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The World at War, The Banks Profit

The World at War, The Banks Profit


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Excellent overview.

The world needs to see and hear this and take a good look at 9/11 as part of a continuation of the "staged events for profit" theme. Every war can be traced back to a staged event, including the present Middle East wars.

Those bankers and elitists running the show behind the scenes are unprincipled and UN-evolved spiritually, having no integrity or empathy, immature in their development, sub-level-intelligence, but having a slyness and dishonesty that has worked....until now.

Nothing can stop an idea who's time has come.

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+1 Nice. Connects the dots neatly.

+1 Nice. Connects the dots neatly.

Now, please don't push this too far towards some OWS members ... they'll go for blaming capitalism entirely as the root of all Evil and will want you to replace it with something centralized, completely alike ...

... coincidentally, the exact same socialist doctrine WE ALREADY HAVE TODAY, so very prolific to start these wars.

(Some people just can't learn. Or simply read, for that matter.)


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