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Can't we all agree why we're here?

I've been reading a lot of discouraging posts and comments telling others what to do and where we go now. Should Ron run with Gary Johnson? Should he just retire and endorse someone?
Can't we all agree that we are here because of a deep respect we have for one Dr. Ron Paul? That we will all be watching his interview with Leno Tuesday night and seeing if he will give us some guidance on where we should go?
We can say that the movement will go on without him, and that our passion is not for a man, but for a movement. But the truth is we are here because of him! If we're not, I request that this website change it's name.
I just want to ask that we stop fighting each other over our next steps. I personally will be throwing my support behind Gary Johnson. I've been researching him quite a bit and I am convinced that he's not Ron Paul, but that he's the closest thing to him. He does not have the benefit of the years that Ron has, and he is not a veteran. But he is a former businessman who actually created jobs, and didn't just dismantle jobs like a certain Republican nominee.
But that's not why we're here. We're here because we found Ron Paul refreshing and he was different. Let's stop telling each other what to do then.