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3rd Party Ron Paul is risky, short-sighted and selfish.

I've been paying attention and actively informing my friends, family and others about the causes of liberty since late 2011. I'm very young — 17 years old. Here's my opinion on the subject of Ron Paul running on a 3rd party ticket:

It's extraordinarily risky, short-sighted and selfish.

For starters, Ron Paul was the person who woke me up to the causes of liberty, as I'm sure lots of others who visit this forum were affected by him too. Ron Paul has done his job; the movement is alive and well. Most importantly, too: the movement is not Ron Paul.

In pushing Ron Paul as a 3rd party candidate, we're putting 100% of our eggs in one basket and handing that basket to a fox: the establishment. The corruption transcends party lines and encompasses pretty much everything, including the media.

You can be sure that the media will frame the Liberty movement as blindly following a man, Ron Paul, instead of the ideas of liberty, and in turn disenfranchise the party-line voters who we're so desperate to enlighten. They would frame us as being sore losers and betraying the GOP, and we'd lose everything we've worked so hard to build in the GOP.

It's sad to say that we live in a two party system, but that reality exists right now. We need to be able to take over one of the parties — which we are, the GOP, and effect change through that.

To summarize: If Ron Paul were to get on the 3rd party ticket with the Libertarians, we'd spook a lot of people who are hardliner Republican voters who are open to our ideas right now, and are the people we need to bring on our side, not to mention all the candidates endorsed by Paul being portrayed as traitors because Paul chose a 3rd party.

People in the GOP are on our side for sure, because Ron Paul is and will be seen as a martyr for our movement, highlighting the rampant corruption and giving everyone a righteous indignation, because the grassroots of the Republican Party IS under threat from the Establishment. Everybody loves an underdog.

We need to send a message to the Republican Establishment, and by extension the Establishment as a whole. We need to send a message that we will not waver, we will not yield, we will not leave. We will stay in the Republican party, because WE ARE THE FUTURE, whether they accept it or not. You can NOT stop an idea whose time has come.

By staying in the Republican party, we're denying them what they want: us to walk away.

For liberty,
Devin Grayson

-----The point of this article is not to vote for Romney, by all means, vote for Gary Johnson, write Ron Paul's name or not vote at all, just don't force Ron Paul to do something that he does not want to do and in addition to that ruin our movement. Post comments here and read some of them, I respond to lots!-----

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I'll up-vote you for one reason -

for being 17 and having the guts to put your thoughts forth regardless of the actions of those that find it easy to click a mouse and down-vote something because they just don't like to face a thought that is uncomfortable and not welcome in their "Ron Paul will still win the presidency" fantasy.

It may very well possible

Third party or not depends on what Ron Paul decision might be.
If Ron Paul agrees then let's try to make it happened.

In the end, the present GOP

In the end, the present GOP and the liberty movement will be different parties, the only question is whether we take over the GOP and kick them out or splinter into a 3rd party and move out ourselves.

I don't see that it much matters.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Your Absolutely Right!

".....We will become the tent!"




Top 5 Reasons Why You're Wrong

{ fanfare ... drumroll }

5. A lot of Democrats like Ron Paul but cannot get past the stigma of brand "GOP"

4. A lot of Independents like Ron Paul but many are at the fringes of the system about to drop completely out ( myself included ) and we're done taking the piles of crap from the two-party monopoly based on the false hope that they will throw us some of their table-scraps: they treat us liberty folks like trash

3. We make our reality and I for one am building a new reality where the corporate whore media is out of business, where party labels are meaningless to an informed electorate and where Fully Informed Juries Actively nullify bogus "laws" and over-zealous "enforcement" while States actively defend their residents against outrageous federal bullies

2. The GOP are not your friends. Don't waste another election cycle beating your head against this brick wall of neo-con brainwashing. The secret government is right there behind the scenes so painfully obvious now no sane person can say that's a "theory" anymore

1. If we can win we can be free again and that's a powerful motivation. If we can break the two-party stranglehold and the CIA lurking in the background only then can this country start to turn around. How fun would it be to do a condensed super-intense six-week version of our rloveution ? I would enjoy that A LOT :)


Devin, I hope that doesn't

Devin, I hope that doesn't mean you are voting for Romney. I don't get this be nice attitude. We have just been robbed and raped. We need to punish the GOP. That doesn't mean we can't do it with stealth. But please do not reward the nasty neocons and the establishment by voting for this phony.

Can't you chew gum and clap your hands at the same time?

We stay in the republican party everywhere we are at and at the same time support Ron Paul with everything we have at our disposal fervently to get him into the WH with Gary Johnson.

That was hard to figure out.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

I dare say

that I agree. The best way to break up the boys club is not to start another boys club with less people, it's to get into the boys club and change it or break it up! So many people follow the boys club because they think it means something it doesn't. They need to realize that.

Vote your conscious.

I love Ron Paul but dude is old, dude HATES politics and dude has done enough. It's time for us to follow his example and show people in the Republican Party that they have been usurped by religious fanatics, fascists and corporatist war-mongers and in a generation the majority will be with us while the old guard sits in their studies calling in every favor as they slowly realize that it is too late for them to retain power.

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."

I'm sorry, but I have to

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. I am not going to vote for either Stalin or Hitler. And that's the choice given us by the two major parties - which in reality, is just one party with two heads.

As long as we play their game, trying to find the lesser of two evils, as the candidates become more and more evil, things are going to deteriorate. Our economy will continue down the tubes. more undeclared wars, more loss of sovereignty, further destruction of our civil liberties, and more perversion.

The candidates being foisted on the public today could not have been imagined thirty or forty years ago. That's how far we have sunk. And the candidates of a few decades ago were no paragons of virtue.

It's not about a man, its about freedom. And there is only one candidate who stands for freedom. How could we even consider voting for anyone else?

Your warping everything I say

You're warping everything I say into making it be "Vote for Obama or Romney, that's our only choice now."

I say vote for GJ, don't vote, write in Ron Paul, whatever. Just don't MAKE him run third party when he clearly doesn't want to, because one, it's rude and two, it'll kill our movement. Our movement is BIGGER than this one election.

Too Late

"What we learned from the

"What we learned from the convention is that Mitt Romney is a dictator who expects obedience and does not tolerate even the mere appearance of dissent. More ominously, he is also a rules lawyer who is more than willing to smash the spirit of the game while rewriting its rules any time it appears to suit his interests. From keeping important party figures such as Ron Paul and Sarah Palin off the podium to refusing to recognize the duly-elected delegates from Maine, from changing the party rules on the fly to indulging in a Soviet-style vote count in which only votes for Romney were reported, it is clear that Mitt Romney is even more inclined toward authoritarian rule than Barack Obama has ever shown himself to be.

"It is deeply ironic that paranoid Republicans, who suspect Obama of secretly planning to circumvent the law in order to rule the country with an iron fist, should turn to Mitt Romney to save them when Romney has already shown his ready willingness to do the very thing they fear. Romney’s ruthless actions at the Republican convention show every sign that in turning to him, America will be jumping out of the frying pan and right into the fire.

When attempting to understand what truly motivates an individual, it is always important to pay more attention to his actions than to his words. This is particularly true in the case of Mitt Romney, whose words are often in direct contradiction to those he has uttered in the past. In this light, perhaps we should appreciate Mitt Romney’s dictatorial actions at the Republican National Convention, as they have provided America with a fair warning about the kind of president he is likely to be."

This was quoted on another thread from a conservative weekly. It tells us that abuse of power is a problem with both candidates. Americans need a third choice. The parties are not what they were. We have to face the facts and not be sentimental. There is too much at stake. Ron Paul should run if he can find a way to do it.


Ok how much is Romney paying you for these kinds of articles?

Principle over everything.


How much is Romney paying you

How much is Romney paying you to walk away from the GOP and everything we built?

Are you happy that a new Vice Chair was appointed in the RNC?

Do you know who it is? Do some research on that.

You can stay and "work" with the GOP and RNC profit driven private corporation.

I'll be doing something productive educating and enlightening those interested in the Liberty movement.

Running 3th party

is the only way to show GOP how big mistake thy did on RNC. Highly educational and the most rational solution for enlarging the movement at the moment, after GOP changed the rules.

Shameless self-bump.

Shameless self-bump.

Let's not REACT emotionally, let's ACT logically. If Ron Paul were to get on a 3rd party ticket, it'd jeopardize everything we've worked so hard for, and jeopardize every liberty candidate running for local office because they'd be painted as traitors by the media.

reacting emotionally was what

reacting emotionally was what the gop did when they forced ron out of the party by removing his delegates. if he runs third party he can expose what they did and inform normal americans what the two party system is about.

The Establishment actually

The Establishment actually acted logically by making those rules changes because they knew people like you would react emotionally and make him run third party, where the media would characterize that as us leaving the GOP, ruining our movement.

"It does not take a majority

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

Samuel Adams

It goes for the bad guys too.

They're a minority too. It's just a quote.

You don't have to change voter registrations to vote for a third

party candidate, or work for anyone you want. You will never convert some hard-line Republicans who will always support any war and any fascist legislation. It's a mindset of about 20% of the population and that will never change. Their will always be voters for fascist Neocons, because it is a psychological problem, not a political one. We will deal with the other 80% and bring new people into the party and replace the hardliners. No one is walking away.

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

A forest fire gives way to new growth...

At one time there was no Republican party and at some point in the future there will be no Republican party. Nothing man-made lasts long (relatively speaking). Just as new growth comes forth over a burn scar...so too will a new party arise when the Republican party fails. We just need more of the old generation to die-off. The young people get it. That is why Dr. Paul is received like a prophet on college campuses. The young people see with naive and innocent eyes...their minds have not yet been fully turned over to fascism by the unrelenting forces of mass media and social conditioning. Freedom will ...ultimately...prevail. For all men want to be free...deep in their hearts. The modern day Republican party stands in opposition to freedom and liberty. Sad but true.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
- President John F. Kennedy


The thing people are forgetting is that RP ENDURED this **** for 30 years, and I would have a select few words for anyone that can't survive a single convention.
There is a REASON their fighting so hard to fight us off.

The people from NC are reorganizing for the coming year, and I would only ASSUME that the other states can hold it together just as well.

I know that some of them were effectively [Deleted] from the Roster, but that only gives them MORE fuel, not less

Vote for GJ, hell, vote for Obama if you want. Just don't give up.

Good argument. I am not sure

Good argument. I am not sure you convinced me but I will definitely agree that it is risky.

People that are voting this down: WHY? (I'm curious)


You lost me at "The media will..."

"The media will frame the Liberty movement as blindly following..."
"They would frame us as being sore losers..."

Do you think any revolution can take place with the media still in charge of public opinion? Do you honestly think people can both trust the media and be pro-liberty at the same time? The media will do what the media will do. It's up to the individual whether he or she is mature enough to form their own opinions, independent of the media.

"Ron Paul has done his job..."
Ron Paul had "done his job" long before his 2012 run. That doesn't mean he can't always do more if he sees fit. It's up to him. All we can do is show we'd support him.

Many people only base their

Many people only base their decisions off what they hear from the media. Many, many many people trust the media and blindly follow them.

What I'm arguing is that we don't give anything for the media to work with, as they will try to take as much out of context to discredit us as possible. Look at the Nebraska "Ron Paul's final chance" fiasco, or the stupid Newsletter fiasco?

The media is in cohorts with the establishment, and will do everything it can to suppress us, in turn turning potential people we could pull in off, because they trust the media 100%.

You are right. I agree it gives "them" ammunition, but...

...it's because "they trust the media 100%" that they are a lost cause. So why are you worried about losing someone who was never attainable in the first place?

If at the end of the day a person is always going to allow the media to trump all other information sources simply by saying "2 + 2 = 5" then they can't be helped, and therefore, are not worth worrying about being "spooked" away.

The benefits of a potential 3rd party run, outweigh the costs of potentially losing favor with someone who lacks the faculties to be on our side in the first place.

I don't give a crapola how we get Ron Paul as Potus

and I really don't care what Republican Fraudsters we offend! The two political twins have not the brains to fix this Country! They don't realize all the problems are tied to the FED in some way. Only Ron Paul has the knowledge and the guts to fix what is ailing this country!

After being a Republican for 40 years, I say screw them we owe them nothing!

I just email Ron Paul asking to please consider 3 party run, all that read this should do the same! This is our last chance for real freedom!

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe