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______After Ron Paul Says " No " On Leno

______Look Guys Im ALL IN for Ron Running INDY in 2012 and I would even support him running VP on the Libertarian Ticked...BUT...the Fact is that there is NO WAY The Man is going to run "VP" I mean Come on people lets get REAL HERE---Would YOU---after having served 30 YEARS as the HEAD of the Liberty movement in Congress?? (i would not)

Moreover, There is like ZERO PERCENT Chance of getting an INDY Run up and running and...ON LINE IN EVERY STATE...in 3 weeks (on top of that We dont have the $150,000,000 MILLION Federal Reserve Notes it takes to make a REAL RUN for the White House)

Sorry Guys, but this IMHO is the HONEST TRUTH.

IMHO we should work non-Stop to make sure Romney does NOT Get elected (obama his Horrific, but since there is no real difference to be had there I say its----BLOWBACK TIME---ALL OUT WAR---against Romney as PAYBACK for acting like a Mafia Thug at the RNC.

However....All is not lost...After Dr. Paul says " No Thanks " on Leno Tuesday night I say its time to get the man ELECTED TO THE US SENATE. (and im not just talking Texas here!)

Ron Paul TOOK Iowa, He polls very well in NH (where a Senate seat is up for grabs), what about Minnesota they LOVE him there...NV....WA....CO....WHERE EVER WE CAN-----WIN !

And unlike a White House Run that WE DONT HAVE THE CASH FOR---We can run a Good State Senate Race for like $7 Million FRNs---(guys we can pony up that chump change with 2 or 3 little money bombs!)


Why Run for the Senate? Good question.

1) It keeps Dr. Paul IN THE GAME ( I still see that fire in his eyes and I think he WANTS THAT---and WE NEED HIM MORE THAN EVER RIGHT NOW)

2) It allows his to keep being THE VOICE OF LIBERTY (but with much more VOLUME)

3) It allows us to keep growing this movement---Opening the eyes of the sleeping masses----Without shooting ourselves in the foot with a "VP" Run that would be seen by the Lemmings as "treason".

4) It allows us to move forward without pissing off...YOUR GRANDPARENTS----who have been in the GOP their entire lives and who never get on the NET and get their "News" from "FOX and Friends" and who would attack Ron Paul over and over again for Running INDY or other

5) It would not DESTROY the advances we have already made--We already have lots of good Liberty minded folks in Office thanks to Ron Paul (and YOU) and an INDY/other Run would put a rope around these peoples necks ( a Guy running for office called in to Mr. Alaskas show last night and made this point very clear)

6) It would SET Dr. Paul UP as the-----FRONT RUNNER----for 2016--(if he wants to run) and dont buy that crap about "hes too old" uhhh HOW OLD WAS JOHN McCAIN last election?? enough said on that.

-----Ron Paul would be the FRONT RUNNER this time round with an already HUGE FOLLOWING----now BIGGER---because he would now be "Senator Paul from-----X----"

Anyway just to be clear i love the idea of Ron Paul running 2012 and I Signed the petition for him to do so. However I feel its much SMARTER to just keep Dr. Pauls name Clean with the masses---Support Gary Johnson (or another liberty choice if you like) in 2012 Do everything we cant to stop Romney (as payback for his Mafia like takeover at the RNC)-----and get Ron Paul into the Senate where with his son they can take us to the next level.

IF Dr Paul says " Yes " on Leno my family and I are ALL IN. ( Where do we DONATE??)

BUT IF Dr Paul says " No thanks " on Leno....I think its time to GET THE MAN ELECTED TO THE SENATE and then The White House in 2016 !! ( where do we DONATE??)

...........Hey RNC, Were Baaaaaack !!! (LOL!)

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Ron Paul as Senator?

If that were to be the case, I would suggest he move here to Nevada and run again Harry Reid. He has four years to build up his base and war chest. NV is officially Ron Paul territory already. Most importantly, though, it would remove the guy that refuses to bring Audit The Fed to the Senate floor with the guy who would come crashing through the doors while the paper is still warm from the printer!

Boy howdy, I think I actually like this idea!


Just wanted to add...

Reid only got 50.3% of the vote in 2010, Sharron Angle lost with only 44.6% of the vote. That makes Reid somewhat vulnerable. Against Ron Paul, I think Reid would be the underdog.


If he ran for office TX

If he ran for office TX governor would be the logical choice. I have a feeling that RP wants to lead from the private sector.

Um....Maybe Ron Paul doesn't want to be a Senator.

He's 74.

Maybe he wanted to be President (Vice?) or retire.

Get real guy.

He's 77, actually.

Not 74.

I missed the interview. What was the gist of it?

Support the Constitution of the United States

Trying to "get real".

Im not sure where in my post you read that i stated i know what Ron Paul wants to do....I cant find that part??

I kinda figured it was a...Given...that unless you think...I...am...Ron Paul...my post was not trying to suggest that I am talking for him? (but from MOST of the posts here I can see that MANY here may not understand that.)

Anyway....Yea probably does want to be President (hes run several times you know?) Vice president? No I dont think we want to run secound with somebody (....JUST MY OPINION MIND YOU....)

Retire?? Maybe, but i dont think so (....JUST MY OPINION MIND YOU....)

Btw-----Ron Paul is 77

Thanks for the post


Never say DIE!!! Best reply on this thread ;-)

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Ok so what we got is.....

Looking at the posts (thank you all btw) we got....

1- Real post ON POINT from a Lady.
1- Post about my Writting Style (sorry you dont like, but if you can imagine the topic at hand written by your top author talking about it on "Keeping up with the Kardashians" what do you "think"?...comments/questions/opinions??
2- Hes not running for anything again (you might be correct?)
1- Screw you hes running 3rd party (with more "up votes" than everybody elses posts added together....THESE PEOPLE MUST LIVE NEXT DOOR TO THE GOOD Doctor and KNOW something the rest of us dont)
1- its the very reason hes going on Leno ( i let you know in 24hrs if thats true)

....and 2 posts that were ACTUALLY----ON POINT---(Very nice !!!)...But His point is that Ron Paul cant Run for Senate because he lost that race 30 Years ago??? (Sorry i dont follow that?)

Anyway Gents (and Miss) I just wanted to say thanks for posting and letting me know what you think (although to be honest i feel a bit Underwhelmed by the Depth of Thought from most of you.)

Thanks again.


Didn't like your writing style. Sorry but I think Ron isn't going to seek office again.

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All Senate Races

are in their final stages. Are you suggesting a write-in for that.

I would rather see him go 3rd Party with GJ, or remain unemployed until the SHTF. We are definately going to need a leader for opposition to the NDAA troup invasion.

I would go for govenor of TX, since I am in TX. - and for govenor on the Lib ticket - I believe the GOP is full of neocons and will be a part of the NDAA invasion force, assuming that that could happen.

3rd party or not at all, right now.

I would go for Chairman of the FED, under Romney or Obama.

Dr Paul is the one I will forever judge

every other candidate for office. There will never be another Ron Paul, but I cannot bring myself to ask him to run in a 3rd party. That would be selfish of me. Yes some may disagree, but the way I see it is the man did all he could, he set out to change the congress and he has done that. But he did it by changing the message, and the country. He did his life's work, let the man have some rest. He surly will still be campaigning for Liberty, but running for office is most likely out of the question.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

There is no "special announcement"-this is how rumors start

He never said there would be an announcement. Leno never said there would be an announcement. Who said there would be an announcement?....Paul supporters who WANT a special announcement.

Well if he says "No" then what's the special announcement?

That he saved tons of money on his car insurance.

When did..HE SAY..their was a "Special Announcement"??

I have no idea what his "Special Announcement" might be? (maybe it that hes Running in 2016? maybe one of his other Sons is running for office?

but to be honest i have never seen Anything from Dr. Ron Paul saying " I have special Announcement so im going on Leno to tell you all about"??

I have seen lots of guys on the NET saying that..but nothing from Ron Paul.

if you have something from RON PAUL Saying so please share it with me.

Several posts on the DP

to this regard.


screw you

3rd party run!!

ron paul 2012

I ALREADY stated Im "pro" 3rd party run

As im sure you may have READ above im "pro" 3rd party run and have already signed the petition to support it.

but...WHEN...(not if IMHO)...Dr. Paul says "no thanks"...whats your game plan?

Anyway thanks for the very high IQ post it explains very well your learned position on the subject.

btw..."pro"...means I AM FOR IT.

Have a good day.

from wikipedia

In 1984, Paul campaigned for the U.S. Senate, but lost the Republican primary to Phil Gramm, who had switched parties the previous year from Democrat to Republican.[26] Another candidate of the senatorial primary was Henry Grover, a conservative former state legislator who had lost the 1972 gubernatorial general election to the Democrat Dolph Briscoe, Jr.

Results from 1984 Republican U.S. Senate Primary

Phil Gramm 246,716
Ron Paul 55,431
Robert A. Mosbacher Jr. 26,279
Hank Grover 8,388

Got 2 people who dont agree??

OK I just got 2 down votes on this post and thats cool but then i look down the page and see ZERO POSTS??

How about letting us all in on why you think this is so "bad" of an idea??? If you have enough of an opinion to "Down vote" my idea thats fine lets Hear why you think its a "bad idea".