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Stand Up NC Delegates

Mr. Hayes,

Thank you for responding to my email. I have a great deal of concern with the way you handled the breakfast meeting for the North Carolina Delegation to the RNC, on August 27th.

I watched a one hour long video recording, posted to YouTube, of the meeting on August 27th. At this meeting you proposed an amendment to Rule #15 (changed to Rule #16). I found your statements to be biased, not completely forthcoming, and frankly; I also found your behavior to be a bit bullying. For example: you attempted to assassinate the character of Mr. Morton Blackwell, after his speech to the delegates. I observed one instance when a delegate stood to speak in opposition, reading the new Amendment, (Rule #16) you walked over, stood closely behind him, and put your hand upon his shoulder in an intimidating fashion.

Several times throughout the meeting you made reference to the person filming, and asked them to stop, "because the liberals may" take something from the footage and misconstrue it. I believe in total transparency in all political gatherings, and I believe that you were merely afraid to have your handling of the meeting on tape. Mr. Hayes, men are proud of their good deeds and want all to see, it is the deeds in which men know will bring them shame that they so desperately wish to conceal.

I also observed several times in which you tried to limit and stifle the debate from those within the Delegation who opposed the Amendment. What I observed was you railroading through this Amendment before there was proper discussion. This was an Amendment that fundamentally changes the Republican Party more drastically than any amendment or rule change in GOP history.

In essence, I think your handling of that meeting warrants your removal as chairman. I believe it is clear that you were biased on the Amendment, limited time for debate, engaged in character assassination of Mr. Blackwell, and engaged in tactics of bullying and intimidation. I believe your advocation for the Amendment to Rule #15, (now Rule #16), shows poor judgment and/or a philosophical difference, but does not necessarily warrant your removal. It is solely on the grounds of your handling of this meeting that I request your removal.

I will be glad to setup a time in which we can speak on the phone if you so wish. Again, thank you for your timely response.

Link to the video of the meeting posted to YouTube:


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