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Get On The Phone Now. Show Ron Paul He Has The Support for 3rd Party run


Conference Call: Dr. Paul is Willing, Seeking Indications of His Support for 3rd Party Run
Note: there is a disinfo video circulating by some "Israel Whatizname" purporting to speak for Doug Wead, saying Paul has ruled out a third party run. Wead never appears in the video and the guy looks like he needs a bath. Wead has not made such a statement. GOP trolls are out in force masquerading as Johnson Libertarians attempting to quash speculation and support for a Paul run. Please be aware of this.

The phone number and other contact details are on the attached link.
It is not fair to post them here.

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Phone numbers to call:

D.C. office: 202-225-2831

Lake Jackson, TX office: 979-285-0231

Victoria, TX office: 361-576-1231

Also, when you call, be sure to state your affiliation--Democrat, Independent, Republican, etc..

Those numbers are useless because I spoke with

a woman in the Victoria office and she said they are not allowed to discuss anything about the campaign or campaigns and thank you for calling.

I then called 1-800-RON PAUL/1-800-766-7285 and they gave me another number to call. They read it off too fast for me to write it down and now when I call back, it is busy. Does anyone have the number to speak to a human who will listen and relay the message to Dr. Paul?

The phone number to call is on the link


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