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Somebody said, "The Revolution Is Just Beginning"

What we've just witnessed in Tampa...
The culmination of all the petty crimes against liberty during the primary...

It's time for us to take our anger and resolve to keep tearing down the facade of lies presented as truths.

Every stronghold of tyranny... confronted peaceably...

Do Not Under-estimate the great service our delegates performed by crystalizing the corruption for the world to see.

It's no longer some delusional conspiracy theory that these parties are corrupt to the core.

We've drawn them out.

Forced their filthy hands.

And they are now exposed and on record as exposed.

Romney's Defeat is Job #1.

That will bring the unprovoked attack on liberty, the grassroots and patriots.

Remember the slap from Rudy Giuliani that catapulted Ron Paul into the minds of thinking Americans.

Welcome the "slaps".