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Letter to Ron Paul from Evan Cutler about the teleconference

My slightly edited letter to Dr. and Carol Paul today--edits noted with brackets.

Hello Dr. and Carol Paul,

I held a teleconference last night on the subject of your supporters persuading you back into the race Dr. Paul.

The response was overwhelming!

The short story is that [edited for privacy: many important members of the Libertarian party and campaign] contacted me, and they would do what it takes to have you on their ticket as a VP Candidate. They have spoken with [edited for privacy: ...and inform me] you will get the VP spot on their ticket if you will take it. The vast majority of their party activists and organizers want you. The infusion of energy your supporters will bring to that party will bring light to all you and they have worked for in a way that your mere endorsement will not.

The bigger story is that by my simply posting the link to our teleconference in our Private Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012 groups, and one post on the Lawyers for Paul group, I set off a firestorm. Word grew exponentially in just one day.

Our teleconference room was filled to capacity (1,000), with 1800+ people participating. It was live streamed and listened to by another 1,100 people on just one internet channel, and it was live streamed elsewhere.

Many of your National Delegates and State Activist Leaders were on the call, but also many Libertarians, Democrats, and Independents. This is just the beginning.

The people want you to give us two more months and help spread the message of liberty. There are of course concerns by some (particular those running for office), but there is a commitment by most to keep working in the Republican Party, and to do everything they can to convince you to run. My incoming email is more than I can handle, and our best Alaskan delegates and activists are working right now to put in new infrastructure and speed up the communication. You will see an immense wave of support in the coming days this week.

The Libertarian Party needs to hear from you soon, if this will work.

I can put you or your people in touch with them.

We NEED you not to give up. It’s not about winning the election, it’s about spreading the message of Liberty. If you will but give us two more months, you will magnify your life’s work and reach the largest audience yet. You will electrify your supporters and send an important message to those who would suppress fair participation in all parties. Your joining the Libertarian ticket will instantly get the polling up high enough that you will be included in the nationally televised debates. And we will bring tens of millions of dollars quickly to their struggling campaign. They are under attack by the Romney Campaign, trying to strip them of ballot access in several states, but they are in the very strongest position for your run…and your joining them will bring the support they need.

Besides, on the off chance that you actually win, being VP is a lot easier than President.

Please let me know what we can do to help convince you. I can send you the most pertinent communications I’ve received, and a link so you can hear our two hour call from last night for yourself. I can send you the call logs to prove I’m telling the truth.

We will keep trying to win your support for our support, Dr. Paul, We’ve worked too hard to quit now.

And remember, Miracles do happen! The Berlin Wall came down in a day! The Soviet Empire dissolved without a civil war! Women got the vote!

Everyone around the country tells me the only signs they really see are for Ron Paul. Your grassroots support is so much more than you know, especially if you are not on a Republican ticket.

We all know the risks to our progress in the Republican Party, but that movement won’t stop,

More good than harm will come from your taking this risk,

We need you to stand tall for Liberty sir, just a bit longer, please,



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Well written letter and a very informative teleconference. You are a true patriot. Now everyone sign that petition!!! Ron Paul 2012!!!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Excellent letter Evan

I hope you are able to verify his receipt.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Very well written, thank you.

I was surprised how emotional I got reading this. I was a bit torn last night thinking about a 3rd party run, but I finally came to the conclusion that the pros outweigh the cons. Even if he didn't win, it's more opportunity to expose people to the liberty movement on a national platform. And if we can elevate the LP out of 3rd party wilderness and break the 2 party stranglehold, I think that would be a great thing. If Dr. Paul decides he wants pass on the torch and retire as standard bearer, I respect that, too. He's certainly worked long and hard enough to deserve it. But if he decides to keep on pressing on, I'm 1000% behind him and will do whatever I possibly can to help.


It will be interesting to hear his response. I don't think he would feel comfortable personally to be tied to the decisions of another person. He rejected the notion of being John McCain's VP because if he attacked Iran then he would be so distraught that he would have to resign.

Great Job

I was on the call last night, Evan did a great job mediating. Thanks for stepping up to the plate to get a plan going and to empower people to continue the fight. If nothing comes of this, at least we tried. Ron Paul will understand.

I am disappointed that GJ

I am disappointed that GJ isn't willing to let Paul be the presidential nominee, but I agree that this is the next best option.

OK sooooo this is a great letter but.....

Evan... how do the private conversations you had with the Libertarian party folks square out with the circulated e-mail today from the Liberatarian party Chair? I am just really confused about these mixed messages. Yes, the e-mail did not read as "impossible" but rather "difficult" and then the LP Chair went on to write basically that RP supporters should just vote for GJ and it is regrettable we will not be able to vote for Dr. Paul. How does this square out with your information?

I think

from what I read, that the difficulty is that the delegates must vote to replace Judge (somebody I forget - the current VP) . In other words, the voice of the delegates must be respected in the LP and they would have to vote on this. There are possibly some states that would lose ballot acces for the LP as a result of this change. The GOP is currently working to kick Gary Johnson off the ballot in several states and they would probably ramp up their cheating if Dr Paul became a part of the ticket. I'm no expert, just read this somewhere else.

Bump, GREAT letter Evan! As to the Examiner article,

it is written by another clearly biased Johnson partisan whose title is "Libertarian Examiner" meaning his specialty is coverage of the Libertarian Party. The email from the chair of the Libs says "In short, the LNC does not have the authority under our Bylaws to change the ticket unless “for cause”."

Of course this means the Libertarian National Committee cannot just do whatever it wants. But a meeting of the candidates in which one decided to step aside for Ron Paul would certainly constitute "cause."

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