'm wrong, pat yourself on the back because you are probably proving my point, and please comment.

In Liberty...

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Thank you

It is very beautiful where you filmed the video. good luck with local politics.

President Paul


Check out the video over at Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com .
He covers some current events and then gets into Ron Paul.

You will want to hear this!


Tin Pan

My direction - research

I am turning to deeper research. Can you really understand the source of the numerous problems we face today? If you don't know the cause, how can you enact a solution?

I am delving into researching this. One place I am doing that research is at tragedyandhope.com. Check it out as well as the ultimate history lesson with John Taylor Gatto.

New and Much Better Party ;)

How 'bout, "The Peoples' Party." Everyone is welcome no matter the lifestyle or political persuasion. The color is purple (blend of red and blue), and it is finally a party that carries out the dream of our nation. One that is owned and operated by the people and opposed to tyranny of the aristocracy. A Jefferson party to lead us away from the Hamiltonians...

I will support Paul on what ever decision he decides to do

I get the feeling Ron Paul is gonna say.
Listen I am finished with campaigning but I am not closing the door on the possibility of running 3rd party.
I think Paul will throw us a bone.
I think he will say that if we can find a way for him to get on the ballott and we can get him the money he will do it.
But he has to make it clear that he himself will not actively campaign or spend any money on advertising.
I really think that's going to be his pitch.
I think he wants us to put him in the wh our selfs.

How did George Washington feel about political parties?

How did George Washington feel about political parties?

He had believed that political parties would be the down fall of our country. As he neared his resignation, Geroge Washington wrote a letter to the nation. He warned of the danger of political parties, and how they would turn the government from a group of people interested in their nation's future to a rabbling mob of power hungry professional politicians. In short, he opposed political parties. However, near the beginning of the election of the second president, two parties, the Democrats and the Federalists emerged. They declined in popularity, however, and faded from the political mainstream of the time. When the seventh presidency began, two new parties gained prominence. The National Republicans, or Whigs, and the Democrats. These two political parties are still the most popular today.

"They serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation, the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community; and, according to the alternate triumphs of different parties, to make the public administration the mirror of the ill-concerted and incongruous projects of faction, rather than the organ of consistent and wholesome plans digested by common counsels, and modified by mutual interests."

This is what we have today politicians that represent the rich and powerful not the majority of Americans... not national unity...

“It serves always to distract the Public Councils, and enfeeble the Public Administration. It agitates the Community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which find a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.”

While in office, Washington remained primarily neutral concerning key issues. The French Revolution led to a major war between France and England. Although two of Washington’s chief advisors, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton held opposing and conflicting views pertaining to how the U.S. should act, Washington “insisted upon a neutral course until the United States could grow stronger.”

Washington stated, “I was no party man myself, and the first wish of my heart was, if parties did exist, to reconcile them.”

Question: What if the political parties are so corrupt that the people suffer and there is no hope for reconciliation?

Answer: Then the people have the right to abolish that which is corrupt in order to preserve the republic and the will of the people.

Thank you Mr. Washington!

This is Very Well Written

and I couldn't agree more! Keep up the great work!


that our first move is to disassociate ourselves with the Republican Party. Here's why...

Our efforts are not to reform the Republican Party, but to return our country to a Constitutional Republic. The once constitutional tendencies of the Republican Party's past has nothing to do with our goals and objectives. To separate will demonstrate to Neo-Liberals and Neo-cons (that which many of us resembled before Ron Paul), that there is a clear alternative.

Currently, we are a grey association of the Republican Party. So many people are disgusted with the policies of the Republican Party that it is strategically disadvantageous not to sever our ties. Our message will be ignored if we are associated with either of the two major parties.

We must have an easy method of RECOGNITION. Declaring yourself as a _____ to others will result in recognizing a former Ron Paul REVOLutionary or it will force others to inquire what you stand for. The idea of us starting a new party seems very collectivist and I don't like that. However, we must continue the message, recognize each other and find a way to popularize the message. A brand-spankin'-new party with an official name will need to be created.

Your thoughts?


I highly agree with your theory of what the smartest strategic plan would be if we ever hope of seeing a Ron Paul minded America in our lifetime. The Republican party publicly displayed cheating/arrogance/fraud and every other distorted action in this past year. The RNC last week publicly documented that. Unfortunatly, since the mainstream media and major parties are currently bunked up with each other, it hardly recieved the scrutiny publicly it deserved. For a Liberty movement to gain further momentum, it would be absurd to continue to attempt to rally within the Republican party as the movement has this past election cycle. The new rules make it even harder to do so. Any current third party is hardly back by corporate sponsorship and doesnt have interest in suppressing outside views. It would be moronic to not join forced with a party who is also looking to join forces with motivated people with real innovation to succeed. If we could get to a point where the Libertarian and Constituion Party can gain numbers and relevancy, it is then reasonble to believe we could shop the 2 parties to networks for national debate coverage at the proper election times. It would simply be sold as "this is what people are looking to hear". Pepsi endorses whatever people think is cool. Once these parties have respectable numbers, some network at some point will want to capitalize on a fresh broadcast. Libertarians and Constitutionalists could debate outside the tent of the RNC and DNC and their Presidential Debate Committee who's guidelines supress 3rd parties from participating in any national debates. You turn the tables on the major parties, make them "not cool" anymore. Once you grassroot and gain attention, you turn the tables and almost force them to need to participate in your debates for credibility that you host, and not vice versa. It obviously isnt an over night mission. But realistically, there is no other way to get the right ideas for this country in the limelight as long as corporate money backed slugs like Romney can lawyer up and change rules and conditions to cater to his desires. Its impossible. To stay in the Republican party would be like being the kid in High School who was taunted by the "cool kids" at lucnh but he sat next to them every day anyways because he wanted to be accepted more than he wanted to be an individual.


WE CAN'T ALL BE RIGHT! Hating just for fun.


"The world has never known more oppressive governments or bigger governments than those which profess the cult of liberty." - Donald Sanborn

the Constitution Party

candidate of 2008 was Chuck Baldwin and he was endorsed by Ron Paul after the 2008 RNC. I voted for Check Baldwin (here in CA).

The Constitution party is as close as you can get to Ron Paul philosophy and to the John Birch society. If 10,000 or more liberty Pauliacks got involved in the Constitution Party it could be "franchised" in all 50 states and brought up to speed from a liberty perspective.

I am not suggesting this is the be all end all. It is just something to consider among the other listed possible ideas. The problem with combining parties as I see it is that there are deep differences between some of them. I hope to help however I can.


I have 2 and only 2 problems with the Constitution Party 2012

1. Insistance that the Constitution is a Christian document founding a Christian nation needlessly alienates half the people that would otherwise endorse 90% of the party platform. Immigrants flocked to these shores for Liberty not Christianity, and it's Liberty that made us great. There was no shortage of European nations calling themselves Christian, and our founders had more skepticism of organized religion, not less.

2. Virgil Goode does a horrible Chuck Baldwin impersonation. How does this party endorse a pro-Iraq War, pro Patriot Act guy that fosters anti-Islamic American sentiment?

Read my post above

I love the idea of the Constitutional party, but I see that being resisted by the mainstream media. I haven't heard a better name for what we believe and it may be the best. I like it.




(Sorry about the caps but I am excited because I already see us looking and moving forward...and that means WE AREN'T GIVING UP!!)

Here's my two centavos

Well said . I however, need something more. I feel that we have an opportunity here to awaken the stoned giant. I don't have a formulated plan(and I am 4\150 proof )know what I'm gona finish later but science bless you, Michael Nystrom for creating a place for us ! No doubt , I am drunk to be sure. None the less you are the balls for creating this...support your local labor movement . The people who invented weekends. I have a duty to finish this bender...

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

Excellent Post

Yes Indeed, The beauty here is that no matter what direction everyone is going, They're not going back into a state of apathy..We are awake and we are all individuals who are recognizing our strengths and weaknesses and are going to apply ourselves where we feel we can make the most of our qualities..Cheers to that..We've come a long way baby..Onward we ride..For Liberty!!

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Amen and hallelujah

This is exactly it. You hit it out of the ballpark. I can't stand all the do this and do that stuff. People just need to be thoughtful and make up their own minds. As long as they get it anything they do will hopefully have a net positive outcome.

Gary Johnson over Rand Paul

Personally, I don't feel comfortable about Rand. Of course although he is a politician to be discussed by his father, I presume his father will never discuss Rand in the context of the Liberty movement. My sense is that Rand is not totally comfortable with his Pa, and wants to strike out on his own even at the expense of Liberty positions especially on foreign policy.

I'm a huge fan of both

I don't care that they have philosophical differences over abortion.

They are both lifelong opponents of big government and have track records to prove it.

The fact that they have won major elections (Governor and Senator) means that they've had to "sanitize" their public speaking records for pragmatic purposes, but that shouldn't cause anyone to doubt their ideological underpinnings.

I Don't Trust Rand Either..He Sold Out Pop, That Strunes!!

Gary Johnson did a magnificient job as governor of New Mexico..I would be proud to endorse Gary Johnson as Libertarian candidate for the office of President of the United States...

Gary Johnson and don't look back!


Just because your daddy was a great messenger dont mean you are, Rand. If fact all evidence is that your just one more of the same. To all those who think Rand is great, bless you hope your right. For me Enlightened Disengagement, I wont be participating in a crooked election.


Open Letter to the Liberty Movement

A friend who rarely posts about the "movement" sent me the following letter:


Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods


Hello everyone. I would like as much feedback as possible here. I am a currently registerd Republican from Pittsburgh, PA. Grew up a Democrat like the rest of Western PA. I am currently intended to travel to Harrisburg PA this coming Wedensday in an effort to battle Republican hired lawyers to challenge and have the ballot signuratures of the Libertarian party removed. I have viewd the possible scenarios of many. I personal belief is, despite Ron Pauls success within the Republican party which constantly rejected him, we need to go somewhere where we have no restrictions against our goals. Here is what I fear. If we were to rally behind the Republican party, it would not take long for both the National Democrat and Republican Committees to join forces and legally strattle any serious gains the Libertarian party has made on its own. Its already happening this very moment. Unfortunatly, the only way to reach the mass's is through media. Obviously, at this moment, media and the two major parties sleep in the same bed. The networks sponsor the parties. The parties use that money to get elected, and then wash the backs of the networks. A key goal would be to build our numbers within a new organization, and convince networks that our party is the wave of the future. Affiliating with our brand is like getting a pop artist to represent Pepsi. This would take the rise of the Green Party and potentially a third "Third Party" as well. Democrats and Republicans have grown to supress any 3rd party effort. If 3rd parties, short term, removed themselves from competing with the big two, and concentrate solely on building and competing with one another, almost like a "minor league", ultimatly the competitve, fresh ideas between them could eventually be shopped to networks to debate on national issues. ONCE THIS IS ACCOMPLISHED, Dems and Reps would look foolish not to participate in the good ideas that are publicly being debated by these newly formed, nationally rising and momentum driven parties. Instead of trying to sneak into a party where noone invited you, you throw a party where everyone else shows up. Before they know it, all the cool kids will leave that party and attend the new party. If they dont cross the street to hang out with the new kids on the block, they will quickly be forgotten, no matter how much liquor and beer they have at their party. You catch my drift? But it is important that we have solid leaders to push this effort. I know alot of people are probably left without leadership due to Pauls committment to the Republican party. But in my view, all people who believe in Liberty and want to have a voice have no choice but to change parties to a 3rd party. The GOP just passed rules to ignore the voice of the people for christ sakes. Why keep trying to break into a safe over here, when we can just open the door to the house across the street. The house just needs some upgrades and in no time we can look better than the party house across the street. I hope my view is well taken. All feedback is necessary.


the CONSTITUTION party is fighting that fight in the same state - and chuck baldwins as credible or more as gary johnson - good post though just like to put that out there.



I voted for Baldwin last time around but was fine with Barr too. However, I am not a Virgil Goode expert but he is certainly no Chuck Baldwin. I may still vote for him even though I like Johnson better because I am 100% pro-life.

I will stay a registered republican but will vote third party if (when) they nominate a bunch of neocon clowns. So far that makes me 0 for 6 in voting for them for president counting this time around. I have supported some for other offices but generally they fail as well. I think the best hope is staying republican nominally and voting otherwise if their candidates stink. A significant third party total resulting in an R loss to a D will get them the message.


is still fighting to be on all 50 i think they just lost PA though... eitehr way - we cant forget about them in this baldwin spoke, and the chance of a rp WITH THE CP is just as viable as the LP - the LP should realize this when offering up joke offers like a rp chairman of the fed - rp shoudl be president or all the namesakes pointless. johnson vs. romneybama in the debates and in the media - we lose - rp debating biden - a waste - so my take on this amazing post we all should keep up with our ideas and unite in the end, but realistically ron paul has to be the president on the ticket - CONSTITUTION PART - GET IN THE DISCUSSIONS!



Agree yooperd 17 Is it possible to get on the C party legally? Agree, RP for Pres only. Can't find the information on it. Didn't think GJ would step down.



No Granger...no Lars (or MattLarson10), or any of the usual suspects on this post.

I was typing a response to another post and some liberty-loving Ron Paul kinda guy knocked me off the internet. Thanks, hero…you’re a real special kind of guy.

What I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted (and I got your ip address, assclown), is I agree with the premise of this post…and it’s good to see a large number of clear-minded people weighing in instead of the regular Paulbots. I believe you all will find your way…to the rest, I say as I always have “Good luck, dupes”.

Be seeing you.

I would like to add an 11th option

The next part of our journey as liberty activists should be joining the Free State Project: