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D.C. Metro Radio Program Supports Ron Paul's Decision not to Endorse Romney

Good discussion about why Ron Paul should not endorse Romney. Gold, silver and the Federal Reserve are also covered.

Great to see liberty minded positions taken by talk show host AND guest on this radio program.


Video description: Louis and Ryan discuss the upcoming Republican Convention.
Ryan notes that Ron Paul was offered a speaking opportunity if he would endorse
Mitt Romney. Ron Paul refused. Louis notes that it is refreshing that Ron Paul will not endorse Mitt Romney. Louis notes that the Fed controls the price of money and its supply and resists an audit.

They also discuss the gold standard and the price of silver. Louis notes that less than 1% of investible assets are in gold and silver.

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Silver has gone up $4 since this


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This broadcast was BEFORE

the RNC totally dissed Ron Paul. I wonder what these guys will say after?

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ron believes in principle over party

And probably priciple over country

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So much for the truce between Romney and Paul

Romney went out of his way to dis ron paul and his supporters at the convention, while smiling at Ron on the campaign trial
It may cost Romney the election

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republicans give lip service to gold standard

auditing the fed
Judge them by what they will do
-keep ndaa
-keep Patriot act
-keep war on drugs etc

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To the statists "belonging" is more important

than principle or even common sense.

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Ron vs Rand

Ron trashes the Republican party gets shut out, Rand plays along gets speaking slot
Who is more effective?

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Ron, no contest...

Rand can play along all he wants (assuming that it is in fact his intention and that he's on our side) but nothing will change unless the majority of people take their fake left-right paradigm blindfolds off. Ron is a philosopher-teacher and has exposed the corruption of the system; Rand is not, he's a politician and doesn't have (IMO I could be proven wrong in the future) the charisma or the philosophical consistency to be attractive as a statesman. He won't make our numbers grow like Ron and unless our numbers actually grow (to become the majority or nearly) nothing will ever truly change politically, mole Rand Paul or not...

That is also the reason why I'm not thrilled about GJ, he won't make our numbers grow either. I'd vote for him over the other two clowns, although I'm sure the votes will be flipped, but the future is bleak unless charismatic figures emerge in the public/political arena to swell our numbers.

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

GJ is no long term solution

he is not steeped in the literature, economics and philosophy of liberty
He is a short term solution (unless of course he wins!) to put the stick in the eyes of the establishment

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Dear Ron: You can speak your mind

as long as we can edit it and make you say something you don't believe.
Love, The Romney Victory Campaign

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Why support Romney

just to prove you are a good republican?
What does that mean-you are better at cheating than everyone else?

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Fed under attack, republican party under attack

interesting that this broadcast occurred before the republican party's changing of the rules and dissing of ron paul and his supporters.

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Silver undervalued

one of the keys to the R3volution is silver ownership by the common people

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The word is getting out

less than 1% of the investible assets are in gold and silver-mentioned on the broadcast

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Ron Paul's Decision not to endorse romney-"REFRESHING"!

man of principle

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