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"EvanAlaska" Update on the Draft Dr. Paul Campaign

There has been a lot of excitement (and confusion) regarding our Teleconference this past Sunday.

The response so far has been overwhelming! We are working on a new webpage and facebook group which will be opened late tomorrow night. Trusted members of Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012 are helping now, as the response has grown exponentially.

You can share our most current information: Here is the teleconference link: https://www.facebook.com/events/343258709094797/

Updates first, then details on the conference.

»»» Ron Paul needs to hear from people this week! «««

Email Congressman Ron Paul


Offices of Ron Paul open this week Tuesday through Friday

203 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone Number: (202) 225-2831

122 West Way, Suite 301
Lake Jackson, TX 77566
Phone Number: (979) 285-0231

1501 Mockingbird Lane, Suite 229
Victoria, TX 77904
Phone Number: (361) 576-1231

Petition to Sign
»»» Ron Paul, Please Run as an Independent or Libertarian «««

13,644 signatures as of Monday 4:08pm central


Big push for a Ron Paul 2012 Independent/Third Party run:
we need 20,000 signatures by Tuesday!

Tuesday, Sept 4th, 1PM: The Tonight Show with RON PAUL

Show Dr. Paul in person your support for him to keep up the fight - SIGN BOMB Starts at 1pm - Outside the Jay Leno Show Studio, Burbank CA.
(Note: Inquire about free parking lot up hill from studio entrance ~ mod)

From Calvin Lee, California Organizer:

This is your chance to see Ron Paul again especially if you missed the Tampa Rally. INVITE & GO VIRAL!

We are here to show Dr. Ron Paul support if he so chooses to run for president as a third party candidate. His convictions throughout the last 30 years have changed the American political climate for the better. Top priority issues like the 16 Trillion dollar national debt, abolishing the Federal Reserve, Constitutionality, civil liberties, and internet freedom are now at the forefront of political policies and actually matter to the youth, all thanks to the tireless efforts of Dr. Paul.

The welcoming committee will meet and sign bomb will take place on corner of Bob Hope Drive and Parkside Avenue (address and phone number of the studio at the bottom)

Sign Bomb Starts at 1pm

Get your tickets now!

Los Angeles Grassroots will be having a debriefing right outside the Leno studios (#11) in Jonny Carson Park so please plan to stay for that event.

If you can't get ticket confirmations, make sure you get to the ticket center early in the morning at 6-8am to wait for standby tickets.

Monday Update: I have it on high authority with the Libertarian Campaign that they are open to Dr. Paul as VP, and will poll their state organizers, leaders and executive committee to make sure there is agreement, should Dr. Paul accept our plea.

In the meantime, our efforts to try to win Dr. Paul's support are not in vain.

Dr. Paul will have to let the Libertarian Party know of his interest ASAP due to certain ballot access timing restricitons--please encourage him to stand tall and soon. I'll add a list of things to do to this post a bit later today.

Also, the response has been so overwheming that we have created a team of trusted activists from our work here in Alaska to help improve the communications. We will soon have a website up with all the best and most up to date information, as well as a Facebook Group just for this effort. Look for another update here tonight with email, phone, and website information.

I'll copy a letter I sent to Dr. Paul today, so you can see my own message. Everyone has a different view of course, and you are entitled to it, with mutual respect.

In the meantime, the vast majority of feedback I'm getting from Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, and Independents alike is that this is a worthy and widely supported effort, so it will continue.

Pessimists, and others who disagree, we understand and respect your doubts and concerns, but we are going to keep trying, because it feels right. It is a free society, and we are doing what we can to preserve and spread the message of Liberty now, not 4 years from now.

Thank you to everyone who is positive and working on this option! Keep recruiting more!

PS It's Labor day today, so be patient with calls--you will get through to Dr. Paul's offices better tomorrow.
Sunday Night Update: The Sunday Call had 1804 callers, according to the call detail. The room only holds 1,000 people, so some people got disconnected and they called back or were displaced. There is clearly wide demand for this effort.

If you would like to hear the Sunday night teleconference, the contact info is below:
For those who missed the call and would like to hear it, here is the playback number, you can call in and replay the entire two hour call. Conference Playback Information
Playback Number: (559) 726-1299
Access Code: 811476

The next (second) call is Thursday at:

5:00 PM ALASKA TIME That is:
6:00 PM Pacific
7:00 PM Mountain
8:00 PM Central
9:00 PM Eastern, for those who might be confused. I apologize for any mistakes made in earlier annoucements.

As posted before, I spoke with Dr. Paul Saturday about continuing the fight by running on a third party ticket. I will continue to share what he said to me and let you know what needs to be done to make this happen. It can happen, but it's going to take some work. If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in:

Conference dial-in number: (559) 726-1200

Participant access code: 811476

We will also have at least one live stream over the internet for those who can't attend by phone, and will again record the call for people who can't make it.

Evan Cutler, Organizer
Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012 (http://www.alaskans4ronpaul2012.org/)

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OK, sent my e-mail

to RP's Congressional office - urging him to consider taking
either the presidential or vice-presidential LP candidacy.

Did not sign the petition, as it is pledging to write RP in, which
would be a waste as far as I can tell. I'm planning to vote LP,
but Constitution or Green would be far better than the Obamney
non-choice or a meaningless write-in (IMHO)..

Do run, run Ron!

You know that pesky little

You know that pesky little line in Article 1 Section 9 of the US Constitution that talks about the government suspending habeas corpus in a state of rebellion or invasion? If you didn't know it was from the Constitution, I bet many of you would have found the idea rather far-fetched, perhaps to say the least. It seems to go against your principles, that the government has no right whatsoever to suspend habeas corpus. Perhaps it was wrong of the Founding Fathers to include this in our Constitution. But beyond the surface of that individual example, you can see that they were making an attempt at being reasonable. I've come to find reasonableness quite a tricky thing. Many times, it seems right to be more "reasonable" or "practical" than to adhere strictly to principle.

Let me get to the point. In the exact same fashion of being reasonable instead of strictly principled, perhaps me might ask ourselves to look at the state of our country right now. Yes, we all know that Dr. Paul has already done so unbelievably much. That he owes us nothing to begin with. In principle, I could not ask that of him. But I cannot ignore the state of my country - the world that I see my children coming to live in. Dr. Paul, whether he likes it or not, is by far the best tool we have to educate people, and as Dr. Paul himself says, this is a war of ideas - with education being the most effective means of winning the war. Practically and reasonably speaking, my principle of wishing the best for humanity and for my family and all of our future generations, out of such unconditional love, decidedly outweighs my principle in showing Dr. Paul the respect to make his own decisions and not ask things of him. It would be a different story if Dr. Paul had a significant reason for not running third party or, if not running third party, starting to really talk about things like 9/11, the Bohemian Grove, etc - all things that would be extremely beneficial to our cause right now, but I can't think of any reason significant enough. After thirty long years spent unveiling to the public the true colors of the most powerful and unforgiving people on earth, I just can't bare to think that now, of all times, something like being tired or fearing for his or his family's life would hinder Ron Paul in delivering the message he was born to deliver. It just doesn't make sense.

And I guess all I'm saying is that maybe it doesn't make sense to ask Dr. Paul to carry on. But it doesn't make sense that he wouldn't. And in watching the lives of my country, community, friends, and family dangling by the proverbial thread, I don't care what makes sense. We all need, more than most anything, Dr. Paul to continue educating people in the most effective way possible - which, to me, seems to be through an independent run and, if not, speaking about things much more boldly.


optimystic's picture

It's an Insult

to ask Dr. Paul to run as Gary Johnson's VP candidate. If Johnson was to step aside or accept the VP position, I'm all in!

Debbie's picture

If Ron Paul is not endorsing GJ, why would he run as his VEEP?

I wouldn't want him as anybody's VEEP. That is not his place!


Evan has worked his hind end off for Ron Paul.

I worked with Evan on "DVDs for Delegates" in 2008. Even worked 16-20 hours a day with pneumonia on that effort. Evan and I had strong disagreements on strategy in 2008 (I wanted to address the torture issue directly; Evan did not); so, I am NOT a big cheerleader for Evan. However, I respect Evan, and I do NOT respect Jesse Benton.

All I can say is that you continue to do a disservice to this movement when you attack loyal RP with whom you disagree.

I will be up front with you. I plan to vote for Gary Johnson, despite my reservations, whether or not Ron Paul runs third party IF Ron Paul retains Jesse Benton. Benton is CLEARLY the enemy here.

Hey Evan, Awesome job with

Hey Evan,

Awesome job with everything and with the conference call. I was on for the entire time.

However, we are squandering our chance by pushing Ron for VEEP. The campaign has stated at least twice, most recently today, that Ron will not be endorsing Johnson. That is all the VEEP spot really is - an endorsement of Johnson. Ron has never endorsed a pro-choice person for POTUS. In fact, since 1976 he has only endorsed 3 people for POTUS. Ronald Reagan. Pat Buchanan. Chuck Baldwin. We should be asking for a total LP shakeup - with Gary following through with his offer to step aside. If Judge Gray and Gary both resign, the LP can give Ron the top spot and Johnson the VEEP.

Two days before your conference call I posted here saying exactly the same thing. A very close friend of mine, who talks to Ron often indicated a third party run was not completely being ruled out.

Sore loser laws do not apply to President. except for very few states. We are voting for electors, not an actual candidate. The biggest challenge is to get the LP to shakeup their ticket before its completely too late. Pushing Ron as VEEP to Johnson is a waste of time, Ron has NEVER, EVER supported a social liberal like Johnson for POTUS. We still have a chance and a very narrow window, but it has to be lobbying for Ron at the top of the ticket. Perhaps the Constitution Party is possible as well, this afterall is who Ron endorsed in 2008.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

Why are you praising Evan?

Ron Paul never stated any intent to run on the LP ticket in ANY position.

This is entirely fabricated. And, frankly, it's extremely disrespectful to Dr. Paul to imply he said or did something he did not say or do.

So, Evan had a conference call.
a) anyone can host a conference call as there are all kinds of free conference call numbers these days
b) the conference call was about an implied rumor, nothing the good Dr. ever said or did

It's distasteful frankly.

Maybe you missed it? Evan

Maybe you missed it?

Evan spoke personally with Ron and Carol on the telephone the day before the conference call.

I also have personal confirmation (a very good friend who speaks with Ron often and asked him) that Ron has not ruled out a third party run.

Of course that does not mean Ron is going to do it. However, nothing wrong with letting Ron know we are with him if he decides to do it. That is all Evan is promoting---Some lobbying to make it possible logistically and some encouragement so Ron knows we are with him all the way.

I agree Ron as VEEP is lunacy. It will only work with Ron at the top. Indeed a very long shot, but something, up until now, Ron has refused to completely rule out.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

It's the dishonesty that's the problem.

People saying hey, let's all work to draft RP for X and see what he says is one thing.

But LYING and saying "Ron Paul has committed to do X, if you just do Y." is a LIE and is quite another. And that's precisely what's going on here: a LIE saying that RP has committed to something that he has not in order to recruit help to do what the LIAR wants to do.

Do you understand that?

Representing rumor as fact in order to deceive people is LYING and not something that RP would condone AT ALL.

It is completely disrespectful of RP and his legacy.

I agree. Dishonesty is bad.

I agree. Dishonesty is bad. However, Evan has never said Ron has committed to anything. I was on the entire conference call. All he said was that he personally spoke with Dr. Paul by telephone and that Ron did not rule out running third party. With that glimmer of hope (farfetched though it may be) there is nothing wrong with promoting what Ron did not take the opportunity to shut the door on. I am not sure what you think is dishonest about any of that.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

Deliberately deceiving people is lying.

If you imply that Dr. Paul WOULD go LP ......

.... if only supporters would draft him

and then you represent your implication or inference as FACT, when there is no evidence, in order to DECEIVE people into doing something you want, THAT'S CALLED LYING.

Did Dr. Paul DIRECTLY TELL EVAN OR ANYONE that he would go LP if enough people drafted him into doing it?


To my knowledge Evan did not

To my knowledge Evan did not say any thing about Ron committing. I was on the the call from start to finish.

I think the notion that Dr. Paul could run if he felt he had enough support is more about hope than dishonesty.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

I can appreciate that.

As long as no one misleads anyone that Dr. Paul has made ANY IMPLICATION that he would run LP or anything else if people do what Evan is trying to lead them to do.

If people engage in Evan's undertaking OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL and WITH FULL INFORMATION that there is ZERO commitment from Dr. Paul, well, it's still a free country.

wolfe's picture


This post used to have a statement saying "Ron Paul said if he had the support he would run third party."

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

FBI_Exposer Ω - I am calling YOU out.

Maybe I missed something in this forever thread. But I don't recall anybody LYING about ANYTHING.

Nobody said that Ron Paul has "committed" to do anything x y or z. Do YOU understand that?

Furthermore, this is not direspectful. This is a polite request, that LP, RP or GJ can all decline if they wish.

This is about being f&ck3d up the a$$ in Tampa, and trying to unite forces with the LP camp to get numbers in the qualifying range to at least be able to debate and spread our messages of Liberty. Option 2: quit, sit back and let the romney/obama faction control the masses.

We are individuals that make up a grassroots looking for alternatives in this near-impossible battle. Give US the courtesy and the respect to at least try something positive rather than spouting off negatively.

I am sorry that this is a heated post. Maybe we both need a cold beer and time away for a while. But I can't, I WON'T rest until all options have been exhausted, and certainly not until after November. MY voice was silenced in Tampa! I'll be *** DAMNED if I let them shut me up again!!

Finally, I commend Evan for taking the lead on this. If he hadn't, I would have.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Well here you go....


Op entitled (as of Mon, 09/03/2012 - 15:15)
"Conference Call: Dr. Paul is Willing, Seeking Indications of His Support for Third Party Run."

Did the Op poster make this up?
Or did he hear on the conference call that "Dr. Paul is willing, seeking indications of support for third party run" on the conference call?

If that's what the poster HEARD ON THE CONFERENCE CALL, then they LIED on the conference call.

Regardless of what you FEEL "this is about," it is just a RUMOR that Dr. Paul indicated or implied he would run LP.

If you represent rumor as fact in order to deceive people into doing what you want, THEN YOU HAVE LIED.

Do you understand that?

I was on the conference call.

I was on the conference call. Evan did not say that. What you have linked to is somebody's personal perception, clouded by their own wishful thinking.

Didn't you play that game in school where a story is passed from person to person to see how much it changes?

The conference call is available for you to listen to in full. Perhaps you have the responsibility to listen to it before you start calling the guy who organized it a liar. Otherwise you are calling your own integrity into question.

I do not know Evan Alaska..However I was on the call for the entire time..He NEVER once said Ron had committed to anything.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

I was on the call too. From start to finish.

RonPaulRocks1, you are correct. I am not disputing that, or you.

I am however, disputing FBI_Exposer Ω and what he had outlined using his own words, and that of another post(er). Evan never stated any such thing.

This conversation is childish and instigative. Therefore, I stop.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Fair enough...

...as long as people are not deceived into believing that Dr Paul SAID he would do X, if people do Y, then you are right.

That said there are some posters here on DP doing just that.

And I would agree with you

And I would agree with you that those who do that are irresponsible.

I just did not want Evan in Alaska to be painted in such a way, since his efforts seem to be genuine.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

No. Here YOU go:

"But LYING and saying "Ron Paul has committed"

^^ Your words, key words being: "lying" and " Ron Paul has committed". Not those of the original poster, mine or anybody elses.

"Conference Call: Dr. Paul is Willing, Seeking Indications of His Support for Third Party Run."

You are confusing heightened hope with blatant lie, key words being "willing" and "seeking", as noted above.

You are instigating trouble, as far as I am concerned. Make of it what you wish. I have stated my piece.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

No one, incl. Dr. Paul ever said he WOULD do it.

That's the inference which is dishonest. And yet, there it is plastered all over the DP by certain people.

It's being used to DECEIVE people into believing if they do X, Dr. P *has said* he will do Y.

Ok, I'll bite

Where (links please!) has anyone said that Ron Paul has COMMITTED to run LP???
Read your own words and give links that PROVE this thread says that RP has committed to anything!

Representing rumor as fact in order to deceive people is LYING and not something that RP would condone AT ALL.

Do you think he would condone you lying, or at least stretching the truth?

Well I think you've made the point then...

... Dr. Paul is not running LP or anything else. So what's all the fuss?

You have got to be kidding!

"So what's all the fuss?"

You sound exactly like a woman lol!

FBI_Exposer Ω, man, we both need a drink :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

wolfe's picture

And you wonder why women run from the DP...


The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Come on wolfe....

In jest! In jest!


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

i strongly agree POTUS OR BUST

Vice President under GJ ? I THINK NOT. It's time America has a real debate about abortion ( killing "inconvenient babies" ) not this idiotic kindergarten-level "pro-choice" versus "pro-life" disinformation. You don't have some satanic "right" to kill your baby just 'cuz you made some bad choices and I never proposed any "law" about this only a question of morality if you'll pay closer attention...

Let's debate, America.

Thanks for all your hard

Thanks for all your hard work...all of you make it easy to remember why I love our Country so much and why we still have hope. Never give up and fight like hell!

Those numbers are useless to call

They aren't allowed to "discuss" and give you the 1-800-RONPAUL number and then that one gives another number 1-800-703-563-6620....and then THAT number tells you to email him.