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How Many -TOTAL- RP Delegates And Alternates Did RP Have From All 50 States And Territories?

From what states were they all from? Does anyone know this information?

Did all of them show up??

THIS INFORMATION IS VITAL (as will be known soon enough)

if no one knows, then does anyone know where this info can be found at?

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ok really only need total alternates now

if anyone has a total from your state(or any other )

that would be helpful

Needs a bump and more info!


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how many at the party?

You could count the number of people who had their photo taken with Dr. Paul at the "after party".. the only people allowed in were alternates and delegates and they had their photo taken with him.

But... I've heard there were delegates who didn't contact the Paul campaign because they didn't trust it. They wouldn't have attended that party.

there were a bunch who did not go to the party

so ... that count does not help



How Many Licks

does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? One may never know.


yes, I counted. I just had to know.

HAHAHAHAHA yes but one may try to find out!!

and with all hte talent on DP we just may be able to !!

How many we're actually chosen in each state, and how many were

disqualified at the state and national level?

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WELL .... here is some info on the lost delegates


as far as how many were chosen... that's the whole nature of this thread.

Nebraska - 2 Delegates for

Nebraska - 2 Delegates for Paul

Our beloved GOP chairman did not mention our 2 Paul Delegates. We had 35 votes, 33 for 'Romney' were only stated.

any alternates:?

for RP?? (that you know of )



5 - Paul


11 - Paul

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

thanks!! were you a delegate?

just wondering

Unfortunately I was not.

But it was not by my choice.

I have, however, contributed to the delegates in other ways, as well as help to build strong grassroots in various areas.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


IF you have ny contact info for any of the Maine delegates PLEASE!! CONTACT ME via contact


South Carolina

One Paul, 24 Romney

Dr. Mike Vasovski
South Carolina Campaign Chairman, Ron Paul 2012
The SINGLE vote in the SC delegation for RP, GOP Convention, Tampa, FL
2010 Candidate, US Congress SC-03
Past Chairman, Aiken, SC County Tea Party

any alternates from S. Carolina?

(or if you know how many alternates from all the states, send me a PM)


alternates from SC

Dr. Mike Vasovski
South Carolina Campaign Chairman, Ron Paul 2012
The SINGLE vote in the SC delegation for RP, GOP Convention, Tampa, FL
2010 Candidate, US Congress SC-03
Past Chairman, Aiken, SC County Tea Party


if you know... how many people in the delegation were pissed at Romney for the way in which he acted? (ie treating RP, screwing over RP delegates, or altering the rules to eliminate the grassroots??)

I would project around

I would project around 260-270 for Paul on the floor during roll call. Despite only grabbing 190 votes I would say that probably 70-80 Paul delegates felt that they were bound to the primary vote and casted their vote to Romney. Most notable would be in Virginia, where we dominated the congressional district conventions with 21-24 delegates, but during roll call McDonnell gave 43 out of 46 to Romney. I believe Colorado, an unbound state, only casted 8 votes for Paul when in reality we should have had around 15.

The number of delegates Ron had should be much higher because he was cheated out of delegates in Louisiana, Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

Oklahoma should have given us at least, what, 20+ from the CD conventions? We should have been awarded 25-26 in Louisiana. We should have had at least 15 in Oregon. At least a plurality in Massachusetts. And Maine, we all know the story from there.

So all in all the RNC stripped us of at least 95-100 delegates, so the total should have been closer to 400.

Just my analysis.


"Colorado, an unbound state, only casted 8 votes for Paul when in reality we should have had around 15."

We could have had up to around 12, if Paul had been on the ballot. Since that didn't happen, there was some horse trading and the state representatives/senators went with the status quo.
The delegation chair was pledged Santorum, and maybe would have gone for Paul on first ballot if that was available. Instead he traded his abstain for a Romney vote to allow our young Ron Paul delegate to announce the totals. He probably would have gone for Paul on first ballot because he was seriously upset with the RNC rules changes.

thank you for that

can you pm me>?? I have some more questions for you.
(were you a delegate/alternate?)

regarding lost delegates....

Massachusetts - Paul ended up with 11 delegates instead of 16. All voted for Romney because they had to. Regardless, only 5 were lost (I know 17 were lost at one time, but only half of those were delegates, and some got reinstated).

Oregon - No delegates were lost, only alternates. The Paul delegates voted for Romney because they were bound to him.

Maine - 10 were lost.

Louisiana - 10 were lost relative to what was considered to be won at the convention. It dropped from 27 to 17. 5 of the 17 were apparently bound to Romney, leading to the final vote of 12.

Oklahoma - It's hard to consider these lost because they were never won. There was just a hope that the GOP would recognize the alternate convention, but there wasn't much chance of that happening. There's an argument that 3 CD delegates were taken away. As for the rest at the state convention, not really.

Between MA, ME, OR, and LA, that's a total of 25. If you count OK (which I'd argue isn't really the same and shouldn't be counted), that would be another 25.

you know how many alternates in those states???


MA had 13 alternates

No idea on the other states.


I still don't understand Massachusetts. I spoke with a young Paul delegate who said he knew he was bound when he started the process, so he would vote as bound.

State law applies within the state. We were in Florida, so Massachusetts law did not apply.

State convention rules apply at the state convention. Once the RNC started, we were under RNC rules. My reading of RNC rules has me believe no delegate was bound at the RNC.

There wasn't any constructive talking to this guy - he was focused on drinking.

they had signed an affidavit

and said they would vote for Romney. They weren't going to try to pull a "we weren't in the state so your rules don't apply". It wasn't a state convention rule. It was a rule about what delegates were supposed to do at the national convention.

Whether or not delegates were actually bound at this convention, the new rules make it so there is zero ambiguity on that going forward. Delegates are now officially bound, and the RNC will enforce it. That only happened because people threatened to break the binding rules, encouraging the Romney legal team to push the rule to be strengthened.

because the RNC created a

because the RNC created a rule to specifically bound candidates in the future, we can deduce that the delegates were previously unbound.