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Freedom Betrayed. Non intervention must read.

I just finished Herbert Hoover's Freedom Betrayed last night, his magnum opus. I would recommend this book to any Liberty or Anti-War patriot looking to justify non intervention in today's hectic world. It is 800+ pages of medium sized type + 100 page appendix of original documents. I started it in March and finished last night, I neglected it for a while until the last two months I poured on the midnight oil to finish it, but it can be read fairly quickly.

I'm typing this at work so I'll leave a brief summary.
After Hoover lost the election in 1932 he was appointed to an ambassador position by FDR where he personally chronicled the expansion of communism locally and abroad as well as the events that caused and led up to WWII. It is his personal interaction with foreign dignitaries and heads of state. Chock full of critique of the grandfather of Neo-conservatism, FDR, and his oppressive foreign policy that in Hoover's opinion ultimately forced the US to join WWII. Insights on dissenting opinions from military figures and foreign leaders that are now vindicated (scenarios explained in the book) on the correct course of action. Insight on the failed promises to Poland and China and more information on the spread of communism than you can shake a stick at. Regardless of your opinion on Hoover ( I liked his zeal to stop the spread of the red tide) this is a must read in your lifetime.

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