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Another Gift a Third Party Would Get Which Has Dr. Paul on the Ballot: Army of Poll Watchers

On the conference call last night one thing Evan said Dr. Paul would want if he ran third party, is for all of us to become precinct workers and poll watchers to keep it honest. Which means it's as good as done.

We have learned. We can be at every polling station watching for things like boxes going out the back door, keeping tallies to cross check with electronic totals, with cellphone camcorders at the ready and the numbers of state's attorneys preprogrammed into speed dial. We don't trust them anymore and we'll be schooling each other on what to watch for. We'll be ready to holler FAST and holler LOUD.

It may not be necessary to be on the ballot in every state if we can get an honest count in the ones where we are.

Third parties like the Libertarians or the Justice Party don't have the manpower to cover thousands of polling spots. We do. If that's what Ron wants, that's what Ron gets.

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