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How Many -TOTAL- RP Delegates And Alternates Did RP Have From All 50 States And Territories?

From what states were they all from? Does anyone know this information?

Did all of them show up??

THIS INFORMATION IS VITAL (as will be known soon enough)

if no one knows, then does anyone know where this info can be found at?

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very good observation...

if they created a "rule" then that rule must have been to "stop" it from happening.

you could say that

There's a large area in between purely bound and purely unbound, though. The new rule is that the RNC enforces the binding at the national convention and won't allow delegates to break it. Pure unbinding means that a state cannot bind delegates, and if it does, the delegates can still do whatever they want no matter what anyone says. My opinion is that previously, it was somewhere in between those extremes, where states could bind delegates and states would have to enforce - if a state enforced their rules then the binding held - but if not the RNC wasn't going to step in and do it for them. In other words, the RNC permitted binding but didn't require it. I guess it's moot at this point, though. Binding is the way of the future.

ah, didn't think of that, but

ah, didn't think of that, but yes, it is a moot point, unfortunately.

Here are the numbers I caught

didn't bother counting the Romney votes (for obvious reasons)

Alaska 9
CO 8 abstained
GA 3
HI 3
IA 22 woo hoo!!
LA 12
ME 10
MI 4
MN 33 yeah!!
NV 17 RP 5 abstained
NH 3
ND 5
OK 6
RI 4
WA 5
WI 1

I missed Texas but I think it was 20 or 22
Virgin Islands I also missed (or they went to Romney, not sure)
Virginia..missed that too :/
Hope this helps!

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Virgin Islands

After the Paul rally Sunday afternoon, I sat on the bus next to the son of a VI delegate. His father was across the aisle. I couldn't get any information out of the father and the son seemingly knew nothing. When I asked the father "Did VI submit written notice of plurality for Paul?" he angrily responded "I don't want to talk about it."

What happened with VI?


and he was probably pissed, because it was like pulling teeth to get the signatures, or he was one of the people who didn't want the signing to take place. not sure. what was his name?


interesting! Wow, so after they stole Maine, how many states and territories ended up being for Ron Paul?


It was 6 states. Six states nominated him (or turned in their paper work, While their may have been more , who did not get signatures in time, 6 did.

Yea...that stinks to high heaven too.

About the same chance of that as Romney beating Ron Paul in his own district in the primary.


Guaranteed fraud.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

I think several didn't even show up at RNC

Texas only had 20, and I know there was more from the final day of TXGOP.

Texas had more than 20 Paul supporters

They just only had 20 that voted for him. Most weren't allowed to because of the state rules. A lot his supporters won delegate spots in the CD caucuses, but all of those winners were bound to Romney, and their votes automatically counted for him. Of the remaining delegates, there were roughly 50 that were allowed to vote for Ron Paul. 18 were bound to vote for him, and did. 2 others voted for Paul. Around 25 of them voted for Romney. A few voted for other random candidates.

I guess what I'm trying to say, though, is that you can't know by the vote total how many were Ron Paul supporters, because many of them cast ballots for Romney (and had no option to do otherwise).

any idea how many TX RP alternatees there were?

(and did all the RP delegates make it out to tampa?)

no, but I'll guess

I do not know what the numbers are. Texas is the state where the actual numbers were toughest to figure out. If I was a betting man, I would guess that roughly 50 of the delegates were Paul supporters and roughly the same number were alternates. I would bet that the vast majority who were elected showed up to the convention but that there might have been a 5-15% attrition rate.

ok so Texas only had 20 RP delegates?

or only 20 RP delegates from TX showed up?

what about RP alternates in TX?