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The lives of troops and civilians are more important than voting obama or romney.

I realize I am preaching to the choir but may I suggest using this rationale when trying to explain to obama and romney voters why you support Ron Paul and /or Gary Johnson for president.Of course,there are other good reasons to cite,but I think the truth in this rationale cannot be denied and is easily understood.I would suggest it also be used in videos/commercials."Both obama and romney refuse to bring our troops home from Afghanistan which DIRECTLY leads to the deaths of our troops and foreign civilians.I cannot in good conscience vote for either obama or romney because I believe the lives of the troops and civilians are more important than voting for obama or romney".Although there are many other reasons,that is the main reason I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries and will vote for Gary Johnson if Ron Paul is not on the ballot in the presidential election.I would hope this rationale would make the obama/romney supporters at least stop and think and possibly reconsider their vote.I think to change more hearts and minds, and to save lives,we absolutely have to challenge the obama/romney voters on this issue and not let them hide from it.

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