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Russia ‘Attacks’ Clouds to Clear Sky for City Day Celebration

In an effort to deter possible “bad weather” the Russian capital city of Moscow cleared the skies of any clouds that may possibly have gotten in the way of their Den’ Goroda (or City Day) festivities.

According to Pravda, the city carried out an airborne “attack” on bothersome clouds with 10 aircraft specially equipped to deliver CO2 (in the form of dry ice), liquid nitrogen and a powdered cement reagent called “cement m-500.”
In what is being reported as a “meteorological defense,” the Russian government spent 64 million rubles ($20 million) to “dissipate” clouds in Moscow in preparation for Moscow’s “birthday” celebration.


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They've actually been doing that for decades.

I remember them doing that back in the 80's for a "Peace Festival" they were having. People thought I was crazy when I told them about it back then, so I just got tired (and frustrated at the closed minds) of mentioning it to people.

You are right

May 1st parades in Moscow during 80's always clear sunny skies...

By now their technology is probably vastly improved.

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