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You're ALL Right! Keep On Posting!

The current phase of the r3VOLution, the one led by Dr. Ron Paul, is over. It is moving into a new phase, and I'd like to describe what that is. First, though, many of us on DP have posted our views of how we should direct all our talent:

  • Some have said we should all join the Libertarian Party and vote Gary Johnson.
  • Some have said we should all stay Republicans and vote Gary Johnson this time.
  • Some have said we should become Independent, divorce from politics and just work in our families/communities.
  • Some have said we should bring everyone into the GOP and strengthen our grassroots effort, maybe with the Tea Party, to win more influence and eventually take over.
  • Some have said that we are in an abusive relationship with the GOP, and the only way to end it is to walk away.
  • Some have said that the PTB want us to walk away, so they can keep making things worse, and for that reason we shouldn't back down.
  • Some have said that we should try to find one standard-bearer to rally around, and try to elevate the Judge, Rand, Amash, or someone else to the leader position.
  • Some have said we should just support all Liberty messengers and fill spots with Liberty people from the bottom-up so we have lots of Liberty candidates in 4 years.
  • Some of us are all about Johnson, some are all about Molyneux, some are all about Woods, some are all about Kokesh, some are all about Schiff, some are all about Rand.
  • Most of us are all about Ron Paul.

In my opinion: You're all right!

In fact, there's no right or wrong here. There's just liberty. The message of liberty means that none of us is forcing anyone else to do anything. So, as long as we're all educating the people in the cause of liberty...

  • If you want to work outside the system to bring it down, like Gandhi and MLKjr, more power to you!
  • If you want to work inside the system to bring it down, like Mandela and Dr. Paul, more power to you!
  • If you want to use alternative media and the Web to build a 3rd party image, more power to you!
  • If you want to just teach your family and neighbors through non-agression, more power to you!
  • If you want to wait a while and see what happens before making up your mind, more power to you!

Whatever you do:

  • You must realize that your way is not the only way. Our individuality makes us useful in many ways.
  • Don't feel like you can't advocate your position to get more people involved in your effort.
  • Be understanding if it's not your prospect's cup of tea and help direct them to another Liberty effort.

Personally, I want to walk Ron Paul's footsteps for a while, so I'll be active in the GOP as so many are, and do my best to expose the hypocrisy and corruption, while trying to elevate discussions to incorporate reason, rights and responsibility.

Why is it ok for us to have such a "fractured" movement?

Well, here's my wild prediction for the future:

Somewhere between an economic collapse, WWIII and the democratization of knowledge through alternative media, I think that our liberty warriors will take over the GOP sometime in the next 8 years. The disenfranchised neoconservatives will then form a new Republican party. In the ensuing mess, our Liberty GOP will call for a permanent coalition of Libertarian, Constitution, Green and other third parties, along with disaffected Republicans, Democrats and Independents, with a simple one-page platform that is simply pro-liberty, leaving out any differences between the messages of the separate parties while emphasizing simply an end to crony capitalism and government abuse while promoting individual choice and state sovereignty.

My forecasting model (my brain) breaks down at that point because it could either be civil war or utopia. Who knows and who really cares? All that matters is that we all live in the present, be prepared, and that none of us are overly obsessed with getting everyone on our side. If I'm even remotely right, the independence of America and Americans depends on us having liberty people in every party (except the named socialist ones - yuck :P) and outside of the party, just being positive influences every day.

To sum up, as long as you believe in liberty and you make any effort to spread it, you are doing great! Be involved, and if you are already, be more involved! Try to span gaps, become a fusion influence, study philosophy and stay positive!

If you think I'm right, thanks, and comment anyway.

If you think I'm wrong, pat yourself on the back because you are probably proving my point, and please comment.

In Liberty...

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For the time being

I plan to stay active in my local GOP even though it makes me ill. I went to two conventions, was elected precinct delegate and am following through with the state convention this weekend. (I have never been political before.) I look at it this way, I am doing what Dr. Paul asked us to do and there is no one I trust more than him. I made a commimtment and will follow through. Even though, as I stated earlier, it is very hard for me to stomache.

There are alot of new people that came around in my county so if they also stay involved we should be able to make some positive changes.

I don't know how this will end but I'm going to plug my nose and keep going.

Some of us ...

(at least one, don't know why there's not more) ... want a multi-party system so we can put the days of the two-party farce behind us and never again here how voting for someone we actually want to be in office is a "wasted vote."

Correlation does not prove causality!

Promote liberty any way you can

and in the you are best suited and feel comfortable
we are not a "bloc"

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We are not all right

because using the politcal process is not liberty, it's forcing other people to live by our principles which is highly hypocritical of us.

If we really want to live by the principles of liberty it is absolutely wrong to participate in the charade that is the political process that goes against everything we believe in.

Outside of your own home,

Outside of your own home, everything you do is politics if you are trying to get people to understand a liberty message. Unless you are a Stirnerite egoist. There aren't two politics; just one. Who takes part in it makes the difference between good and bad politics. Democracy is about winning the argument.

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Keep telling yourself that

while hypocritically shoving down other people's throats your ideas about how one should live their life.

Participating in the political process is not persuasion. It's arm wrestling and the loser gets to be the winner's slave.

I have no problem with persuasion, in fact it's all my strategy depends on but I will not participate in thuggery and violence that is the political process.

You've got issues covered up

You've got issues covered up as anarchist idealism. No one here is shoving ideas down anyone's throat; they are seeking to fight against that. Unless you are going to live on a desert island, then you are part of the process whether you like it or not, whether you are on the side promoting liberty or just standing by while the real thugs eventually come and do some serious shovelling...but by then it will be too late. So stop being so pious and start shovelling the crap out of the way so others can see the gold buried in the constitution, and the dream of a republic your founding fathers left my country for.

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Watch now, how incapable of rational thought thugs among us who merely pretend to adhere to the principles of liberty down vote my post.

Let me make sure I understand

Let me make sure I understand your statement. If someone down votes your post, they are incapable of rational thought? Doesn't that statement alone go against rational thought? Wow, that's some assumption you have there.


Promote liberty any way you can

and in the you are best suited and feel comfortable
we are not a "bloc"

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com



In the Beginning, Ron Paul woke me up for Liberty and Freedom...

Ron Paul...and Beyond!!!

My Fight for Liberty and Freedom...Wages On.


We all the want the same thing, we just have different ideas of how to get there. What ever your's is keep moving and thank you!

Exactly, If everyone was

Exactly, If everyone was coralled in the GOP, they could control you. Scatter to the four winds, and plant seeds. But keep in touch.

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I like it!

You have to be in the GOP to take it over

I'm convinced there are many here who don't understand Ron paul at all, don't are to, they are being pushed to sell THEIR agenda.. Librty to them is Liberate America to a NWO.

I appreciate the lecture,

I appreciate the lecture, some of us have a different process in mind.

Michael Nystrom's picture

So you - and only you - speak for Ron Paul?

If they don't do as you do, they're wrong, Granger?

I've seen you posting that "Ron Paul wants us to take over the GOP."

With all due respect to the Congressman - and a great amount of respect is due - what relevance does that have on what people choose to do? In other words, who cares what Ron Paul wants you to do? It is your life, not his. This is the beauty of freedom - freedom of choice. Of course you can live your life according to other people's wishes, desires and plans, and many people do. But that is a choice in and of itself.

- I know people who have chosen college majors, professions and spouses because their parents want them to.

- I know people who choose their clothes and haircuts because their girlfriend wants them to.

- I know people who do things at work because their bosses want them to.

- And now I know people who choose their political parties because Ron Paul wants them to.

This is a complete abdication of the libertarian philosophy, and I recommend that everyone consider their motivations before taking any course of action. Sure, if you don't know what else to do, it is fine to follow someone else's roadmap.

After I graduated from college, I lived in Japan for two years, teaching English. That was great. It was exactly what I wanted to do. I learned so much and had a great time. But when I'd had enough of that, I didn't know what to do next. My professor told me to do: Come back to graduate school in the U.S. and get an MBA. His directive made perfect sense on paper, except for one important point - it wasn't a suitable thing for me to do. It wasn't exactly a disaster, and it wasn't exactly wasted time because I learned something important: Don't live your life by what other people tell you is the best thing for you to do! LOL!

I guess we all need to live and learn. You sound like a real politico, Granger, but not everyone here is. Slogging through the GOP is not suitable for everyone, and people shouldn't feel obligated to do it, or shamed into doing it because someone else (regardless of who they are) wants you to.

However, if you do need someone to tell you what to do, listening to Ron Paul is a good bet. And what did Ron Paul say?


"Do what you want."

Some people are like tha

First of all, I have seen more than one instance in which he says, "Do what you want to do."

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Hi Micheal; Nice to see you.


Are you free to do what you want?

The title of the post you responded, "You need to be in the GOP to take it over", is correct. If someone has a way to take over the GOP without being in it, I'm all eyes. TEACH ME!!!

I believe that Ron Paul wanted us to move past our prejudices that MSM perpetuates and join the GOP to become national delegates. How else one would become a national delegate for Republican Ron Paul is beyond me, and again, I'm all for being educated. TEACH ME!

I didn't want to join the GOP. I refused in 07/08. When he ran for president this election, it was hard, but I joined, and I went to a central committee where I saw the lies perpetuated by MSM. The GOP was a MSM farce. Ron Paul knew this, so if we could move past our MSM induced prejudice against the GOP, it is a major party we COULD take it TO RESTORE AMERICA TO CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT, IF that is what you want. Do it! If not, DON'T. Your choice.

I never thought hippy girl me would become a Republican, let alone one of THE establishment. Fortunately, I am not the only hippy that heard what Ron Paul ASKED us ALL to do, so I am very happy on my committee. VERY PLEASED. Outting Neocons makes my day. Holding the constitution to them like a knife is thrilling. Watching them squirm is sheer pleasure. If this is revenge, which I don't believe it is, it feels GREAT! Why not share that GREAT feeling with those who want liberty from Neocons, NWO threats to enslave us to their agenda? I could be wrong, seems many here don't want freedom, just want to expose how BAD the GOP is, just like MSM.

My posts, have been an attempt to educate. I'm not telling people what to do.. matter of fact, I just looked at my signature and I have made a mistake saying Ron Paul told us.. he did not,, he asked us.. he invited us.. he did not tell us. I AM WRONG and I apologise. MY BAD. REALLY. I feel very bad about that. I have corrected it. I am not perfect, and I don't believe anyone, and that includes Ron Paul, is. I back Ron Paul and have followed his lead because I have done what others here TELL US WHAT WE SHOULD DO (vote LP), and I have a great political leader.. YES.. I think political leaders are very important.. they help us remain in a very down and dirty game.

I have never asked, suggested, or told anyone on P.AU.L. to leave, or they should leave, as I have been told, by many of your new subscribers, who call me a troll, and downvote me for explaining how my loyalty oath and my personal openess, will have me give my vote to Romney, not FOR Romney, because I could not vote FOR Romney, but I will vote Romney (noting I did not say FOR) because my vote is FOR the Ron Paul RepubliCANs who, like me, petitioned, qualified, signed oaths and took GOP seats, offices, and made two and four year committments. I've got their backs. Those who are not with us, do NOT have our backs and are abandoning us by running away from this fight to control the GOP. RUN! I'm not stopping anyone from running away.

I CARE VERY VERY MUCH what Ron Paul has ASKED us to do because I KNOW, from 33 years as a politico, that his plan is brilliant! BRILLIANT!!!! It is the best opportunity in my long politico life, to turn America around from this corporate rush into the NWO/Global government, run by, of, and for corporations, not wee the people.

Freedom, freedom to live your life the way you chose is not something to take for granted. We don't have freedom. We can not smoke marijuana recreationally, openly, anywhere, anytime we want. We can not do many things the framers of the constitution could. We are losing freedoms everyday. Even here on Daily Paul, people are not free to post what they want. YOU have rules, and many people have been banned for breaking YOUR rules. So I understand how wonderful it is to be free to make rules to control others, but I assure you, those who were banned did not feel freedom here when they were banned.

Global corporations work hard to give themselves FREEDOM to rule all of us. How do we fight that, if we want? Ron Paul has a plan, and you don't need to follow his plan, you don't need to understand it even, but it would be nice when posting to someone who sacrificed today for freedom tomorrow, to respect their choice.

Reminds me of the question, what's the diffeence between a pig and a chicken on a breakfast plate? The chicken gave an egg, the pig gave it's life. And so, I am the PIG here among chickens, many who don't produce anything but poop. That's OK. I'm not asking anyone here to produce or sacrifice. What I have done is INVITE people to see for themselves, and given them an opportunity to vent their issues in the GOP: http://www.dailypaul.com/253034/how-to-deliver-the-gop-your-...

I know people who have no idea what major to take in college, but it sure beats going into the military.

I know people who chose to not wear clothes but they can't go out in public.

I know people who do things at work despite what their bosses tell them to do, and when they fail, they don't care, even if it hurts everyone in the company, and their families.

I know people who chose their political parties because they want to be liked, and so they go along to get along because they don't have the experience, esteem, or education to actually think for themseves, or KNOW a BRILLIANT plan when it comes to them.

There are many libertarian philosphies. No one OWNS the Libertarian philosophy. We have benchmarks, and for many of us, that includes Jesus Christ, for others, like Ayn Rand, it does not include Jesus Christ, but that does not mean Ayn Rand was not a Libertarian in her philosophy that frees us from organized religion and socalist institutions that are designed to take away our freedom.

No matter how hard we may try Michael, none of us are capable of living our lives for another. Life has it's own design for us, by chance, or fate.

I don't expect anyone here to have my back, or any of the delegtates backs, who did what Ron Paul asked us all to do. It's like those who put yellow ribbons on their cars saying they support the troops. Many here say they support us, but their actions, TELLING US TO VOTE FOR GJ, do not support us, won't support us. Want to steal Ron Paul's name, message, and supporters, not for freedom, but for personal gain, be it profit, or political clout. Fine by me, I'm just not buying it. I'm not sorry that's NOT OK with them.


I'm not stealing anything, but standing, as I believe Ron Paul has asked, not for Ron Paul, but WITH Ron Paul, in my own quest for liberty, freedom, and justice in what I, through decades of grassroots experience, have found to be the most BRILLIANT suggestion in my life.

"Do what you want" is only part of the message. Be prepared to suffer the consequences is the other part. I signed a loyalty oath, and while I SUFFER by it in that my Romney vote is not exactly what I wanted to achieve, I KNOW, that the loyalty oath to the party was not the only loyalty oath I signed. We also signed a loyalty oath to the constitution, and it is this loyalty oath, which we will be holding Romney and the GOP. No one is holding Obama to a loyalty oath to the constitution, but many here will vote for Obama, and tell us that they will do that to support us. You buy that? You can. But I will not. Same for GJ. He has no committees that have any power, he has no one to back him in power, so how is throwing a vote away FOR liberty? Freedom to throw your vote away with the goal of GJ getting 15% so he can TAKE TAX PAYERS MONEY in matching federal funds. He didn't get all of Ron Paul's message did he?

I look forward to my committee meetings as every issue and candidate I vet will have to pass ONE test, is it constitutional? My committee members will be held to the constitution and if they break it, I will remind them, and if I have to, will show my county clerk how they broke the constitution. Ron Paul was alone. I am not. I am not even alone here on Daily Paul, however, I don't believe for one minute that anyone who did not do what Ron Paul ASKED ALL of us to do, has MY back. I will suffer my consequences alone, even if all of us who followed Ron Paul are rounded up and tossed into FEMA camps. I would not expect one person, including you, to back me, or any of us. Oh I'm sure there will be YouTubes to show the world how BAD the GOP and how BAD it is what they did to us, like they did the Ron Paul delegates. But these people are not joining us, but running away, and that is their right.. so I completely support them running away. They are not going to afford me any liberty. But I will be giving MY county Liberty, and I will be backing the Ron Paul RepubliCANs, because I KNOW from decades of experience, it's the best shot we have of actually achieving it.

Do what you want, indeed, because freedom is popular, among theives and good people alike. Know the difference, or suffer the consequences. Learn by others experience or the hard way.


the stranger's picture

Please read

Christ, you got it bad Granger. Please read this book, I think it will aid you... “free you” as it were.

PS - there is something to be said for brevity, an executive summary would be nice.

Free me?

I figure that after the election I should be free. I have a two year committment in the GOP, but that won't be a big deal if Obama wins. Propbably just watch the Palin folks take the Republican seats Ron Paul's campaign earned.

The RNC just happened, and I beleive about about done sizing up the aftermath.

I love life and can admit I get into what I get into, but show me soething built to last? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s6MCvMONVM

the stranger's picture

Built to Last

a while.

That's about it


What a wonderful post to start the holiday....

I wish...

...to read such great unifying posts every day.


LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I agree fully with this post

I think when we fully reach our destinations and work together, working apart, we will truely succeed.

Our Liberty Tree has grown and sprouted fruit, lets drop all over and grow new trees! Then we can be an Orchard.(rofl, lame anology for the win)

Front Page-Quality Material

right here.

Another option I didn't see on the list: Wait a while and see what happens before making up one's mind for good.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.


There it is!

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

The title was good enough for me.