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An idea on where to go from here...

I have been day dreaming on where the liberty movement goes from here, how do we focus our efforts to maximize our impact? Where do we go now that we have no clear leader, and have effectively been cast out of both parties? How do we decide how to direct our scarce resources? What will the primary objectives be of our movement (in terms of priority)?

While dreaming I remembered an old RP quote about how by ignoring the FED they become irrelevant... Then I thought, why don't we just ignore the Republicrats and have our own convention... what Tampa should have been! If we had some big names endorse the idea, we could host liberty caucuses in every US capitol. Elected delegates could then organize a convention (continental congress anyone?) to decide on platform priorities and key liberty movement efforts. Through this process, the next generation of liberty loving leaders would also arise. This would not be about winning the phony/fraudulent 2012 election.. this would be about taking the first steps in creating a viable alternative that in time could make the other system irrelevant.. a political organizations that helped like minds organize on a local level to elect grassroots sheriffs, mayors, and state senators while also playing a roll in a larger organized effort.
We could invite grassroots of all types to truly build a large tent... Tea Party and OWS come on down! Founding framework would be Jeffersonian Democracy.

Thoughts on this idea? It would be relatively cheap to do, and imo with only a few thousand members could be significant.

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