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Ron Paul To Announce Run for The US Senate?

Ron Paul may announce that he will Run for the united states senate.

Dr. No is poised to create the new Alamo by drawing a line in the sand, right thu the US senate as the new Senator from Texas.

A real Texas showdown on the horizon as Communist dictator Barack Obama and fascist dictator wannabe, Mitt Romney, both backed by the 1% NeoCons. Awake to shock waves of Paul's pending announcement...

2 million Ron Paul campaign workers assemble to the ready, as a call to action in Texas looms.

Paul's battle hardened campaign army stand ready to rip the neocons from the roots of power and propel Paul as the most powerful republican in united states history!

Ron Paul is the liberty republican that woke the world.

The Ron Paul Revolution Marches on!

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Run Against Harry Reid (D-NV)

He would have 4 years to build up a war chest and he would be well-received here in Nevada where the GOP is so much about Ron Paul that TPTB had to form a shadow GOP called Team America or something like that. Reid only won in 2010 with 50.3% of the vote so he is very vulnerable.


This is EXACTLY What I have been trying to Suggest !!!

I made 3 posts about it here and called into several "talk shows" and didnt get anywhere with people. (guess its ME, because it sure sounds like a GREAT IDEA !!)

Ohh and why not look outside Texas?? N.H. has a Seat up for grabs and The people there LOVE The Man....or what about Iowa where he TOOK THE STATE?? or Minnesota where he took 90% of the Delegates...or NV.

And this Race would only cost like $7 or $8 Million FRNs thats chump change for US...2 or 3 small Money bombs would Lock and Load his Guns for the Run!

Lol wtf?

Some ppl don't understand elections....like...at all on here.

Ron Paul endorsed Ted Cruz, and the primaries are already over.

People are just talking out their @$$es at this point


Not in this election...he's

Not in this election...he's not on the ballot.


He endorsed Ted Cruz and there is already a Libertarian as well.

why not

why not? yes he endorsed Ted Cruz. I hope everyone saw Ted's speech at the RNC. I was not impressed with him at all. I think even Ron is regretting endorsing him.