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Libertarian Party chairman: Ron Paul on LP ticket would be "difficult"

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Pros And Cons

What would be the pro and con effects of Johnson naming Dr. Paul as his Sec. of State?

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I can definitely see the

I can definitely see the points. Another to add - it seems that the RNC are quite happy to just make the rules up as they go along, and that disgusted many people, including Romney supporters. To ask the Libertarian party to do the same for Ron Paul would likely be viewed in the same light.

I'd love to see Ron Paul and Gary Johnson run together, but after the last week of different opinions being put forward, I seriously think that Dr. Paul is going on Leno to announce his endorsement of Gary Johnson, perhaps help the campaign out in some way, maybe campaigning for them.

There's also Sarah Palin, who I think may still have a part to play.

He forgets one premise

That nobody suggests the LP national committee replace Johnson, it was that Johnson step down for Paul to run.

I'm not sure what he means as far as ballot access, because all state laws allow substitution if the nominee steps down, dies etc.

However ballots being printed are coming to a close, soon after the Democrat convention. So that would be a major reason to do this quickly, otherwise it's won't happen.

States are trying to kick Johnson and the LP off while he

is still the candidate.

You think once he steps down they won't pile on even more?

Do you want to blow the bank on lawsuits for ballot access?

What will be left to campaign with?

Yes, I noticed that omission myself.

But that can only mean, Johnson has no intention of stepping aside.



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