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Forget the delegates for the national convention for now, new target is National Committee Members for 2014 & 2016

All the worry about national delegates getting hand picked is a rightful one, but the real prize are the national committee spots that come up every 2 years.

These spots are won the same way as delegates, show up take over state conventions and elect national committee members. Once we control the national committee we control the GOP.

At that point, change back the creepy rules that Romney put in.

State conventions in most states are every 2 years.

The clock is ticking, go stealth, go underground, take it over.

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Let's not get ahead of ourselves

Let's see if this 3rd party thing materializes. If it does then I'm 100% behind that. If not, then I'm still going to vote for GJ (or write in Ron Paul). But then we can discuss 2014 and beyond.

Great idea. How do we find

Great idea. How do we find out how to do this in each state?