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An Open Letter to the Liberty Movement

Friends, Patriots, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Disillusioned Republicans and Democrats, or anyone of like mind who refuses to label themselves,

Benjamin Franklin once said “We must all hang together, or we will most certainly all hang separately.”

Greetings, my name is Matthew Showers, I am a recently appointed adjunct instructor in the subject of History at the Community College level in the great state of New Mexico, a state which I have adopted but who’s Republican party I will not be joining anytime soon after this year’s convention. I have passionately supported the message of Dr. Ron Paul since 2007 when I first became aware of him. I suppose it was easier for me than most to associate with Dr. Paul as I am quite used to being as an outsider or, as I tend to prefer, “fringe personality.” I have donated my scant earnings to his efforts even before achieving gainful employment and I have educated myself and others whenever I felt it would be appropriate and effective. I have done my best to be an ambassador of the doctor’s message and apologized to those I offended only when I felt I had lost myself in the passion of the moment and absolutely no other time. I felt the onslaught of emotions that doubtlessly many of you felt in the past weeks and I speak now to any of you who will hear me out.

I am both disappointed and outraged, yet also encouraged and determined having seen the Republican National Convention. I watched the convention with full knowledge that the corrupted politics and shady tactics the establishment practice would likely carry the day. I have long heard the folly and arguments of establishment Republicans and other adherents to this utterly broken two-party system we endure in the United States. I have born the harsher taunts of establishment Democrats who also adhere to the two-party system and write us off as the ultimate crazies. I have been emotionally battered and bruised, and all the while attempting to remind myself that I must maintain greater integrity than they as I am still in the minority. But I say to you that even today when the Republican establishment celebrates its dubious victory, I am less fatigued than before. I heard the harmonious responses of Paul delegates chanting in unison after each state’s total of Romney’s delegates–making sure that Dr. Paul got his delegate-count heard by those on the floor and by any TV-viewer caring enough to listen. And I then knew that we were stronger, more united, more steadfast and more determined than ever. We remain defiant and strong as a cohesive movement, a state of being that created our nation in the face of staggering odds against the well-established British monarchy of the Hanoverian dynasty.

We have grown together, and separately I imagine, in great leaps and bounds over the last four years–far more than anyone for or against us dared dream–and we have made headlines nd turned heads. We have shown the country and the world (if we consider Poland!) that we are no longer content to toss the hot potato of the two-party system back and forth between right and left (red and blue) hands because we have realized that we get burned no matter what and will never get to feed our hungry bellies with said potato. We have outgrown this Two-party façade and refuse to be defined as a collective by the party-lines established by a few privileged elites. No, my compatriots, we have been made aware and we now know better than ‘red and blue.’ That doesn’t even make any sense to me anymore...

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