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Hey Delegates, ask for a refund in Small Claims Court!


The GOP is a private party, has bylaws and rules which are used only to cheat, and money is required to participate.

I believe most Paulers were victims of cheating during this republican nomination process - at all levels. Sure, the level of cowardice and ignorance of the general mass was sickening. Sure, most of the people were too old and senile to see the bigger picture, and just flapped their seal-arms when told to by the chair. But, like claiming that a damning document is a fake: character assassination and ridicule (alinsky methods) are hard to counter on the spot. The perpetrators of this nation-wide scam are the types of people who usually fall prey to their own hands. What I'll call 'Hoisting on their own petard'.

What is the rhetorical counter to this?:

What nails them, on this one, is their greed of money. By charging people to participate, they are entering into a contract. If you buy tickets to a fair and the rides were all broken, you'd ask for a refund! If they don't refund your money, do you know what the recourse is?


If you have never filed a small claim:
It is a vehicle used to seek monies from a breach of a private contract, less than $5,000. eg, if you and a friend rent an apartment, and they skip town midway through the lease, you send a letter to their previously known address and ask for 'address service requested'. Your summons, through the court, will then be sent to them, and they are legally required to respond to the court.

We all paid money to participate in this fraud. The RNC national convention attendees paid, what, $1000 to attend. It wasn't to go to church service, it was to participate in a national convention, of a private party, pursuant to established and published rules.

It may not change the outcome, but, it will slap them on the face. And, by getting a large amount of cheated delegates their monies returned, they may be more hesitant to do it so egregiously next time.

Filing a claim is usually less then $50, and must be filed in a timely matter. It must be filed in the city/county where the private matter took place.

Good luck. Please send feedback to others if you choose this route. Please post your feedback of this, and also any experience you have in the matter.